Windows 10 Photo Viewer – The Amazing Journey

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If you have been using the new Windows 10, you have probably noticed the absence of a Windows 10 Photo Viewer. If you had been using Windows from the Windows XP version, you can probably agree with us that the Windows 10 Photo Viewer would have had an eternal spot in software history. In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look into the journey we had with the unique application and talk about the favourite bits we loved from the app.

Windows 10 Photo Viewer: The History 

When Microsoft developers revamped their systems for the launch of the new age operating system Windows XP, they remodelled many aspects from the previous version of Windows. One of the major focus points of the remodelling process was the user interface. There is no part of Windows XP that is a testament to the UI remodelling than Windows 10 Photo Viewer. The UI was smooth from the get-go, and the colour aesthetics were pleasing to the eye.

The release of the application was lauded as a step in the right direction. We can say in the photography industry, Windows Photo Viewer represented modernity and an entirely new way of displaying pictures.

Another thing that gave Windows Photo Viewer the edge was that it was released just as the digital picture space boomed. This and the useful UI collectively made it the best photo viewing application of its time. This is one of the main reasons why the software transcended from Windows XP up to Windows 8.1. There were a lot of pros that users lauded upon its releases. It was simple to use, and it could handle multiple image formats. This was something that Windows users were thirsting for, for a long time.

It also came preinstalled with Windows meant users did not have to spend an extra dime to get it after purchasing the operating system. Windows Photo Viewer was set up on a trajectory to succeed from the get-go. 

Window 10 Photo Viewer: The Windows Gallery Replacement

In its infancy, Windows Photo Viewer had to circle through a lot of knockdowns. The most extensive set back was the exclusion from Windows Vista. After making a pretty good debut on Windows XP, Windows Photo Viewer was excluded when Windows Vista was released. The reason behind the drop was never confirmed, but there was a public outcry from Windows users. Windows Photo Gallery came in as Photo Viewer’s replacement in Windows Vista, but its reception was lukewarm. This was mainly due to the high standards that had been set by Windows Photo Viewer. 

Microsoft tried to ignore the calls for the Windows 10 Photo Viewer reinstatement, but the calls were a little too loud to ignore. Windows Photo Viewer made a return on Windows 7. The recovery was greeted with a lot of positivity. The software came back well-polished and still maintained the simplicity tag that had made it a fan favourite over the years. The following two Windows versions also came with Windows Photo Viewer, but it came with very few updates and tweaks in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. 

Windows 10 Photo Viewer: The Final Drop 

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft finally dropped the Windows Photo Viewer. This meant that we could not have a Windows 10 Photo Viewer. After over a decade of service, Windows adopted the multi-platform Photos when they released Windows 10. Most users agreed at the time that it was finally time to move on from Photo Viewer. The switch was smooth as Photos was not that different from Photo Viewer.

Using Windows Photo Viewer was a fantastic experience, and most users can concur that no app can rival it up to now. 


Was Windows Photo Viewer Free?

Windows Photo Viewer was free, it came with as part of The Windows Package

Is Windows Photo Viewer available on Windows 10?

Windows Photo viewer is not available on Windows 10

When was Windows Photo Viewer released?

The first version of Windows Photo Viewer came with Windows XP

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