All Sport Freezer Pops


Fridge pops are an ideal way to refresh and hydrate after exercise, providing essential electrolytes and minerals while simultaneously cooling core temperature and helping you perform at your highest.

When selecting freezer pops for adults or kids, certain factors should be kept in mind, including flavor variety, size, and texture.

Hydration for Everybody

All sport freezer pops are designed to relieve thirst and keep athletes hydrated during an active day at the gym or workplace. Each 3oz frozen treat contains zero calories and comes in delicious flavors like blue raspberry ice, fruit punch, lemon-lime, and orange. Furthermore, they’ve been scientifically designed to cool core temperature while alleviating symptoms of heat stress, making these pops suitable for athletes of all ages and experience levels.

These freezer pops can help those trying to lose weight as they contain no calories and contain 50% of the daily value for vitamin C while also being gluten-free and shown to reduce asthma, heart disease, and diabetes risks.

KSI and Logan Paul, two famous YouTube stars and influencers, recently collaborated to launch the beverage company Prime. Once bitter rivals in boxing matches and competitions for YouTube views, the duo now aims to tackle the beverage industry with tropical-punch-infused hydration drinks that claim to provide essential hydration benefits. But are these beverages indeed as advertised?

Zero Calories

All Sport Zero was developed explicitly with those watching their caloric intake in mind, offering electrolytes and vitamin C with no sugar added – perfect for athletes, workforce members, gym goers, and those seeking healthier alternatives to sports drinks like Gatorade. Research indicates that most Americans consume too much sodium daily! All Sport Zero’s delicious taste makes it the ideal solution.

These frozen treats are ideal for job sites and marathons where water may not be readily available, with industry-leading hydration methodologies providing an advanced approach to replenishing electrolytes and maintaining optimal hydration levels – far surpassing traditional methods!

Each 3 oz. Pop is individually wrapped and can be eaten at any time of day, providing essential hydration throughout the day without water alone. Contained within each stick are high-quality ingredients which hydrate better than just water alone while offering critical vitamins and minerals to bolster stamina during strenuous workday activities, while the combination of electrolytes and calories helps increase life for increased energy and performance. Every box includes 10 or 50 sticks to help lower core body temperatures and alleviate heat stress.

Zero Sugar

All Sport Zero is premium hydration designed to meet the needs of “everyone.” With no sugar and gluten-free, kosher, and vegan certifications – labels you may have seen or heard before, but do you really understand their significance?

Sugar in any amount can be detrimental, but those trying to lose weight or regulate blood glucose levels often opt for products labeled as sugar-free or low-sugar drinks that combine natural and artificial sweeteners – these don’t pose as many health concerns, though some of their side effects still exist.

Long-term consumption of aspartame can cause headaches, upset antioxidant balance in the body and contribute to oxidative stress, even when consumed in recommended safe amounts. Coke Zero Sugar’s caramel-brown hue contains ammonium molecules that decompose into 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI), an established carcinogen.

Rhett and Link recently taste-tested both Mtn Dew Zero and Diet Mtn Dew to see which was more refreshing, concluding that Zero had more robust lemony flavors while Diet had more limey ones. They were taken aback to discover that both flavors were quite similar — when it came down to choosing one they preferred over the other, there was no clear winner. Both contained subtle cola flavors with barely detectable differences between them. Diet and Zero had more syrupy textures, while Zero had a slightly medicinal aftertaste due to their respective ingredients aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Mtn Dew Zero uses aspartame and acesulfame as sweeteners, while its original product contains aspartame and sucralose as well. This result is astonishing, given that Coke Zero was introduced decades after Mtn Dew Zero with similar tastes to both products.


Help improve both hydration and energy levels with this variety pack of low-calorie sports drinks, packed with electrolytes to keep you hydrated and alert throughout your day.

This drink is the ideal complement to any outdoor activity, such as running a marathon, hiking, cycling, or any other form of physical exertion. Its innovative formula is tailored to quench thirst while providing essential electrolytes and vitamins.

Frozen treats can make the perfect complement to a workday. Their cooling effect on core body temperatures helps alleviate heat stress caused by heavy labor or physical exertion while being gluten-free and low-fat – perfect for keeping immune systems strong! Plus, there’s enough for all teams or workplaces. With 144 sports drinks included in this variety pack – that means plenty for your whole team or workplace!