Where to Scrap Copper Near Me


If you want to maximize the profits when scrapping copper, conducting research beforehand and sorting through its constituent metals before taking them to a scrap yard will pay dividends. Select the copper scrap for sale.

Find a way to distinguish ferrous metals like iron and steel from nonferrous items like copper. Stripping copper wires before taking them to a scrap yard may also increase profits.


Copper roofing materials are sought-after due to their long lifespan and eye-catching aesthetic, serving as decorative accents and functional parts like gutters. If you know someone who recently replaced their roof, ask if they have any scrap copper you can collect, as remodeling debris is often disposed of as scrap. “Flashing” copper, usually found attached to roofing systems, is the most sought-after scrap copper; any material with contaminants such as tar or other contaminants attached may be pollutants grade copper and command lower prices.

Copper scrap can often be found in old appliances and construction sites, including refrigerators, stoves, and air conditioners that contain an abundance of copper wire that can be removed and sold. Furthermore, you might even be able to locate it within power cords! If none of those options present themselves, check out a nearby construction site and search their trash for materials worth salvaging – even if only partial salvage can be found!

Scrap copper can also be found at garage sales and flea markets, where pieces that have been rounded or formed into rings or ovals tend to fetch higher prices than straight-cut pieces. You could also ask friends or family members if they have any they want to dispose of; additionally, check local businesses using copper as part of their operations to see if any have an extra supply.

When selling copper, you will need to divide it into grades for sale. Grade #1 copper (bare bright copper) is considered of the highest quality as it lacks oxidation, and its color can be identified as dark reddish-orange and slightly lighter than pure silver. Grade #2 copper costs less and includes anything melted, such as pipes or stripped and cleaned wire.

Household Appliances

Copper scrapping is highly sought-after because its supply is scarce and commands a premium over other metals. For instance, when taking scrap tin to your local yard, they may offer less than copper; knowing where you can find copper can maximize your haul!

Copper scraps are often found in household appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Search out older devices, as these often contain more copper. Copper coils located inside older refrigerators and air conditioners are particularly valuable. Likewise, any old copper wire around the house should be brought directly to a scrap yard and sold, stripped of its plastic insulation, for even greater profits!

Whenever in doubt about whether your copper is worth selling, bringing it to a scrap yard for testing can be helpful. Most scrap yards have someone available who can test metals using magnets; ferrous ones tend to stick more readily; nonferrous metals (copper, brass, nickel, and tin) tend to fetch higher values on sale than ferrous metals (such as those sticking).

Scrap copper near me can be easily obtained in numerous places, with your home providing some of the highest-value items. When renovating or remodeling at home, be mindful of tracking any copper pipes or wires removed from walls or floors for later reuse, as thieves frequently target such materials for theft. It would also be wise to protect any materials removed from your property against possible thieves that target such valuable materials, as this can help deter future theft.

Opportunity Shops

Copper is an invaluable metal that’s used in numerous applications. Due to a limited supply, its price has steadily been increasing – people seeking out copper scrap to capitalize on its rising value have turned their attention towards scrap yards where grades of metal can be separated and weighted accordingly – the higher rate will bring more money than lower grades – it is essential not remelt your copper as this may contaminate its purity, thus diminishing its worth significantly.

Copper can be everywhere, from construction sites and renovation yards, appliance repair shops, electronics stores, and old plumbing pipes and wiring to electronics stores and appliance parts warehouses. When dealing with any copper found within any structure, permission to remove it must be secured and aware of local laws regarding this matter.

Some of the most frequently found forms of copper scrap include copper wire and breakage, which has been melted down to extract its components. Solid copper is most valued because it consists of pure, unalloyed metal, while brass and bronze alloys may be less valuable.

Thinner copper wires can be found in many electronics, such as laptop computers and VCRs, as well as old power cords and extension cables. You may even come across it in small appliances like coffee makers and AC units – be sure to inspect their handles, as some could contain steel! iScrap App allows users to report prices at their local scrap yards, so don’t forget to utilize this feature!

Not all scrap yards are created equally, and some will offer much lower payments for copper than others. Some yards will sort materials according to grade, while others might mix all forms of metal and weigh them simultaneously; this can make a substantial difference in how much money you’ll receive for it, so you research and learn their procedures when receiving materials you bring them.

Auto Yards

Copper is one of the most sought-after metals in the scrap industry, found commonly in household appliances and offering you an extra source of cash. When selling it to a scrap yard, separating your copper from other items in your collection will help ensure you receive top dollar for it and save time in the yard by eliminating sorting through mixed metals in a bucket or truckload.

Local scrap yards specialize in purchasing and selling various metals, including copper. These businesses typically publish a list of materials they buy with prices listed online or in storefront windows; you can also search the iScrap App by entering “metal scrap yard near me.”

Unless you plan to sell copper to a local scrap yard directly, it is advisable to prepare your material beforehand. Stripping copper wires before taking them to the yard will increase their value two- or threefold, and you can use wire strippers found in most hardware stores to do this task quickly and easily. Although this process is fast and straightforward, take all necessary precautions when handling power cords or electrical wiring, as this may involve personal safety and property risks.

Copper can be found throughout your home and business in appliances and electrical systems, from refrigerators and stoves to dryers with copper coils that can easily be removed for recycling. Older models contain more copper than newer ones. Air conditioners also make great sources of copper because of their thick insulated wires.

Copper pipes may also be found in your plumbing system at home or work. Their reddish hue is easily recognizable as they’re often removed during remodeling projects.

Copper can also be found in electric guitars, water heater storage tanks, and Christmas light wires. However, when selling copper at a scrap yard, they will only give you back what they paid for its least valuable component, so be sure to sort and label each container before going.

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