What is Research?


Research is creative work undertaken with the intent of expanding knowledge. It involves collecting, organizing, and analyzing information. Research projects can be original, or they can be an expansion of past work. It can be used to answer important questions or to advance knowledge about a particular subject. It may also be collaborative. If you are a student pursuing a graduate degree, research is an important part of the degree program.

Research can be carried out by anyone and performed by anyone. Most research aims to advance our understanding of biological, physical, and social phenomena. It can range from discovering why certain materials react a certain way to identifying why certain people are more resilient. Researchers in many fields use various methods to advance their field.

Qualitative research is data collected from real-world situations. It can be recorded in spoken or written form. Researchers analyze this data to determine if any patterns emerge. In qualitative research, methods like content analysis are often used to examine existing data. In addition, interviews are used to gather information. This information may also lead to new research questions.

Researchers often follow a systematic process known as the Scientific Method. They first develop a hypothesis about a problem and then test it by collecting data. This data is then analysed using various statistical methods. The researchers use these findings to determine the validity of their hypothesis.

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