Top Tips on How to Hire a Remote React JS Developer


Why React JS Developers?

React JS developers are front-end developers who create modern UI parts to improve app execution. Inspire insights into JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and work closely with testers, designers, web designers, and project managers to create robust, executable applications. 

React JS developers are responsible for designing and running the UI parts of JavaScript-based web and mobile apps using the open-source library framework. These developers follow a well-known React JS workflow like Flux and are part of the entire cycle from conception to the critical testing process. 

React JS has a complex structure and is an important treatment for the same developers and organizations. React JS developers have helped entrepreneurs focus on their core business regions without worrying about other IT-related tasks. This has greatly contributed to improving customer satisfaction.

Roles and responsibilities to keep in mind when hiring remote ReactJS developers

Remote ReactJS developers play a specific role and take responsibility for getting the most out of it. The main things that remote ReactJS developers need to follow are: 


About Technology 

  • Affect the built-in reaction toolbox to create front-end functions, data visualization tools, libraries, and reusable code for potential customers. 
  • Coordinate design and wireframes in the interaction of your app code and customer screens to transform them into insightful data. 
  • Use JavaScript to build application interface code to improve application execution with continuous monitoring. 
  • Interpret wireframes and designs with high-quality code and improve parts to work consistently across different browsers and devices. 
  • A deep understanding of CSS libraries, GIT, Sigma, Adobe XD, etc., and a reasonable level of user data validation. 
  • Build a high-quality, responsive web-based user interface with wireframe and mock design. 
  • Write complete, concise, up-to-date UI code using all templates, a CSS preprocessor with LESS / SASS, and JavaScript highlights. 
  • It successfully processes the application’s state and function libraries to make asynchronous API calls and retrieves data from asynchronous API calls using reaction workflows such as contextual APIs and Redux. 
  • Deploy powerful apps that work on a variety of operating systems, devices, and resolutions. 

For non-technical 

  • Constant interaction with other developer groups and design teams to explore UI concepts. 
  • A complete overview of app requirements and communication components.  
  • Follow the official documentation for app changes and further updates.

Required skills to ensure effective hiring of remote ReactJS developers 

React JS requires a certain level of skill, ability, and progress to provide the best development work. Not all JavaScript developers are considered competent ReactJS developers. Today, employers around the world are looking for ReactJS developers for previous activities tagged with specific predefined areas of skills and abilities. 


Technical skills 

  • JavaScript, object model, DOM manipulation and event handlers, data structures, algorithms, JSX, and Babel solid skills. 
  • A complete understanding of React JS and key basics such as JSX, virtual DOM, and component lifecycle. 
  • Experience with ReactJS workflows such as Flux, Redux, Create React App, and data structure libraries. Priority levels for computer science, information technology, etc. 
  • Knowledge of code version control tools such as RESTful API / Graph QL, HTML / CSS, ES6 (variables and scopes, array methods), GIT, SVN. 
  • Performance testing frameworks such as well-known front-end development tools, CI / CD tools, DevOps, Mocha, Node + NPM. 

Soft skills 

  • Ability to transform business needs into technical needs.  
  • An open and supportive person who can accept criticism and make suggestions. 
  • Good time management, project management, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Top questions to ask while interviewing remote React JS developer

  • Can you practice React without JSX?  
  • How can I build a global state hook?  
  • Why is React JS not the same as Angular?  
  • Can you tell us about JSX? 
  • Would you like to explain how to use Redux-Thunk? 
  • How can higher-order components (HOCs) react? 
  • What do keys and references mean in React? In fact, why do we need to bind a class method to a class instance? And how do you get around the binding requirement? 
  • What is the most common way to design a react app?  
  • Assuming you’re dealing with a responsive application that renders pages in stages, how do you investigate and troubleshoot the problem?  
  • At an undeniable level, what is Virtual DOM (VDOM)? Does React use it to render to the DOM? 
  • Would you like to explain how to dig a prop and avoid it? 
  • How can you implement automated tools to tackle the accessibility of responsive apps? 

What are the best places to find a React developer? 

Now that you are familiar with the need for hiring a remote React JS developer, we will discuss where to find such top-quality remote React JS developers. The tips in this article are fairly universal and can easily be applied to React Native developers. There are many online websites, software development companies, and freelancers to choose from. We have shown you the way forward and now we shall reach the end of the road with the list of suitable places to find remote React JS developers.

Freelancer Boards

If you want to hire a remote developer but your needs are not heavy then you can go for freelancer boards. You will find a skilled developer and you only hire after you have the reviews. Reviews are a great way to showcase the abilities of a freelancer. 

Social Media

Nowadays, the power of social media has been fully talked about. So it’s not surprising that you can meet and hire React developers on any of your social networking services. It’s been poetic in a way since the React Native framework was developed by social media giant Facebook. In addition, the range of professionals you can find is much wider than that of freelance organizations.


Without any doubt, the first thing we should talk about is LinkedIn, the best social service for professional networking. It’s great if you’re looking for new team members, both in-house and remotely.

Software Development Companies

Many companies provide pre-vetted engineers who are skilled in technical as well as communication and personal skills. Optymize is such a platform where you will be able to hire top-quality engineers within 48 hours. 


As you can see, the process of finding and hiring React.js and React Native developers is lengthy and requires time and resources. However, given the growing offshore companies and the information above, choosing the right option for your project is less of a problem. 


To make this process even more efficient, you can contact experts like Optimize to help you find and hire React.js and React Native developers faster and with minimal effort.