What is Parler?


Parler is an alt-tech microblogging service often associated with far-right extremists and Donald Trump supporters. The posts on the service are often inflammatory and antisemitic. This is especially the case when people are talking about conspiracy theories and the like. Parler has over 1.4 million users.

Although Parler is free, users are encouraged to know its content. The app contains content that can be disturbing or violent, and it is not appropriate for children. Because of its uncensored nature, users are free to express their political and sexual views. Moreover, they are not required to verify their age, making it easy to encounter inappropriate content.

Parler users are mostly conservative, though some left-leaning individuals have joined the site. However, Parler does not aim to be an echo chamber for conservatives and thus does not ask users to choose a political party. It does not have a brand to distinguish itself as an ideologically diverse social network, which is important for a political website.

Users can sign up with Parler using the same information they provided for Facebook or Twitter. The app also suggests conservative influencers and hashtags. Users are also prompted to post something, and Parler will show them their updated inventory. This inventory also includes verified accounts.

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