Berwyn Sports Club – Sounds of Field Hockey Sticks Clashing and Cleats Scything the Turf


Berwyn Sports Club comes alive with field hockey sticks clashing and cleats scything the turf. John Bickel, an accomplished former lacrosse player and high school coach himself, envisions this state-of-the-art facility becoming a center for local sports activity.

Bickel has already taken steps toward realizing this vision. He coached Conestoga’s boys’ lacrosse team and now runs Team Ten, a youth club.

Fitness Center

Berwyn Sports Club was built on over 10 acres in Tredyffryn Township off Cassatt Road and houses a 35,000-square-foot field house, fitness and training center, and full outdoor turf field. John Bickel saw the need for such an advanced complex in Berwyn. It has since attracted youth lacrosse teams as well as baseball and field hockey organizations that play lacrosse – its creation being his dream project!

The field house boasts wide garage openings leading to outdoor fields and a mezzanine area for spectators, plus full-time performance coach Troy Gallen (a graduate of Malvern Prep). His specialty lies in developing speed and agility programs tailored specifically for all athletes in attendance.

Tennis Courts

Off Cassatt Road in Tredyffryn Township lies the 10-acre facility developed by former lacrosse player John Bickel to offer young athletes opportunities and facilities to pursue their goals. It provides a 35,000-square-foot field house, fitness training facility, and two grass practice fields specifically dedicated to lacrosse and field hockey practice.

Troy Gallen, an accomplished college and high school football and track athlete himself, now oversees the performance program for players across sports. Using various tools and techniques to enhance speed, strength, and agility.

Next to Sports Park is this combination soccer/baseball field used by the Boys & Girls Club for league games and practices while providing an opportunity for playgroup meetings at Berwyn Heights Playgroup meetings. In addition, there is a small playground on site.

Squash Courts

Berwyn Sports Club is making waves among local athletes with its state-of-the-art facility, boasting 35,000 sq. ft of field house space, fitness and training center facilities, and an entire outdoor turf field for lacrosse and field hockey practice – plus its unique setup of large garage doors and mezzanine area for spectators that surrounds it all!

Jen Bickel, an accomplished college lacrosse player and high school coach in Tredyffryn Township, recognized the need for a state-of-the-art sports complex in Tredyffryn. She helped design and construct the field house located off Cassatt Road near Rt 202 in Chester County; its versatility allows it to transform into an indoor arena for other sports as needed.

The club’s squash courts are an irresistibly appealing attraction. Playing this exciting and challenging sport not only brings fun and entertainment, but it can also provide an intense cardiovascular workout and foster connections among players of different skill levels. Furthermore, Jessica provides instruction that encourages all ages to appreciate this sport while honing their skills.

Softball Courts

Sounds of field hockey sticks colliding and cleats cutting through turf fields fill Berwyn Sports Club like waves of sound waves, making its presence felt in Tredyffryn Township. John Bickel, an ex-lacrosse player, and current club lacrosse director, built this state-of-the-art complex on 10 acres that feature a 35,000 sq ft field house, fitness, and training center, as well as an outdoor turf field – making this facility truly impressive in the local sports community.

Attracting youth, township, and high school teams that play field hockey, baseball, and soccer; college and club lacrosse teams such as Blue Ox Lacrosse – which Matt Mackrides of Malvern Prep leads; as well as college and club lacrosse players such as Blue Ox Lacrosse who Matt Mackrides himself lead!

Troy Gallen (Malvern Prep alumnus) provides athletes looking for training services with an ideal destination. He offers various classes and runs a program to improve strength, speed, and agility for his athletes of all levels. In addition, Troy Gallen holds certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, specializing in Speed Development for athletes of all levels, and is available for one-on-one or group instruction sessions.

Basketball Courts

Are you looking to elevate your game or enjoy some enjoyable pickup games? We have just the courts for that. Members are free to utilize the basketball court for practice or pick-up play, provided no clinics or leagues are scheduled.

John Bickel, an experienced lacrosse player and coach/director currently coaching club lacrosse in Tredyffryn Township, saw a need for an advanced sports center in this region and established Berwyn Sports Club on over 10 acres in Tredyffryn Township with three facilities: 35,000-square foot field house; fitness facility and 7,000 square-foot training facility; entire outdoor turf field for lacrosse/field hockey training plus two grass practice areas – making up Berwyn Sports Club today.

M-NCPPC facility at Berwyn Sports Club serves as a venue for basketball league games, teen programs, camps, and community events. Additionally, this space serves as a home for Shipley School boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams coached by Matt Mackrides and Kathy Duncan; their teams have won six Friends’ Schools League championships; Coach of the Year honors were bestowed upon them as well as multiple All-League and All-State players graduating through their program. Furthermore, gameBreaker Lacrosse Camps at Berwyn Sports Club provide summer programs dedicated to this sport.

Baseball Fields

The Town provides recreational facilities for public use, such as playgrounds and athletic fields. In addition, its Park & Recreation Council hosts community events and programs throughout the year, ranging from talent shows to educational gardening classes. Furthermore, several parks, as well as two nearby community centers, make up this diverse community.

The Sports Club, located off Cassatt Road in Tredyffryn Township, is a state-of-the-art facility comprising 10 acres. This center features a 35,000-square-foot field house equipped with fitness and training facilities, as well as an outdoor turf field designed to host various sporting activities such as baseball, soccer, and lacrosse.

The Sports Club has become an oasis for youth, township, and high school sports teams that specialize in baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. One of its primary user groups is the Boys & Girls Club, which utilizes a combined soccer/baseball field for league games and practices; additionally, it hosts T-ball games held by Boys & Girls Club teams and also boasts an Indian-themed playground/picnic area popular with local children.

Swimming Pool

John Bickel is thrilled with the state-of-the-art Berwyn Sports Club facility located on 10 acres in Tredyffryn Township. Boasting a 35,000-square-foot field house with garage-door openings that open directly into outdoor fields as well as complete fitness centers and training areas for both field hockey and lacrosse, John is overjoyed.

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