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At first glance, Tattle Life may appear similar to other forum websites in that it features subtopics and an activity ticker for new posts and activity updates.

Strangers can use this platform to discuss and criticize influencers and social media personalities who monetize their personal lives as businesses, including Stacey Solomon, Zoe Sugg, Mrs Hinchliffe, and cleaning influencer Mrs Hinchliffe. Furthermore, these critics have also attempted to contact brand partners and disrupt commercial deals to damage or undermine them.

How it works

Best Life and Beyond is a social media “business” run by YouTube vloggers Katie and Spencer, with YouTube videos shot primarily at Disneyland, using Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to promote themselves and pursue brand partnerships; this wiki exists solely as documentation of their actions and character – not as an offensive hate group; just documenting any potentially toxic and unprofessional conduct from them that may arise – although please be aware that some information contained within may be false or inaccurate.

Getting started

Tattle Life describes itself as a website providing commentary on public business social media accounts, allowing strangers to freely discuss and criticize influencers, bloggers, or anyone who monetizes their personal lives for profit. At first glance, it resembles any forum site, with subsections helping users navigate different threads and a ticker at the bottom displaying new activity, but closer inspection reveals more troubling material: negative thread titles as well as abusive user-posted content that often goes unseen by viewers.

At the time of writing, there were 415 comments in response to Disneyland YouTubers KT and Spencer (also known as The Fresh Baked Boys) known by their screen names “KT and Spencer.” One person described her as “dull as dishwater and filled with filler,” while another called her an offensive individual and a “loathsome scumbag.”

KT and Spencer are famous YouTube stars known for filming videos at Disney parks and using Instagram and TikTok to promote their channel and secure brand partnerships. Although they have amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers to their videos, their financial gain from those videos remains modest, leading many to consider their scheme predatory; additional allegations have also been leveled against them for stealing and defrauding fellow YouTubers.