Top Rated Accounting Firm In Roseville, CA


Cook CPA Group provides skilled, professional and timely accountancy services for all your needs. From small business owners who need help balancing their books to larger corporations looking at ways to save money through better bookkeeping practices – we have the expertise necessary!

What sets us apart? Our commitment is not just ‘to be’ but also how much time it takes so you never feel rushed or overlooked when working together.

Tax Services

When you need tax advice, the first place to go is Cook CPA California. With 77% of taxpayers feeling they benefited from having a professional prepare their taxes and four out five being satisfied with our services, that’s why we’re here! We specialize in state income taxes and sales/use-based obligations, so if you’re looking for someone who can handle both federal AND Hull issues, then look no further.

Consulting Services

The best way for business owners to keep their financials in check is by hiring an accounting professional. This may be costly. However, it’s easier and more cost-effective than completing these tasks independently with limited time or knowledge of how things work internally within a company!

Auditing Services

Internal auditing is the process of examining financial records to look for any issues. The goal here would be that once an audit has been completed, it can relieve some pressure off your plate and provide assurance internally within a company- especially if you’re working with external creditors and investors who may have concerns about their investments in us! Internal CA CPAs assess risk management procedures that could identify flaws before they worsen into major problems; this helps those who control operation at various levels throughout organizations.

We’re not your average accounting firm. We demand excellence from ourselves and pass that along to you–the client! You can rest assured knowing Cook CPA Group has got it all covered. Professionalism, timeliness & high quality are principles on which we deliver service with a personal touch (because, after all, there’s no such thing as an unimportant task). Our California CPA outcomes show how dedicated our team is; they’ve accomplished practically any objective thrown their way without fail because of dedication towards providing excellent customer care coupled with knowledge in what needs doing when faced with complex financial situations.