What are the most in-demand skills that you need for a data analytics career?

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Data analytics as a profession or career path is selling like hot cakes in 2022. As businesses continue to increase their dependence on data insights for decision-making, the global demand for data analysts is continuously rising.

According to a recent Deloitte report, the global demand for qualified data analytics professionals will soon be outpaced by the current supply rate. Another report by Businessbecause.com suggested that the number of data analytics jobs worldwide could increase by 23% by 2025.

In the wake of such a promising scenario, it seems like a wise career decision to start searching for appropriate data analytics courses to help you become a successful data analyst. However, a course might not be enough for you to develop the kind of skills and expertise you need for a data analytics career.

Let’s dive into the benefits you can gain if you choose to become a data analyst and the skills you would require on the job.

What can you stand to gain if you choose a data analytics career?

Unlike what people presume, a data analytics career doesn’t just involve you dabbling with figures and sheets of statistical data. Sure, the job does involve a fair amount of statistical analysis, but you also get to impact important business decisions with your insights.

Here are a few other advantages associated with choosing this career path.

  1. Data analysts are in-demand across different professional domains and disciplines.
  2. You get to work on all kinds of interesting innovations and technological projects.
  3. Your data insights can create a real impact and help businesses propel forward.
  4. Data analysts and scientists are some of the top-paid professionals today.
  5. Your data analytics background can help you explore many exciting job roles and positions.
  6. Your job experience can help you gain several transferable skills like analytical thinking and organizational skills.

What are the top skills you need to be hired as a data analyst in 2022?

A career in data analytics can be very technical and might require you to be a wiz with numbers and figures. Data analysts today also require a fair amount of computer programming and coding expertise.

While all the skills needed for the job are too many to include in a small article, here are the top skills that employers expect from aspiring data analysts.

  1. Expertise in MATLAB
  2. Data Visualisation skills
  3. Data Cleaning skills
  4. Coding expertise in R
  5. Coding expertise in Python
  6. Fair knowledge of SQL and NoSQL
  7. Expertise in machine learning
  8. Strong knowledge of calculus and linear algebra
  9. Critical thinking and analytical skills
  10. Expertise in Microsoft Excel and other data processing tools
  11. Strong communication skills
  12. A fair amount of collaboration skills
  13. Strong problem-solving skills

How can you develop these important data analytics skills?

The best way to gain data analytical expertise is to pursue an advanced data analytics or data science program. Such a course will give you access to the latest data analytical tools and industry trends that you should know.

Start your search for appropriate data analytics programs from reputed universities today!

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