Why You Need an Excavating Contractor


No matter if it’s for new foundation excavation, installing a septic system, or performing extensive commercial grading work, an experienced Dallas Excavating Contractor is necessary. They use heavy equipment for excavation, dirt removal, and earth-moving projects as they prepare sites for construction projects. Select the best Dallas Excavating.

Hiring a general contractor can save time and stress by overseeing all aspects of your project. Browse Houzz for trusted General Contractors in Dallas.


No matter the scale or scope of your industrial project, hiring an experienced Dallas Excavating Contractor is essential to its success. Expertise saves both time and money – while guaranteeing your job gets completed efficiently from start to finish.

Experienced contractors understand how to mark buried pipes and utility lines prior to excavation, preparing the site properly for excavation and protecting its surroundings from being damaged in any way.

If your project involves blasting rock shelves or boulders, additional permit and safety requirements may extend the timeline for completion. When choosing an excavation contractor in Dallas with enough experience and an established track record of success, make sure you get a written estimate/contract/insurance/warranty agreement so you can rest easy knowing your job will be in safe hands – we found five jobs matching your search for Excavating Contractors with more than average salaries!


Professional excavation services require access to commercial-grade equipment such as an excavator, backhoe, front-end loader, and cranes – these professionals will also possess the knowledge and experience needed to operate these machines properly – hiring an amateur can lead to disaster, such as pit collapses or machine accidents causing gas or power lines to be hit – whereas professionals are well aware of safety protocols as well as having insurance to cover any injuries they might cause during an excavation service.

No matter if it’s for an inground pool, landscaping feature, or foundation pour, having the appropriate equipment is critical to safely and efficiently getting the job done. When searching for local companies with experience and access to quality equipment fleets for this work, choose those who provide excellent customer service at a fair price – this way, your job can be completed on schedule and without costing an arm and a leg!

HOLT CAT’s Dallas North location provides sales, service, and rentals of quality construction and excavation equipment, including excavators, dozers, loaders, and dump trucks – in addition to selling Cat machine engine and truck parts and offering training and rentals so customers can maximize productivity of their equipment.


Dallas contractors undertaking residential or commercial construction must obtain a city permit before starting work on their projects, both to ensure safety and conform to local regulations as well as to protect them against fines, lawsuits, and potential insurance lapse. Furthermore, permits also help avoid costly repairs as well as demands by the city for demolition.

At present, it takes workers in the city’s development department approximately eight days to review a permit application for a single-family home in its system. However, new goals are being set to rule on residential permit applications within ten days and 15 for commercial projects, respectively.

To speed up its processing time, Dallas City Hall is considering permitting third-party reviews of permit applications. While some council members have concerns over the potential consequences of this decision – for instance, they fear Dallas could be held liable if an outside reviewer approves plans that later prove to be incorrect; Burgess countered by noting that governmental immunity applies here.

Commercial permit applicants can submit their request through the City of Dallas ePlan Portal. By using this website, applicants can start their request, save an in-process application, complete all paperwork and documents needed, upload drawings and files, and view project status updates.


Excavation contractors perform many duties that put them at risk of liability, from digging foundations, moving soil, and grading land to hitting underground utilities or being sued for environmental damage. It is, therefore, wise for your excavation company to purchase adequate insurance policies to safeguard its financial interests from potential financial losses on the job site.

Excavation contractors often require more than general liability coverage; in addition to this type of policy, they should obtain business auto, builder’s risk, inland marine, and commercial umbrella. Construction businesses tend to invest heavily in expensive equipment and materials, which is why proper coverage is vital – these policies protect from property loss or theft as well as liability issues should an employee become injured at work.

As an excavation contractor, you could be held liable for noise or dust pollution caused by your work, and environmental impairment insurance can help cover clean-up costs should this occur. Furthermore, having employees can increase liability risks that necessitate workers’ compensation insurance in case an employee experiences medical expenses or wage loss at work; having workers’ compensation coverage also covers medical expenses if one should sustain injuries at work, while personal and advertising injury protection offers further protection in cases such as slander, copyright infringement or libel claims against your excavation business.

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