Unicorn blood dupes available in the market

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Why only Jeffree star?

Have you stopped shopping from Jeffree Star since many cheaper options are available? Then I must say you can go for Jeffree star unicorn blood dupes. If you are confused regarding which dupes are more efficient. Then you must read this article where I have combined many dupes available in the market, starting from the lowest price to the high-end options.

Unicorn blood dupes under various brands:

Currently, various unicorn blood dupes are available in the market. I have assembled some of the dupes along with their respective pros and cons.

NYX liquid Suede lipstick in cherry skies

This is one of the top drugstores with a dupe for unicorn blood-“ cherry skies” this color is pretty close, the formula is fantastic, and the lipstick lasts long. The cost is also much more affordable.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Avenue

It is also one of the top brands in the case of liquid lipsticks. The ‘ Avenue’ shape of color pop is a great dupe that resembles the deep red that we all love in Unicorn blood. This lipstick is excellent and stays on your lips for a long period like unicorn blood dupes. Some people sometimes consider this lipstick a little dry, so you make sure it is very moisturized.

Ofra Havana nights

It is not considered an affordable option. Havana nights from Ofra cosmetics are much closer to dupe for unicorn blood. The brick red lipstick shade is available under this brand. It gives a matte finish and a long-lasting formula worth investing in.

Beauty creations malevolent

This lipstick is difficult to find in all the stores, but it will be very worth it if you can get your hands on it. It is pretty much affordable, and the lipstick will amaze you. It lasts for a long time without being dried. Plus, the color is perfect.

Lime crime wicked

This lipstick is very much more expensive than the other brands. The formula is very silky smooth, non-drying, and seems to last forever. For this reason, it is one of the top liquid lipstick.

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Anastasia Beverly hills heathers

This lipstick is very much close to unicorn blood. It is long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-resistant, and non-drying. There are many available colors, but ‘heathers’ seems the closest.

Kat von D liquid lipstick in vampire

While comparing vampires to unicorn blood, it is impossible to locate the difference. Moreover, this is one of the best-performing lipstick on the market. But it has only one problem it is a little bit expensive. But if you are looking to switch brand then this is the best choice.

MAC liquid lip color in high drama

Lipsticks from MAC always have a huge demand. Now you can also get unicorn blood dupes from MAC. It is a deep red, a very similar shade with a similar feel and high performance.

Black moon lipsticks are deranged.

This is the last brand of Jeffree star unicorn blood dupes; this lipstick is another great alternative. It is often sold out from the market, but you always have to watch the possibility of restocking. As soon as it is available, you have to grab it. This formula is smooth, long-lasting, and overall impressive.

Which brand is more suitable?

Well, while selecting a brand for unicorn blood dupes, you may come across a few questions such as

1. Which brand perfectly resembles unicorn blood dupe?

All the dupes somehow closely resemble unicorn blood.

2. Which brand is more affordable?

Every brand has pros and cons, and you can select according to your budget.

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