What Should I Do If I Accidentally Put Diesel in My Car?


Fueling up with the wrong type can be an enormous hassle, but gas stations have safety measures to avoid this mishap. The Amazing fact about Wrong Fuel Sydney Fuel Rescue.

Example: Diesel pump nozzles are usually larger and will not fit into your gas car’s filler neck or be green or yellow.

Don’t Start the Engine

If you accidentally put diesel into your gas tank, it is wise to wait to start the engine, as this can result in extensive damage to your fuel system and cost thousands of repairs.

The reason: gas and diesel engines have different engine components designed to use distinct fuel types, meaning gasoline and diesel must be mixed in precise proportions to function optimally in your machine.

Many gas pumps feature special nozzles that do not accommodate diesel pump nozzles.

These safeguards are meant to prevent mistakes like this from happening; unfortunately, some individuals still make errors that could damage your car.

Don’t Drive the Vehicle

Fueling your gasoline-powered car with diesel is a grave mistake that could severely harm its engine.

Diesel fuel’s thicker consistency can clog your car’s fuel system and injectors, leading to expensive repair bills and costly fees.

Always pay attention when filling up at a gas station to avoid this mishap. If in doubt, contact your mechanic or refer to the label on your tank to ensure you receive the appropriate fuel type.

If you accidentally place diesel in your car, the best action would be not to start the engine immediately – this will help limit how much damage is done to its engine.

Call a Mechanic

You must contact a mechanic immediately if you accidentally put diesel into your car. These highly qualified experts have the knowledge and experience to repair its mechanical systems quickly.

Automotive mechanics use various tools to work on cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. In addition, they are skilled at diagnosing any issues with ignition, electrical, and engine management systems on these vehicles.

Typically, a mechanic will advise draining and flushing out diesel fuel from lines, injectors, and fuel rails in your car’s system – an expensive process that may save your car from more severe damage.

One reader reported in an email that his cousin accidentally put diesel in their Toyota Camry and drove on it for several miles before stopping, leading them to have to replace their engine at an estimated cost of $2,300.

Contact Your Insurance Company

No matter your position on this issue, make it a top priority for yourself and your passengers. You may be amazed to discover it’s relatively painless; once completed, expect an insurance adjuster with considerable expertise within hours to assist. Stay calm during this process; once the dust settles, you can return to regular routines quickly!

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