What exactly is Office Hoteling? Why Is It Necessary in Your Workplace?

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In professional office management, Office hoteling is a growing trend depending on office hoteling has increased mobility, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency in Coworking and shared workplaces. It also allows members to form teams more simply and nearby.


What exactly is office hoteling?

In a nutshell, office hoteling removes designated seats in a workspace, allowing members to reserve office space for whatever work they need to conduct daily. Given the growing reliance on remote working, this works effectively.

Office hoteling provides more in-demand workspaces, improved networking, and a more accessible telecommuting experience. Here’s why we think it’s a good idea for your Coworking or shared space.


Demand through office hoteling.

Consider the fact that airlines do not expect to fill every seat on every trip. Car rental firms do not anticipate that they will move every vehicle off the lot. On the other hand, workspace operators view empty desks as waste rather than a variation in demand. Office hoteling helps operators present a consistent picture of a professionally operated organization with spaces always in order.

Furthermore, rather than providing a permanent workstation to a member who spends a substantial amount of time working from home, hoteling helps operators decrease the amount of space required to support their staff. It can allow for process reconfiguration as well as open places for on-site staff to collaborate.

Reduced square footage might also mean less money spent on rent and utilities, resulting in more money left over. You may also see and adequately measure the utilization of your workplace by the specific square footage by employing advanced workspace management software.

Improved networking

Allowing members to work from different locations will enable them to collaborate with other members organically. When many workplaces are involved, this approach becomes much more powerful.

We are aware. Coworking spaces foster innovation. The freedom to move freely from an allocated area to an open space may bring people together and offer them the space they need to work through a smooth process. By eliminating the framework of a typical office, your members have the option to choose a different approach daily.

By providing members with the benefits of an intelligent office experience, you may essentially eliminate the requirement for an allocated desk. These advantages include cloud document storage and communication and messaging systems designed to keep members in the loop no matter where they are.


Morale has improved.

It may also disconnect and rest. Suppose your Coworking space lacks a social and recreational area. In that case, you may arrange a significant event or create a unique celebration for all members to decompress during times of minimal office reservation. We’ve discussed some of the top event planning and member engagement ideas.

Another reason hoteling boosts morale is that it allows members to have a voice in how space is laid out, with teams and individuals contributing feedback on how to make the area function as efficiently as possible.

Employees engaged are more likely to be loyal to their work because they believe they contribute to the greater good. Boosts productivity, teamwork, and cross-departmental cooperation.

Some companies are also turning to hoteling to alleviate power struggles. Nobody would have a great office or a desk with a view. Instead, large organizations like Citrix employ these corporate areas to enable employees to book spots on a first-come, first-served basis. If it happens to be the corner office, then so be it.


Plan for High Season Days

Be cautious while booking a hotel room on peak demand days in your area. When you approach capacity, make sure that the flexible sections may be for office space.

Someone on your team should be able to act as a “keeper” of sorts. They will ensure that the areas are for their intended purpose and that, at peak periods, the order can, especially if there are a high number of desks.

Office hoteling provides additional benefits to both members and operators. We encourage this practice since it has to boost office productivity, networking, and morale.

How Office Hoteling Aids Employee Reintegration During the COVID Era

Given the current COVID-19 epidemic, adopting office hoteling may be ideal for providing a secure and effective workspace for your members. However, for this to operate, a centralized booking and administration platform is required. Not only can you manage and allocate workplaces to guarantee social distance, but you can also better design the available spaces for efficient space use with a centralized coworking platform. You will be able to see each member’s arrival and leave timings as well as the shared workspaces they utilize, allowing you to manage your workplace better.

To further adopt the best practices of desk hoteling given the COVID-19 circumstance, ensure that the space so that desks are numbered and easy to discover using simply the seat number from the reservation. Furthermore, giving your members easy access to amenities and the facility and conducting health surveys and contact tracing will allow you to provide them with the best user experience and happiness while also monitoring the safety and health in the workplace.


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