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Everyone is talking about 5G. This new mobile technology will boost connection speeds, reduce latency (web reaction time), and exponentially expand the number of linked devices. In other words, we will be linked to everything throughout the day and in the smallest amount of time feasible. Because mobile phones are one of the most often used technology by humans, mobile technologies are also fast evolving. While 4G has just recently entered human existence, 5G has quickly become the buzz of the town. This demonstrates how quickly mobile technology is evolving. 5G enables IoT (Internet of Things) networks and opens the door to new high-bandwidth applications. In this essay, we will discuss 5G technology and what you should know about it.

In recent years, as technology has advanced fast, the need to overcome cable limitations and connect to several wireless devices at the same time has resulted in the creation of new technologies. Mobile phones have become the most often used technical gadgets in society, owing to their intelligent features and capacity to access the Internet, as well as the ability to execute all types of activities that a computer can accomplish. Excessive mobile phone use has resulted in the rise of mobile addiction in society. The necessity for high capacity (bandwidth) and low latency in multimedia (speech, video, gaming, etc.) while utilizing mobile phones necessitates the development of next-generation technology. The mobile phone addiction status of telecommunication business personnel, as well as their willingness to embrace newly created 5G technology, were determined and analyzed in this study. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to assess the structural validity of the survey data, and regression analysis was used to determine the association between mobile addiction and 5G technology acceptance intention. According to the findings of the study, there is a positive association between mobile addiction and the intention to use 5G technology.

Vivo 5G Cellphones are the most recent and best in the market.

Since mid-2021, the movement of the 5G mobile industry has shown a number that has continued to rise. Especially with the growing number of 5G cellular goods available in the market. Vivo 5g is one of these smartphone makers, and it, too, does not want to miss the debut of its latest goods. Previously, the business had announced the release of five 5G phones in 2021. More goods are expected to be released as we approach 2022.  The marketing technique employed by Vivo is also highly efficient. The Vivo 5G smartphone was released in Indonesia with two primary markets in mind: the flagship and the middle class. The X and V series has led them to engage in the competition for the finest 5G phones.

Vivo’s most recent 5G smartphone

Vivo 5G telephones are still a matter of fingers, but these smartphone makers can demonstrate their commitment to implementing 5G network technology through their flagship devices.


In terms of pricing, the Vivo 5G cellphone is still undoubtedly relatively reasonable, especially when compared to major competitors such as Samsung’s 5G cellphone range. Nonetheless, their primary market competitors now are realme, Xiaomi, and OPPO.

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