The Best Lightsabers For Dueling


Conflict is inevitable for anyone following the Jedi or Sith path, necessitating high-quality lightsabers capable of withstanding the blows and clash of swords.

The ideal lightsabers for dueling feature wide, sturdy polycarbonate blades designed to withstand hits and crashes, along with impressive lighting systems and sound boards to complete the experience.

1. Galactic Sabers

With the success of The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, many kids watching these shows may want their lightsaber. This replica Dark Saber could make an ideal option, as its design closely mirrors that used by real Shinobi (ninjas). Therefore it can act as a prop or costume accessory while supporting light dueling between friends.

This hilt provides multiple customizable options, such as adding different blades. Plus, its polycarbonate blade won’t bend or break under high-stakes duels! Its choreographed combat features are suitable for recreating movie scenes, and built-in sound effects play their soundtrack!

Saberforge offers another custom-built saber that’s ideal for channeling their inner Jedi: this one from US-based custom builder Saberforge. Crafted from solid aluminum alloy, its hilt features two activation plates to protect kyber crystal and activate it/deactivate the blade, two pommel caps with customizable grips to suit different styles of combat as well as customizable pommel caps and grips to suit various combat styles.

A unique feature of the hilt is its QR code, granting access to free Jedi training videos to help you master dueling styles unique to Jedi dueling styles. Instructions are straightforward and user-friendly as they’ll teach you seven distinct fighting forms found throughout the galaxy.

2. Padawan Saber

The Padawan Saber is an excellent option for novice Jedi duelists. Designed with simplicity in mind, yet highly functional and durable – its polycarbonate blade offers durability and authenticity – while its narrowed neck makes performing tricks and spins much simpler.

The Light Saber features 12 distinct blade colors that can easily be switched out by pressing a button, giving players access to red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, or pink blade options. Furthermore, 21 preloaded sound fonts or themes, including sounds from Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey Kylo Ren, and General Leia!

A rechargeable battery powers the lightsaber, eliminating the need to replace batteries. It comes equipped with a power indicator to inform players when charging or low on charge occurs; additionally, its flash-on-clash effect simulates blades cutting each other during the swing and cutting motions.

The saber is an ideal choice for new Jedi duelers, being easy to use and affordable. Not only that, but its durable construction is sure to please any fan. Plus, it works well with Kinect and Wii remote for accurate swinging of its blade or attached so two players can wield a double-bladed weapon.

3. Apprentice Saber

The Apprentice lightsaber is a one-handed lightsaber designed for simple use with windows in its emitter and an AV switch that blends nicely into its hilt. As it’s intended as a stunt saber rather than featuring sound effects, this option offers an affordable Star Wars experience without all its extra bells and whistles.

Ultrasaber’s Dark Apprentice V4 saber can often be found as part of Grab Bag or Mystery Box sets; it can also be purchased separately. As with all Champion-level models from Ultrasaber, its smart charger alerts when its power cell has reached full charge for ease of charging, unlike most other companies’ offerings.

The Apprentice Saber features a compact, lightweight hilt with easy maneuverability during combat. Its blade is highly durable, while the emitter section features changing LEDs to add realism. Plus, there’s even an included covertec wheel for belt attachment!

The Apprentice lightsaber is designed for casual duelists and aspiring Jedi Masters alike. Featuring its compact yet sleek design, it will go perfectly with any ensemble and can even serve as a backup in case of a hilt failure – it is genuinely ideal for Jedi fans reliving Clone Wars or fighting through dangerous streets on Tatooine alike.

4. Gold Saber

Star Wars fans know that Jedi lightsabers come in various colors. Though most Jedi are seen wielding blue or green-bladed lightsabers, according to Force canon, yellow-bladed lightsabers symbolize hope, goodwill, and benevolence, while an orange-bladed lightsaber represents ambition and creativity; both instances are scarce sights in the Star Wars universe due to only a few Jedi wielding such blades.

Leia Organa first gave Luke Skywalker her golden lightsaber when she received it as part of her vision and promised that he would fulfill her father’s unfinished quest. Many padawans dream of earning this privilege and wielding such an exquisite weapon; their handles often boast intricate patterns reminiscent of ancient Jedi scripture and sometimes include precious gemstones inlays for added magnificence and grandeur.

This saber was explicitly created to offer those seeking spiritual enlightenment a deeper connection to the Force or anyone looking for more incredible culture through martial arts, an avenue toward connecting more closely to it. Ideal for anyone who aspires to join one of the galaxy’s noble, peaceful, and honorable warriors! The gold finish adds elegance, while its special effect gives the blade a glow and vibration upon being hit. Curve-hitting further complicates its handling for improved maneuverability in lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. Additionally, this hilt can be fitted with either an RGBX smoothswing base light or a heavy-grade pixel blade to increase aesthetics and combat effectiveness further. A hex wrench and charging cable are included to get started immediately!

5. Rey’s Graflex-Inspired Saber

Rey wielded Luke Skywalker’s legendary lightsaber until she returned it after rescuing Ben Solo at Starkiller Base. Rey’s Force Awakens version is based on genuine Graflex flash units, with one half featuring a “beer tab” and glass eye while its counterpart at the bottom had circuit boards and T tracks; additionally, a wrap was applied over this unit to hide any manufacturer marks and logos.

Graflex Inspired Rey Sabers differ from simple basalt models produced by other manufacturers by employing internal strips of LEDs that enable blade extraction and retraction from within its hilt, giving a more realistic appearance and increasing durability for dueling purposes.

The soundboard of this saber features 27 installed sound fonts and various blade lighting effects such as Stable/Unstable, Pulse Wave Ghost Cross Infinite Rainbow, as well as its motion control feature, which allows users to activate multiple hilt ignition blade lighting spin and blaster deflection effects as well as motion controls hilt ignition lighting spin blaster deflection effects.

Ultra Sabers offers high-quality metal sabers made with stainless steel components at an attractive price, featuring an internal rechargeable battery that provides 12+ hours of playback per charge. Their nickel-plated hilt can easily withstand mid-strength duels and two-handed swings and has a pommel slot explicitly designed to attach a holster holster holder. Each one is carefully hand-assembled by skilled craftspeople so that you may find slight imperfections or mounting marks – however, all come back with full warranties! They make great additions to their inventory at Ultra Sabers, where their prices remain competitively affordable, along with full warranty cover!