Upgrade Your Garage Floor With a Copper Metallic Epoxy


If you are considering coating your garage floor with epoxy flooring, copper metallic epoxy may offer many advantages over other forms. Discover the best info about Mitchell Epoxy Flooring.

Metallic epoxy uses chemical reactions to produce stunning designs on floors. It can create moon craters, lava flows, and shimmering patterns; no two floors ever look alike with this fantastic floor treatment! The results are striking – no two will ever look the same.


Metallic epoxy flooring can add an individual and stylish touch to your garage flooring, perfect for homeowners who want something truly distinctive and stand out. Durable and resistant to stains and scratches, metallic epoxy floor coating is easy to maintain while looking fantastic and adding color and life to your space. Homeowners looking for something different will surely appreciate this unique floor that stands out.

Copper metallic epoxy garage floors are made with natural copper flakes suspended in epoxy resin, creating an eye-catching and long-term shimmering effect. Reflected light brightens up any room while resisting stains, making this flooring ideal for busy households.

Copper metallic epoxy floors can be utilized in numerous ways to craft an individual and customized design. For instance, they may be applied in patterns resembling flowing rivers or spots of lava-like appearance or two-tone effects. In order to achieve desired outcomes during the application of metallic pigments diluted with solvents, create various visual effects.

Metallic floor epoxy is highly resilient and designed to stand up against oil, salt, chemicals, acids, and water. Furthermore, it’s resistant to abrasion so that it can withstand heavy equipment such as vehicles. Plus, it’s easily cleanable with minimal upkeep required and even comes sealed with a top coat for even more longevity and shine!

Please keep in mind that metallic epoxy coating isn’t as durable as standard concrete or epoxy garage floor coatings; therefore, use caution when protecting your floors against damage:


Metallic pigments mixed into epoxy resins create a mesmerizing visual that replicates the appearance of real metals. This makes an eye-catching floor, elevating any space’s aesthetic by adding an element of luxury and sophistication; plus, its metallic surface refracts light in fascinating patterns to produce an effect both mesmerizing and dynamic.

Metallic epoxy floors are an incredibly flexible option that can fit seamlessly into any design style, whether modern or traditional, from contemporary spaces with their touch of modern elegance to more conventional settings that incorporate them for their luxurious vibe. Their adaptability also extends beyond these borders – seamlessly blending in or being the focal point.

Copper metallic epoxy garage floors can help give any space an exclusive showroom feel, as this type of flooring uses real metallic copper flakes suspended in clear epoxy resin for an elegant shimmer. Although highly durable and suitable for heavy traffic and equipment use, it should be noted that installing such an epoxy requires prior knowledge and experience for proper application.

Metallic epoxy coatings not only boast stunning visual appeal but are also highly resistant to oil, salt, chemicals, and water – and require minimal maintenance! Furthermore, these durable coatings can withstand heavy equipment traffic without cracking or chipping under heavy loads without splintering or chipping under pressure.

Some companies provide epoxy flooring kits with everything needed for a project conveniently packaged together in one box, making installation quick and straightforward. Although these kits can be costly, shopping around can help ensure you find one with suitable pricing that meets your needs.

Cost-effective kits also come equipped with additives to add depth and color to the epoxy, while some even include anti-slip additives to stop it from becoming slippery when wet. Be wary that such additions could compromise its performance over time as well as cause discoloration of your product.


Metallic epoxy flooring may cost more than traditional flake systems; however, its cost-effectiveness makes it a perfect option for garage floors due to its longevity and resistance against vehicle use. Metallic epoxy boasts an abrasion rating of 20mgs, which outshone most one or two-layer systems as well as many water-based paints – it even comes with a 10-year warranty!

Not only must you consider the costs associated with epoxy flooring materials, but you should also factor in any necessary prep work that needs to be completed prior to installing an epoxy floor. Concrete must be acid etched and degreased prior to application of an epoxy, which could cost $40-75 per square foot – some contractors include these costs into their total invoice price rather than separately billing for them.

Low spots should be filled immediately on the garage floor in order to protect it from dirty or salty water accumulating on it and discoloring over time. Self-leveling compound underlayment costs $35 per bag and should help fill them quickly – saving on overall costs associated with an epoxy floor installation project.

Add decorative flakes to the epoxy as it is being applied to your floor for an individualized touch. From vinyl to mica flakes in various colors and blends, decorative bits can add the final touch. They can be added lightly or heavily depending on what look is desired.

Finding a contractor with an excellent track record and offering top-quality work is crucial; otherwise, you risk paying for subpar artistry that must be redone later on. In order to find the best value deal, get multiple estimates from different companies before making a final decision.

Hiring a professional to install an epoxy floor is always recommended as they possess experience in providing you with a quality product. They’ll be able to determine which type of epoxy would best fit your garage floor, as well as assist with selecting colors and designs to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. They should also be available to answer any queries about the process that arise.


Metallic epoxy flooring is an attractive way to upgrade your garage floor while making it durable and stylish at once. Available in various colors and custom tinted to fit the space it will cover, this innovative coating also boasts impressive durability as it resists oil, salt, chemicals, and water, perfect for both residential and commercial uses, with its eye-catching appearance sure to wow visitors and guests.

Installing a metallic bulldog system involves prepping the concrete substrate to ensure it’s in good condition, then mixing epoxy. These systems aren’t one or two-coat systems – instead, they require priming before applying metallic epoxy itself – making installation more challenging than typical grey or decorative chip floors, yet worth every second spent working towards beautiful results.

Once the epoxy is mixed, it is poured onto a substrate and spread with either a trowel or textured roller to give a unique texture and allow metallic pigments to move around and reflect light differently – giving your floor its signature look and making an impactful statement in any room of your home. The result: an eye-catching base that stands out.

Once your metallic epoxy floor has been laid down, a clear topcoat must be added as its final touch. This topcoat acts as an absolute protector against dirt, oils, and other debris while making cleaning simpler and helping prevent sun fading or UV lighting damage to the floor.

This product is an ideal solution for those in the market for metallic epoxy garage floors that offer longer-term performance than most alternatives on the market. With a five-year warranty that includes wear protection and delamination protection – which should hold up against garage floor use over time – this product stands up against wear much better than its competition.

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