Types Of an Electrician Service What You Need to Know


Well, all of us need electricians to avail of basic electrician services. As the world has progressed, every domain of industry has specialists. Be it doctors, engineers, designers, lawyers, etc. All the fields have numerous specializations, and these professionals are specialized in certain domains.

The same stands for the field of electricians. Our residential areas and commercial places are full of electric appliances; they all need different electricians to fix or repair them.


We all do have a basic understanding of the electrician services offered by electricians, but sometimes a specialized professional is needed. If a specialist is not hired, your appliance might lose work performance, and things tend to get dizzy.

Different Types of Electrician Services: Which One Do You Need?

This article is about different types of electricians and their areas of expertise. This mini-guide will help you avail electrician services according to the need of your appliance or electrical faults.

  1. Outside Lineman

As the name suggests, these electricians work outdoors on electrical powerline transmissions, and their world is to ensure all the electrical wiring is working properly. The end users have smoothly received the supply of electricity from generation facilities. Outside, Linemans usually work in commercial and residential markets.

The skilled and rigorously trained outside lineman usually works on High-tension voltage lines. In addition, outside lineman has been severely trained in safety and rescue programs, and these professionals are immensely skilled.

  1. Inside Lineman

Inside lineman usually works on-premises and is responsible for securing the connection between the client’s electric appliances to the main power source. In addition, they are responsible for electrical wiring and distribution on the client’s premises.

Unlike the Outside lineman, Inside Lineman performs the tasks such as installing conduits, lighting fixtures, and electrical outlets. In addition, they do basic electrician services such as maintenance and services of electrical motors and installation of alarm systems, and dealing with the installation or failures of electrical control panels.

  1. Installation Technician

The installation technician works with an Inside lineman or wireman to accomplish the tasks of installing low voltage cables and networks used for videos, voices, or data outlets. The services provided by installation technicians are usually indoors, and they are likely to work in less desirable conditions.

  1. Electrotechnical Panel Builder

As the name suggests, an Electrotechnical Panel builder is a magician for your HVAC systems. Electrotechnical panel builders are responsible for managing, installing, and repairing HVAC systems. In addition, they are skilled in using IT(Information Technology) and programmable logic to control large electrical control boxes. The major workspace for these electricians is in industrial and commercial areas. Therefore, the electrician services provided by these technicians are important in large industrial sectors.

  1. Automotive Electricians

Automotive electricians are specialized in the services of electrical systems of automobiles such as cars, trucks, buses, ignition systems, anti-lock brake systems, anti-theft systems, and fuel injections. Automotive electricians are the magic wands for all of your eclectic automobile services. They are well-trained in installing and maintaining any electrical system found in automobiles.

  1. Residential Electrician

As the name suggests, residential electricians are responsible for all the electric services within the house. They provide residential electrician services such as maintenance, troubleshooting, installing, and upgrading your home’s electrical systems. The working area of a residential electrician also involves dealing with and maintaining your heating systems and air conditioners.

Final Words

This was the list of types of electricians that fit in all the residential and bits of commercial services. There are many electricians, such as aviation electricians, Highway system electricians, and Marine electricians, but you won’t need them in your day-to-day life.

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