Top Tips for Designing Roll-Up Banners That Deliver the Maximum Bang for Buck 

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Rollup banners are among the handiest advertising tools small businesses can use to attract the attention of potential customers. However, even though rollup banners are simple, it can be easy to get the design wrong and not get the benefit that your business deserves. Some useful tips for effective roll-up banner design:

Decide the Objective of the Rollup Banner

Deciding the purpose of the rollup banner is unarguably the most important factor in getting the design right. By carefully considering what you want the banner to do for you, you will be able to decide on the contents. For example, if you are announcing a sale with a rollup-banner just outside your store, you need not include the address of your store or the website address.

Choose the Correct Size

Though rollup banners are generally available in a few standard sizes, you can always get one made especially for you if you require a custom size. The point to remember is that people will view the banner from up close, and including too much information in it is likely to scare them. However, the banner must be large enough for potential customers to notice. If designed correctly, a retractable banner measuring three feet by six feet is good enough to include all vital information attractively with high-quality graphics.

Place the Logo and Headline at the Top

When designing a rollup banner, you should ensure that the first thing people see should be your logo and business name, followed immediately by the headline. By seeing them, viewers will know who you are and what you have to say, even if they are not in a position to read the rest of the contents. You must place the logo for maximum visibility even within the confines of the banner. The logo is the face of the business, which is why it is so important, says a report in European Business Review.

Make the Contents Easy To Read and Understand

It is important not to make the design complicated. Most people do not have the time to spare to make sense out of them. From a distance, designs with a lot of details look messy, while including a lot of text can scare people away. Remember to follow the logical reading sequence of going from left to right and from the top to the bottom when placing the information. Use simple sans serif typefaces in a large enough size for people to read from six to ten feet away. Testing the readability by printing on paper and standing back is a good idea.

Include a Compelling Call-To-Action 

Since the entire purpose of using a rollup banner is to encourage people to do something after seeing it, you must include a strong CTA at the eye level for the best results. Using a different color and a bigger font for the CTA often works better.


Knowing what you want your pop-up banner to achieve and making the design simple but appealing are the secrets of successful rollup banner design. When in doubt, keep the content minimal for better impact.


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