What Does a Crime Scene Cleaning Company Do?


Crime scene cleaning companies specialize in this service to restore order after accidents or crimes occur, leaving behind an environment in need of being cleaned up and disinfected. Look into the Best info about crime scene cleaning company in Mission Texas.

Operating a crime scene cleanup business takes both empathy and great attention to detail. These companies often work off-hours, dealing with clients who have experienced traumatizing events.


Crime scene cleaners must not only possess muscular physical fitness and an iron stomach but must also possess exceptional communication skills to effectively deal with the emotional and psychological stress caused by seeing and handling human remains.

Additionally, they must possess a clean criminal history and pass a background check since they often deal with grieving families in sensitive situations. Furthermore, they should know how to dispose of hazardous waste at crime scenes safely and possess a vehicle to transport this waste from there to its appropriate disposal sites.

An alternative qualification for crime scene cleanup technicians is becoming certified by an approved training institute. This process includes intensive training on safety and sanitation procedures and the use of special equipment; bloodborne pathogens and any legal requirements related to biohazard waste disposal will also be covered.

As crime scene cleaning companies require people with strong work ethics and the commitment to long hours, these employees may have to clean up toxic environments or decontaminate an abandoned meth lab – as well as adhere to all health and safety guidelines as per OSHA regulations.


Though no specific college degree is required to clean crime scenes, certain companies provide on-the-job training. Reputable crime scene cleaning firms require employees to be certified in biohazardous waste handling and wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hazmat suits with full face protection. They must also understand how to disinfect indoor, outdoor, and conveyance crime scenes properly.

Crime scene cleaners endure physically demanding work in often emotionally distressful circumstances. Frandsen says the most rewarding aspect of his job is seeing clients show gratitude for his company’s help during times of need.

Before hiring a crime scene cleanup service provider, property owners should make sure that they are licensed and insured. This will provide peace of mind that their cleanup complies with local, state, and federal health and safety regulations.

Crime and trauma scene cleaners should be trained in the removal of blood and body fluids that contain bacteria or viruses, such as Hepatitis B/C/HIV/syphilis, with professional crime scene cleaners possessing unique supplies and equipment designed to stop their spread.

Many individuals in this field come from backgrounds in law enforcement or emergency medicine; having already seen first-hand how traumatic situations and deaths affect life has made it easier to categorize emotional responses and focus on cleaning up after events.


If you are considering starting a crime scene cleaning business, you must conduct adequate research first. This includes researching relevant laws and regulations and crafting an appropriate marketing strategy. Furthermore, networking with other professionals in the industry will enable you to learn best practices and find potential customers.

Crime scene cleanup companies must differentiate themselves to remain viable within an increasingly competitive market by adhering to stringent safety regulations and using cutting-edge equipment to provide quality services at competitive rates while offering attractive pricing plans that attract and keep customers.

Crime scene cleaners specialize in the removal of biohazard materials from homes and businesses, with special training in how to collect blood and body fluids, biohazard waste disposal and disinfectant use, and deodorize surfaces in an area. Furthermore, crime scene cleaners may need to repair structures, replace carpeting or walls that have become compromised, work quickly with insurance companies in processing claims quickly as well as work closely with them for quick resolutions of claims rapidly.


Crime scene cleaning companies use various marketing strategies and tactics to promote their services, such as social media, email, and telephone marketing, customer referral programs to attract new clients and increase sales, high-quality equipment investment, and best practice implementation for exceptional service delivery.

Company management must also make sure their employees possess all of the qualifications required of them, from being physically fit and meticulous in their attention to detail to working quickly under pressure and communicating efficiently with clients, as well as quickly responding to their requests.

Crime scene cleaners must adhere to an ethical code of conduct. They frequently encounter sensitive situations and must show kindness toward their customers when handling difficult jobs. Furthermore, they should be willing to work odd hours, such as overnight shifts.

Before listing their services for sale, companies will need to assess demand for them and establish value. They must then carefully consider potential buyers to determine if they possess the required skills, resources, and commitment needed to run the business successfully. Companies may seek professional advice from business brokers or lawyers when finding an ideal buyer.

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