Udanpirappe movie review- The Best Sibling Drama

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In Tamil, the word “udanpirappe” means “sibling.” Jyotika’s title and trailer teased the concept of the film, brother-sister love. According to the Udanpirappe movie review, the film lives up to the hype. It’s a rural drama set in a community, complete with a village festival that illustrates the bond between siblings.

We meet the brother and sister who hasn’t spoken to each other in years as the relationship turmoil begins. The audience has seen enough of these films in Tamil to make an educated estimate that the siblings will resolve their disagreement and live happily ever after by the end of the film.

This movie has more to offer than a liberal dose of melodrama based on well-worn clichés.

Udanpirappe movie review

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The Stunning Cast


  • Jyothika- Maathangi
  • Sasikumar- Vairavan
  • Samuthirakani- Sargunam
  • Nivedhithaa Sathish- Keethana
  • Soori- Pakkadi
  • Sija Rose- Maragathav
  • Kalaiyarasan- Adhiban

Jyothika’s Impressive Comeback

Jyothika provides a strong performance that proves to be one of the film’s primary assets. Maathangi, according to Jyothika in her pre-release interviews, portrays women who are confined to their homes. She refers to them as “quiet crusaders.” We only watch Mathangi reacts to her circumstances, for the most part, divided between her brother and spouse, stoically facing the anguish of emotional estrangement from her family. With a wordless look and tear-rimmed eyes, Jyothika brilliantly communicates Maathangi’s inner turmoil. Imman’s powerful score is another plus, even though it occasionally borders on melodrama.

Udanpirappe movie Review- the plot 

The film Udanpirappe depicts a tense relationship between a brother and his sister. Vairavan, played by Sasikumar, is an aggressive character who is notorious for using his fists to deal with every crisis. Jyotika plays Maathangi, his sister, who is married to Sargunam, a law-abiding schoolteacher. Vairavan’s connection with his brother-in-law Sargunam is strained after an incident, with Sargunam vowing to never return to Vairavan’s home. Maathangi hasn’t been to her brother’s house in 15 years, and their poor relationship is at the heart of the film.

While Tamil cinema is no stranger to family feuds, Udanpirappe features an intriguing conflict of beliefs at its heart. Vairavan believes in swift justice, even if it means becoming a vigilante and resorting to violence, while his brother-in-law is a rule follower. Violence, according to the latter, will just add gasoline to the fire and can never be a solution. Vairavan, on the other hand, claims that our slow-moving mechanisms rarely get around to dispensing justice. The movie does not go to great lengths about these opposing viewpoints.

Udanpirappe movie review

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Udanpirappe movie review- A Critical Overview

The inconsistent writing gives us the impression that we are watching different things on screen, but only a handful of them are moving us. Then there’s the subplot concerning Adhiban, a wealthy young guy who wants to establish a bottled water facility in the area, and his wicked methods, which appear to be from a different picture. The presence of Jyotika, Sasikumar, and Samuthirakani in the scenes keeps them from becoming monotonous. Soori, too, shines in a few sequences, and his one-liners in the scene where he has deceived a guy he has reached out to because he is hungry are razor-sharp and spot-on. It is why, except for a few such scenes, the picture hardly succeeds in our participation.

Udanpirappe movie review

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What is the IMDB rating of Udanpirappe?

The film has an average rating of 5.3/10.

Who is the director of the film?

The film is directed by Era Saravanan.

Who gave the music in Udanpirappe?

The music in the film is given by D Imman.

Where can I watch the film?

You can watch Udanpirappe on Amazon Prime Video.

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