Choosing Driveway Paving Companies


Homeowners must carefully choose a contractor when installing or repairing their driveway, considering cost, materials, experience, drainage solutions, and warranties. Find the best Asphalt Paving in Modesto.

Less-than-experienced contractors may take shortcuts that end up costing the homeowner in the long run, like using lower-grade asphalt that requires replacement or repairs sooner.


When hiring a driveway paving company, be sure to obtain estimates and compare prices. A reliable company should be able to give an acceptable quote within your desired timeline – otherwise, look elsewhere for your paving needs.

When hiring a contractor, consider both cost and materials, including concrete, asphalt, and pavers. Some companies also provide porous asphalt that reduces runoff by improving drainage, although this type of material tends to be more costly than its traditional counterpart.

Consider how aesthetics will influence the design of your new driveway. For instance, adding a modern flair with slate paving or sleek sandstone blocks may create a contemporary vibe, while for traditional styles, cobbles and setts might provide more of a conventional touch. Decide upon an appropriate hue, such as sepia tones or grey hues, to further elevate the overall appearance of your driveway in your home.

Reputable driveway paving companies will have an established track record and quality work. They will offer detailed project estimates with warranties to meet any potential problems. They will also explain the steps involved in creating your new driveway and offer tips for maintenance and general home care advice.


When choosing a driveway paving company, make sure it offers excellent customer service and has extensive experience in its field. Check its length of operation and online reviews before asking for references and a portfolio of past work.

A reliable paving contractor should offer a selection of materials such as asphalt, concrete, and pavers to choose from when creating their plans for you, including asphalt paving, concrete paving, and pavers. Their staff can advise which option would best fit into your property and budget requirements – while some homeowners may be restricted from specific options due to community regulations – it’s always wise to check before beginning a project.

As part of your due diligence, it is also wise to learn what kind of guarantee the paving company provides and whether they possess all of the required licenses and certifications for operations in your region.

Reputable driveway paving companies will use the appropriate amount of asphalt to ensure that their job is done right and will last. Some contractors attempt to save money by cutting back on asphalt thickness, but this will end up costing them more in the long run as the pavement won’t last as promised. At Deziel Paving we always use 3″ thick blanket that compacts down to 2″, giving long-term pavement.


Homeowners understand the significance of hiring a driveway paving company, which is paramount to their investment in their property, so they need to find one with professional skills and an impressive track record of quality work. Many paving companies provide references from previous customers and portfolios of past work for prospective clients to help make an informed decision. Furthermore, some even offer money-back guarantees and material warranties in case there are damages or issues during installation.

Reputable paving companies understand how to lay asphalt correctly. First, they remove existing surfaces and grade the land accordingly before placing crushed rock at the base of the pavement for tight packing. Then, they add asphalt and compact it with heavy roller machines for smooth, even, and long-term driveway surfaces.

Homeowners searching online for residential paving contractors typically turn to services like Thumbtack for assistance. These services allow users to easily request and compare quotes from nearby professionals while offering customer reviews to aid the hiring process.

Larger paving companies typically have access to more materials, including asphalt, concrete, bricks, and pavers. They may also offer more colors and designs. Homeowners should check with their communities on any restrictions regarding which materials can be used in paving jobs.


Homeowners seeking driveway paving services require a contractor who will do an exceptional job, be responsive and accurate in his quotes, meet timelines, and offer references from previous customers with similar projects completed before. A good driveway paver should provide references from past customers who can vouch for them, as well as online galleries of comparable work completed previously.

One of the primary issues a homeowner will encounter with their newly installed asphalt driveway is drainage. Standing water may be caused by poor construction practices or planning errors, so consulting a paving professional to address any drainage problems can help ensure an uninterrupted driveway experience.

Homeowners should look for warranties when hiring a paving company. Reputable contractors will offer their customers a guarantee covering the costs associated with installation. This ensures their work is performed accurately and they have protection should anything go amiss with their project. It is also crucial to determine whether potential contractors possess licenses and insurance policies to cover damages or injuries sustained on-site.