What Is SBI CBO? Is SBI CBO A Permanent Job?

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SBI CBO stands for State Bank of India – Circle Based Officers. The SBI releases vacancies for this post directly to recruit candidates for the Officer Cadre JMGS-I level. One of the most coveted jobs with the State Bank of India, the SBI CBO opportunities come with a lucrative package and many benefits and perks. The job posting will mostly happen in rural regions. The candidates looking for this job opening need to check out the details in this article to learn more about the job pay scale, structure, other information about the job profile, promotions, etc. 

Details about the openings and vacancies are available in the notifications by SBI released about the SBI CBO entrance exams. The selected candidates join at the same scale as a Probationary Officer (after the end of the probation period). The duties of an SBI CBO involve managing the functions of the core branch and supervising and monitoring the operations of the bank. This job profile is for those who have worked in other banks and have experience in the related sector. Let’s look at the SBI CBO job profile and further details. 

Pay Scale and Pay Structure of SBI CBO 2022 

Candidates selected for the post of SBI CBO receive salaries based on the Junior Management Grade Scale-1 (JMGS-I) pay scale. It is a permanent position with the State Bank of India. 

The pay scale is in the range of Rs.23,7000-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020. The basic pay is Rs.23,700, and the increment for seven years is Rs.980. 

At the end of 7 years, the employee’s amount is Rs.30,560, and the increment amount is Rs.1,145 for two years. 

The basic pay reaches a maximum of Rs.42,020. 

Therefore, the gross compensation that an employee receives is in the range of Rs.8.20 lakhs and Rs.13.08 lakhs. The gross amount will be dependent on the location and the post that the employee holds. 

SBI CBO Promotion Structure

Once a candidate is selected for any position of the SBI CBO, the person will have to serve a probationary period of a minimum of 6 months. During this time, the work and performance of the candidate are assessed regularly. Satisfactory performance results in the employee getting confirmed, being allocated the post of Circle Based Officer, and receiving a pay scale of JMGS-I. If the candidate fails to clear the probationary period, the employment is canceled, and the candidate is terminated. 

SBI CBO Job Profile

The job of SBI CBO involves work and responsibilities that are similar to the retail banking segment. The following are the main functions under this segment: 

● Management of the core banking functionalities 

● Approval of loan packages after checking all requirements 

● Monitoring the different positions within the bank and ensuring that accounting is done properly

● Ensuring policy implementation and guaranteeing that the process runs without hindrance

● Customer relationship management and providing a good relationship with the customers

SBI CBO Promotion

The promotion opportunities for the SBI CBO candidates are the same as any other General Cadre Officer. However, they will not be eligible to get inner-circle transfer unless they have served for 12 years or have reached the SMGS-IV Grade, whichever comes later. 

SBI Circle Based Officers Probation Period

The probationary period for any SBI Circle Based Officer is a minimum of 6 months. During this period, their performance and work are continuously evaluated. Final confirmation is dependent on the performance during the probationary period, and failure to pass the probationary period will result in termination of employment with immediate effect. 

SBI CBO Growth & Promotion

Promotion is available for the employees hired under SBI CBO recruitment based on their performance during the job. Selected candidates join at a pay scale of Junior Management Grade Scale 1. Promotion depends on the rules laid out by SBI. There are enough opportunities available to candidates who have joined at Scale 1 to reach the Scale 4 Grade finally. Once confirmed, this job is permanent for all employees.

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