Venom Let There Be Carnage movie review: A Superhero Sequel

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People love serial killers but from a distance. Venom Let There Be Carnage movie review will show you what it means. If you have not seen the first part of the Tom Hardy action, adventure, sci-fi movie Venom, then watch it as soon as possible.

For all the fans of the spider-verse, Venom is a well-known villain character. The alien symbiotic species living in a human host is a dramatic reality as per the movie. You will be amazed to see the exciting pros and cons of this human-alien combo thriller movie.


The marvel universe is so big and mysterious. It keeps upcoming with exciting ideas exploring new dimensions in our world. They always think with no limits and explore the universe as they wish. In this article, we will explore the film in brief and wait for it.


Venom Let There Be Carnage review: What is the plot of the film?

The marvel universe is as huge as your imagination. Yes, it does mean infinite. This movie is the second part of the Tom hardy lead Venom. The main plot of a Marvel movie is always out of our league. They plan ahead of time and space.

In this part, as per the trailer, the plot seems quite clear. The trailer reveals that Eddie Brock is trying to adjust to his new life with alien symbiotic Venom. In his life, he is trying to reignite his career. A dangerous serial killer named Cletus Kasady is going to help him through it. This man is going to help Eddie as he is going to take an interview.

Any Marvel movie brings in turns at every interval. This serial killer becomes a host of the symbiotic carnage, and all things go haphazard. So, it will be entertaining to see how things turn out as the story continues and the two collide. You will be amazed for sure with the Hollywood experience and have a blast.

Describe the main characters in the film?

Venom Let There Be Carnage movie review

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The various characters who play a pivotal role in this movie are:

  1. Eddie Brock: Played by Tom Hardy. He is in the lead role playing Venom.
  2. Cletus Kasady: Played by Woody Harrelson. He is the villain with the host Carnage in his body.
  3. Anne Weying: Played by Michelle Williams.
  4. Frances Barrison: Played by Naomi Harris
  5. Dr. Dan Lewis: Played by Reid Scott
  6. Detective Mulligan: Played by Stephen Graham

These are some of the main leads in the story of the new Marvel film. You would be overjoyed to see the actors lead an entertaining movie with a crisp storyline.

What is the IMBD rating of the movie and its reviews?

The IMBd rating of the movie is as good as 6.4 stars out of ten. Any marvel film always has high expectations, and so does the next part of Venom.


The critics have rated the movie to be a mix of dark comedy and action thriller. The story will have parts connecting to the spider verse and the multiverse. The Venom Let There Be Carnage movie review sums up here. Go, watch it out.

Venom Let There Be Carnage movie review

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When is it going to release?

On fourteen October 2021, the film will release.

Will the movie be released in theatres?

Yes, it will be in theatres this fall.

Is there a role of Spiderman in the movie?

Marvel is full of surprises, so be prepared.

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