Burberry Sport Perfume Review


Burberry recently expanded its perfume collection for men by unveiling a fresh marine scent, boasting frozen ginger, grapefruit, wheatgrass, and exhilarating notes like juniper berries and seawater.

Olivier Polge and Beatrice Piguet designed their perfume to exude movement, dynamics, and energy; its base features cedar wood and musk to round out this aromatic experience.

Top Notes

Burberry Sport begins with a refreshing grapefruit-and-orange scent that’s wonderfully pleasing when worn together, especially after sweating a bit on your skin. Additionally, its spice adds just enough depth and can be enjoyed by nearly anyone – perfect for all occasions and situations!

This perfume comes in a glass bottle equipped with an orifice reducer and roller ball applicator for ease of use. Apply it directly onto your neck or wrists for a subtle aroma throughout the day; plus, it’s alcohol-free to help nourish skin while prolonging its scent’s effects on your body.

Burberry released this fragrance in 2010, and its masculine aroma appeals to men who aren’t afraid to show off their athletic prowess and take on the world.

Oliver Polge and Beatrice Piguet’s noses collaborated in creating this floral woody musk fragrance in 2010, designed specifically for women by Burberry’s design house. It boasts top notes of ginger, wheat, and grapefruit with middle notes including aquatic messages, red ginger, and juniper berries; its base features musk, Virginia cedar, and sand. Burberry produced it as an office or casual wear fragrance option designed by their design house as an unobtrusive moderate scent that still manages to look sophisticated.

Middle Notes

Burberry Sport Ice was released in 2006 as an exciting and vibrant fragrance that brings fresh waters, beach aromas, ginger, musk aromatic cypress, and cedar together into one refreshing scent that keeps its wearers feeling energized throughout their day. It contains notes such as lemon ice crystals, ginger musk, and aromatic cypress cedar. It provides an authentic beach scent experience while remaining an uplifter fragrance to keep you feeling upbeat throughout your day!

This perfume features top notes of ginger, wheat, and grapefruit; middle notes consist of juniper berries, sea accords, and red ginger; its base notes consist of ambrofixTM cedar wood musk for an unforgettable fragrance experience! Perfect for women seeking an adrenaline rush from sports and outdoor activities!

BURBERRY SPORT WOMEN by designer house Burberry was released in 2010. This floral woody musk fragrance boasts notes of mandarin orange, salt, and ginger; magnolia flowers; honeysuckle; petit grain, as well as Virginia cedar wood and musk for its base notes.

Burberry Sport was introduced in 2010 as a sophisticated yet masculine fragrance, boasting top notes of fresh spices and invigorating ocean scents. It boasts a clean finish to give you confidence during long days at work or golf courses, making it the ideal complement to a polo shirt and denim jeans ensemble.

Base Notes

Burberry launched this fragrance as part of their Burberry Sport line for both men and women in 2010, creating a refreshing scent made up of sensual musk, fragrant Virginia cedar wood, sand, and vetiver notes for an energetic scent perfect for a woman who is confidently taking on each day with style.

This Eau de parfum is tailored towards those who embrace outdoor activity, be it walking through a park or playing sports. With top notes of ginger, wheat, and grapefruit as their key fragrance components and an orifice reducer for effortless application – not to mention being alcohol-free, the fragrance will not cause skin irritation while lasting longer!

Oliver Polge and Beatrice Piquet designed this fragrance for women as a vibrant and rejuvenating scent. Opening with mandarin orange and sea salt as its top notes, middle notes include magnolia, honeysuckle, and petitgrain, while base notes feature solar accords, musk, and cedar as an underlying foundation.

Burberry’s perfumes offer fresh and zesty floral fragrances for every woman – this new floral offering from Burberry should be on every woman’s must-have list! With notes like citrusy zinger and decadent orange combined with mid notes such as sweet honeysuckle and lush magnolia flowers for an invigorating aroma as unique as you.

It has a long-lasting scent that makes for the perfect pairing for an evening out or running errands in town; the smell also allows women to feel feminine and confident without overpowering too many other perfumes.

This fragrance, developed by the same creators of its predecessor, makes a beautiful addition to Burberry’s selection of perfumes for women. Available in various sizes and can be purchased through major online stores at a highly reasonable price, its stylish packaging adds another element of scent into everyday life. Get your bottle today to start each day off right.


Burberry Sport Perfume, introduced in 2010, is a refreshing fragrance from Burberry. A combination of floral, woody, and musk scents, it opens with top notes such as ginger, wheat, and grapefruit before offering mid notes such as juniper berries and red ginger before finally ending on base notes of musk, Virginia cedar wood, and sand for its base notes.

This fragrance is an ideal choice for women who wish to look confident and feminine on any occasion, thanks to its blend of rich ingredients that makes it suitable for all events and occasions. Additionally, its subtle fragrance won’t clash with other scents you may wear – making this fragrance ideal for a day trip in the sun or an intimate dinner gathering with loved ones.

Burberry has been around for decades, but its perfume line only recently expanded in 2010. Burberry Sport is an alluring blend of fruity floral woody notes designed to leave an everlasting impression on those around you.

This citrusy and aromatic fragrance with a clean finish is the ideal fragrance choice for women who enjoy trying out new things and want something with a twist – or those who wish for something fresher and more masculine! It opens with a realistic grapefruit aroma mixed with orange peel notes and lasts for about ten minutes until it evolves into something reminiscent of fresh musk and ginger scents.