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US Doctors Directory – If you consider this generally, the best way to find the men and women at the top of any profession is to find out who the people on top of the food chain in VARIOUS OTHER industries are using…

Example… Wish to know who some of the best lawyers tend to be? You might find out who Expenses Gates or Steve Work, or Warren Buffet uses… correct? Ok, sure, they might be from your price range, but you found all of them reasonably quickly.

Now it’s most likely safe to say that all those lawyers know many of the other top lawyers in some other specialties as well… so whatever you would need to do is request those lawyers who the very best XYZ lawyer is for a specific situation, right?

US Doctors Directory – It is precisely the same in medicine. Now having me wrong, there are plenty of excellent doctors who do not look after celebrities, pro-athletes, and so on.. phenomenal doctors. There are handled groups out there right now that have networks of great physicians.

Castle Connolly provides a countrywide search tool. This is membership/subscriber-based, but the fee is not too hefty to become an associate.

While finding doctors is only one part of the equation, receiving fast access to them is another. Typically, you will wait weeks, even a few months, to get in to see the very top specialist. Concierge medical methods that offer a VIP- Favored access program are cropping up all over the country to provide quicker appointment times, less browsing the waiting rooms, and other services.

There are only a few country comprehensive “VIP” “Preferred Access” products out there:

US Doctors Directory – One of those is MDVIP who offers VIP usage of local doctors. This is a classic concierge model where medical professionals become partners with MDVIP, and they limit their routines to around 600 patients and provide VIP access to those who opt-in. People who opt out have to find another doctor.

Yet another nationwide network of medical doctors providing preferred access and elite care is Staff Doctors Preferred Access. The Doctors network consists of physicians who have also been the team physicians of specialized sports teams.

US Doctors Directory – This networking of doctors has been in living informally for some twenty years and is now formalized by several team physicians. Associates receive pro-active local and nationwide access to team medical doctors who know just about all other elite specialists and health care centers locally and around the world.