A Yacht Charter in Malta is a Magical Adventure


An unforgettable yacht charter experience in Malta awaits. No matter if you are an expert sailor and would prefer taking charge of their bareboat charter (providing you have all necessary qualifications), or you prefer being looked after by an experienced skipper, whatever choice suits you is yours to make. Discover the best info about rent a boat in Malta.

Massive superyachts offer travel experiences usually only reserved for the elite. Furthermore, the islands’ pristine waters present unparalleled cruising opportunities.

Stunning beaches and coves

A yacht charter is the best way to truly appreciate Malta’s stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, traditional villages, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and biological hotspots – even its dramatic rocky cliffs can be enjoyed from the sea! One day of yacht charter won’t suffice to celebrate all that nature has given this wonderful island!

Rent your yacht directly from our extensive fleet, or allow an experienced skipper to take care of everything for you. Select from luxurious motor boats such as Cranchi 35s or Princess 42s, sail yachts like Bavaria 42 or DouFour 44s, and catamarans such as our Lagoon 410 for an unforgettable sailing vacation experience.

Starting your charter from Valletta will bring rich culture and a fantastic history into focus. Sailing north towards Gozo and Comino offers up an idyllic archipelago of idyllic beaches, charming coves, 7000 years of human history traces, Delimara Grotto Caves, or dropping anchor in Malta’s Golden Bay will have something special in store. Don’t forget the many other peaceful coves dotting its coasts where snorkeling or swimming await you, too!

World-class diving

Malta is famous for its world-class diving and diverse underwater landscape. The Mediterranean’s blue waters surround the islands and boast some of the most sought-after diving sites imaginable, from ancient shipwrecks off Gozo’s sister island to Comino’s Blue Lagoon and beyond.

Malta offers stunning beaches and coves, not to mention vibrant fortified cities with rich cultural histories. A luxury yacht charter provides an ideal opportunity to explore these historic landmarks and take part in Malta’s lively cafe culture.

Valletta, Malta’s UNESCO World Heritage Site capital city, is an architectural masterpiece featuring Neolithic temples, medieval fortresses, and remnants from its Knights of St John heritage. Venture further afield and discover Malta’s natural beauty – including the spectacular Grand Harbor!

Malta offers some of the world’s finest boating conditions from June through September when the weather is warm and clear, providing ideal sailing conditions. These waters are calm and welcoming to sailors of all levels and sizes; enjoy sailing vacations aboard a sailboat, motorboat, or RIB for an enjoyable cruise experience; upgrade to luxury Gulet cruises for the ultimate cruise experience with Click& Boat’s easy connection between boat owners and renters that allows them to find exactly what fits their needs and budgets.

Historic cities

Malta’s sparkling waters and historic landmarks combine to make an extraordinary yacht charter experience. Enjoy exploring secluded beaches, rocky coves, and charming fishing villages entwined with Malta’s breathtaking landscape and vibrant history – with year-round sun thanks to Malta’s Mediterranean climate!

Marsaxlokk harbor in Malta brims with vividly painted fishing boats, filled with the scent of freshly prepared seafood dishes that fill the air. Sun worshipers flock here, delighting in both its shimmery surface beneath their feet and the clear waters’ unclouded visibility.

Your Malta yacht charter gives you access to Gozo, an island known for its ancient traditions and stone structures, while Comino boasts the stunning Blue Lagoon. Here, its tranquil waters create an almost borderless swimming experience!

For an experience that is both relaxing and adventurous, a yacht charter in Malta during the shoulder season can be ideal. The weather still maintains some warmth, and the seas are calmer, allowing more straightforward navigation and exploration. Experienced sailors may wish to opt for a bareboat charter, as this option saves costs while providing freedom to chart their course and discover Malta’s Islands at their own pace.

Luxury yachts

Yacht charter is an excellent way to explore Malta’s idyllic beaches, hidden caves, and world-class diving spots. Situated at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta and its sister islands, Gozo and Comino, boast some of the most transparent waters around – an exclusive yacht charter is an ideal way to make use of this waterway while experiencing all it has to offer! Enjoy water while relaxing aboard as you cruise away on this Mediterranean adventure.

Malta is famed for its tropical climate and vibrant culture, stunning natural surroundings, and rich history. A visit will transport you back in time as you marvel at Megalithic temples, baroque cathedrals, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. On its islands, you can also visit charming fishing villages and olive groves that have stood the test of time.

Sailing in Malta is popular year-round, with peak season being from April to October. Malta offers ideal sailing conditions thanks to prevailing winds and sunshine – providing perfect sailing conditions even for novice sailors. When choosing your charter yacht, it must come equipped with a crewed vessel with an experienced captain to guide your sails if you lack much sailing experience.

Sailo offers an assortment of crewed and bareboat yachts for rent in Malta. Use our search filters to narrow down your options by price quickly, number of cabins or duration of trip.