Top 5 PC Gaming Apps


As you dive into console or PC gaming, the right tools will make for an optimal experience. Apps will allow you to connect with friends while gaming, track frame rates, and remap controls as needed – providing everything from an enhanced social experience to better performance overall. Discover the best info about api33.

Other valuable programs for gamers include Steam (a game launcher), Discord (a VOIP program developed specifically to cater to gamers), and Razer Cortex.


Steam is one of the premier digital game distribution services on PCs. This software allows gamers to download games directly onto their computers from the internet, play them, and interact with others via its community features. Furthermore, automatic updates, matchmaking servers, and video streaming – many are free while some require subscription or payment – are all provided through it. Available across Windows, MacOS X, and Linux OS, as well as mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, are supported.

Once a game is released, it will appear in your Library tab within the Steam app and can be purchased and installed there. When it’s time to play it, click on its icon, and it’ll open in the Steam client – or drag and drop it into another folder or application by dragging. Moreover, custom categories allow for sorting games by genre or playtime requirements.

Steam provides access to various game-related forums, streaming gameplay with friends, and joining groups that match your interests. Depending on which game you are playing, use either steam chat or voice chat for real-time communication while gaming with others.

Steam provides developers with an ideal platform for uploading and distributing their games, with Valve’s Steamworks digital distribution service making it simple for small independent creators to reach a wider audience with their products. To launch on Steam, developers must sign the required digital paperwork, pay a $100 app deposit fee, prepare their game for release, publish a Coming Soon page two weeks in advance to create anticipation around its arrival, as well as publish a Coming Soon page to build up excitement around their product launch date.

Steam makes it possible to improve game performance by altering its download region settings. While this might make little difference if your internet connection is fast, changing this could help if your home server becomes overwhelmed with traffic. To take this approach, visit your Settings menu, select Downloads, and then change your download region from there.


Discord is a chat program often utilized by video game enthusiasts online. It combines text messaging, message boards, and voice chat systems into one user-friendly application that doesn’t eat away at resources on either your computer or phone. Discord’s range of valuable functions extends even beyond video recording for gameplay; you can even use it to record gameplay sessions themselves!

Discord has been around since 2015 and is an increasingly popular tool among gaming communities to communicate while playing together. Users can create servers with text and voice channels accessible to anyone with the server link; private channels require invitation codes from participants before joining; and they can create “friends lists” that can be directly reached outside any server they belong to.

Once you create a Discord account, you will be assigned an exclusive tag that allows other Discord users to connect with you and quickly identify you. After joining public servers and private ones focused on particular games or hobbies, these servers will appear on your home screen, so you can switch easily by simply clicking.

If you’re just getting started with Discord, choose a public server related to your interests. There are servers for many popular video games as well as communities devoted to specific hobbies or causes. While some servers might require a subscription fee in order to participate, others are free.

Discover the ideal servers by taking advantage of Discord’s Explore Public Servers feature. Search by keyword or game genre, browse popular and new servers by category, and discover popular and new servers by name – Discord also has a guide for newcomers that helps them get acquainted quickly!

Discord offers many security features designed to safeguard user privacy and prevent abuse, such as parental controls. Recently, Discord introduced these controls, which enable parents to keep an eye on the activities of their teens on the app – from who they’re messaging to what communities they join – all the way through two-factor authentication, which helps safeguard their accounts.

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is a collection of gaming tools created to meet the needs of various systems and gamers. The Game Booster feature of this program optimizes your computer for enhanced gameplay by closing down secondary operations that use up memory or performance resources, defragging games to reduce frame rate breakdowns caused by excessive disk usage, defragging memory cards to improve frame rate breakdowns caused by excessive disk usage, etc. In addition, Razer Cortex contains system tools designed to maintain network health, decrease lag while gaming, free up space on hard drives, etc.

Razer Cortex features an excellent save game manager, which makes retrieval of save games simple when switching devices or PCs. This is particularly useful if your system can’t support running high-end video games at their highest settings.

Razer Cortex features the Booster Prime machine-learning algorithm, which analyses your gaming hardware and recommends settings that can boost FPS (frames per second). This feature helps ensure that you get maximum use out of your PC’s performance when playing video games; though not guaranteed to do so, Booster Prime is an invaluable way to enhance your gaming experience! Although only sometimes successful, this feature provides valuable assistance towards improving gaming experiences overall.

Razer Cortex can be downloaded for free to any Windows, Mac, or Linux-based laptop from the company’s website. It features no advertisements or pop-ups and provides access to an extensive library of games – you’ll even be able to earn Razer Silver while gaming that you can exchange for games and other Razer products!

Though some users have complained about the performance of this app, its track record and reception by critics are generally positive. The program itself is user-friendly with an intuitive, clean user interface; multiple languages are supported, and additional features are available for download to enhance gaming experiences.

Razer Cortex can be found for free on the Microsoft Store, is compatible with most Windows devices, and offers support for several video game platforms such as Steam and Origin. Furthermore, this app provides access to numerous game libraries so you can easily find your favorite games – you can even personalize your gaming experience by adding custom themes and widgets!


Being immersed in an application that becomes inaccessible can be an alarmingly common experience on PCs, and nothing from Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Task Manager seems enough to remove it from running. That’s where SuperF4 comes in; its lightweight app sits quietly in your system tray and offers an easy way to quickly kill its foreground window by hitting the Ctrl+Alt+F4 keys simultaneously.

SuperF4 differs from Alt+F4 by killing foreground processes without asking questions or offering to save your work, which may come in handy if an application is interfering with you to such an extent that reaching Windows Task Manager to close it down becomes almost impossible, leading to unsaved work or even crashes.

One helpful feature is being able to click any visible window with the mouse cursor to close it – this works alongside keyboard shortcuts or on its own. If you accidentally close an unwanted window or change your mind about terminating a program, escape or right-click to cancel.

SuperF4 includes an optional “kill” function, which allows you to quickly kill processes by clicking their windows and killing them with one click of your mouse cursor. This can come in especially handy if playing video games that feature anti-keylogger protection that prevents SuperF4 from functioning correctly.

Overall, SuperF4 is a simple yet effective program that should be included in any gaming setup for rapid termination of unresponsive apps and programs when needed. Using minimal system resources and quietly running in the background, it offers instant kill capability with instant kill capability on the right-click of its system tray icon. Right-clicking also gives access to some additional options like autostarting automatically or elevating it for killing elevated processes if desired; disabling or completely disabling this tool are among others available here. It’s a highly lightweight utility that’s only ever needed when nonresponsive programs make life miserable – until then… enjoy gaming!

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