Why You Should Have a Camping Survival Kit


Camping survival kits are an essential piece of gear when venturing outdoors, especially if you plan on staying out in nature for extended periods. bugout bag

This kit provides everything necessary for cooking meals and staying warm while in the wilderness. It comes equipped with a baseplate field compass to assist navigation when GPS isn’t an option.


Paracord is one of the most versatile survival tools, making it essential for everyday survival situations. From keeping it in your camp gear or attaching it to your keychain as a Monkey Fist Keychain to wearing one of its stylish 550 cord bracelets – paracord will come in handy!

Once used as a parachute suspension cord, this exceptionally durable rope has become a go-to choice for hikers and campers alike. Not only can it serve as temporary mooring lines and tow lines for small vessels, but it can even act as a trap for woodland animals or fish lines.

Make use of paracord to build a rope ladder if you need help traversing terrain you don’t feel equipped for or escaping ravines that might otherwise swallow you whole. Reflective paracord is becoming increasingly popular with outdoor enthusiasts as it makes tent guylines less likely to trip them over in low-light environments and makes equipment more accessible to identify.

Brass Monkey offers the essential camping gear in one convenient package – their survival kit in a bag boasts all of the necessities, including a baseplate field compass, collapsible flatware set, flint striker, and travel memo bookmaking this kit easy to take with you, on every hiking or camping excursion. Plus, it fits easily in your backpack for travel convenience!

Fire Starter

Fire is one of the most essential survival tools. It provides warmth, cooks food, and purifies water while simultaneously deterring animals that threaten you. Being able to start fires no matter the conditions is of critical importance in emergency survival scenarios.

An efficient fire starter kit is an invaluable part of camping gear. These kits can help you start fires when matches and lighters don’t work, especially in wet and windy conditions. Most contain both an electronic spark generator and heat sources like Ferro rods or magnesium blocks, which will help ignite fuel sources for combustion.

Many of these devices are lightweight and small enough to easily fit in a pack without becoming cumbersome or weighted down, plus many come equipped with dry tinder bundles that capture sparks quickly for instant flame. Common examples include fatwood shavings, birch bark, cattails, or dry fluff from plants as the bundle material. Some even come equipped with waterproof storage tin containers.

If you prefer more traditional options, flint and steel fire starters offer great versatility in creating fire. Though more complex than other methods to light up a flame in all weather conditions, they still produce sparks that will start burning regardless. However, for those without the skills or patience necessary for such techniques, there are always magnesium fire starter sticks, which generate large sparks resistant to wind or rain that produce long-lasting fires.

First Aid Kit

An essential for anyone camping is a first aid kit. These kits contain supplies to treat minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and insect bites, as well as items to help prevent infections and soothe pain, such as antimicrobial creams or anti-infective ointments and creams. Emergency kits may include whistles and mirrors to call for help as well as whistles to summon help or show where hikers or rescuers might find you; plus compact designs that easily fit in backpacks or belts while including instructional booklets to ensure proper usage of items within each kit.

While first aid kits can be helpful, they may not always be enough to save someone in a life-threatening situation. Therefore, you must enroll in a first aid course so you know how to respond to an emergency medical situation. In addition to your standard first aid kit and blankets for emergencies, you should carry small blankets as well as water for transporting any wounded patients who require first aid treatment and learn CPR and Heimlich maneuver techniques should an accident arise.

At home or when out camping, survival kits can make all the difference when an injury strikes. Preparing one both indoors and outdoors will ensure that you’re ready for whatever arises.

Sleeping Bag

An essential camping survival kit item, sleeping bags provide excellent protection from hypothermia – a dangerous drop in core temperature that could prove lethal in emergencies. A properly selected sleeping bag will trap body heat in a cocoon of warmth to keep you warm.

When choosing a sleeping bag to add to your survival kit, please take note of its temperature rating and size. Unless camping during wintertime specifically, a three-season synthetic or hybrid synthetic/down sleeping bag with a low-temperature rating should suffice for most. Also, take into account shape (mummy bags are narrow at the shoulders but comprehensive at the feet while rectangular sleeping bags provide more spaciousness) as well as weight.

Consider purchasing a sleeping bag liner as well, which is essentially a thin sack that slips inside your more giant bag like an inner glove to reduce the temperature by up to 25 degrees and can prove extremely helpful during a survival situation.

Save space and money with an all-inclusive camping survival kit by Brass Monkey. It includes everything needed for unexpected nights outdoors, such as a basic survival blanket, flint striker, compact travel memo book, and baseplate field compass. A camping survival kit makes the ideal addition to any camping adventure.