Drive-in Movie Theatre in Georgia


Starlight Drive-In has been a beloved family destination since 1949. Thanks to its prime location and smart growth decisions, this drive-in has avoided becoming part of a townhome development like many others. Families looking for entertainment will want to visit this family-friendly movie theater, which allows outside food and beverages. Uncover the best info about filmebi qartulad.

Experience nostalgia when you visit Swan Drive-In Theatre! Enjoy classic film classics while relaxing in your car or cuddling under a blanket on an iconic movie night.

Wilderness Drive-In

Wilderness Drive-In offers a fun way to spend your weekend. This movie theater in Trenton, Georgia, boasts two screens and offers double feature screenings every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at $7 per ticket (children three and under are free!). As this theater accepts only cash payments – be sure to bring enough!

The Wilderness Drive-In started with one screen but quickly added another after two years, significantly increasing profits. Their concession stand offers an extensive menu – besides traditional snacks, they also provide Frisbees for kids to play with on cool summer evenings!

This unique, drive-in cinema is an ideal place for the entire family. Parking is spacious. Picnic tables provide seating. You may bring blankets or lawn chairs for added comfort, pets are allowed in, first-class restrooms are available, and first aid kits are permitted! Plus, if it gets windy enough – bring along your kite!

Though they’re often considered old school, drive-in theaters remain highly popular today and more affordable than many movie theaters – offering you a night of entertainment under the stars for only $7! A drive-in is an excellent alternative entertainment choice when considering all your options.

Wilderness Drive-In is a family-owned and operated outdoor movie theater in Northwest Georgia’s mountains, boasting one of the world’s giant outdoor movie screens and offering double features on a 100’x 50′ screen. Sound is broadcast over FM radio for your enjoyment, and there are over 1,000 parking spots and grassy areas to sit outside for seating purposes.

The owners are incredibly welcoming and enjoy talking to customers. Don, in particular, is always striving to enhance the theater experience for his customers – he recently started selling blankets due to popular request; now he is adding frisbees because customers asked for them, as well as being excessively concerned with keeping his restrooms sanitary with a cleaning lady that regularly visits for cleaning duties.

Jesup Twin Drive-In

As many drive-in theaters have closed since World War II, Jesup Twin Drive-In has remained open. One of only 372 remaining drive-ins nationwide and Georgia’s oldest drive-in, it opened its doors for business in 1948 and currently boasts two screens with seating capacity for 375 cars. Ralph and Jamie Hickox’s ownership has added modern amenities such as digital projectors and food ordering via mobile phone while still keeping that old-fashioned charm of drive-in theaters with carhops wearing poodle skirts serving hamburgers, hotdogs, funnel cakes topped with fried Oreos, customer favorites!

The Swan Drive-In in Brunswick is another popular option for enjoying an evening at the movies. Offering double features on Fridays and Saturdays and single movies on Sundays with full concession stand service, The Swan provides great family fun or date night options and hosts seasonal themed and classic car shows throughout the year!

There are also other traditional drive-in theaters in Georgia, like Grand River Drive-In near Birmingham, which boasts a large outlet mall, playgrounds, and mini golf in addition to its movie screen. New films are shown each weekend; admission fees are charged according to carload size.

Other drive-ins include the King Drive-In in Muscle Shoals, offering first-run movies on one screen at affordable prices with convenient location – making it an excellent option for family outings. Meanwhile, Fayetteville’s Last Drive-In Picture Show features first-run films and traditional carhop service for an unforgettable college town drive-in experience.

Hi-Way 50 Drive-In, located just north of Nashville, is a family-owned drive-in on weekends. Offering new and classic movies for admission prices of $6 for adults and $3 for children. In addition to providing movies on its screens, this drive-in also boasts camping amenities nearby and is open during motor speedway races nearby.

Starlight Six Drive-In

DeKalb County’s Starlight Six Drive-In Theater is one of only a few remaining drive-in theaters still operating today, opening up for business in 1949 and showing double features every night of the week – perfect for date nights and family outings!

At its height in the 1950s, drive-in theaters provided moviegoers with over 4,000 theater options nationwide. Although initially struggling during the Depression and war, drive-ins thrived postwar due to skyrocketing birth rates and changing ideas about leisure time and family relationships. Drive-ins became an integral part of American life as an affordable, comfortable form of entertainment marketed as cost-effective options for growing families.

No doubt the drive-in experience has changed with digitalization; many drive-ins have closed or seen audiences decrease significantly, yet Atlanta’s last drive-in, Starlight Six, has managed to remain open for seven decades; its longevity being due less to retro wares or rockabilly aesthetics than to being part of local communities that support it.

Starlight Theatre also hosts a weekly flea market during the daytime that draws an eclectic group, which Stacey likens to the “opposite of what one finds at a drive-in theatre in terms of crowd demographic.” These individuals make up its core audience and have helped it remain open through years of decreased ticket sales due to home entertainment options.

At Starlight Drive-in Cinema in Georgia, moviegoers purchase tickets for $10 for adults and $1 for children between the ages of five and nine. Seating arrangements may include chairs outside their cars with concessions like classic popcorn, nachos, and soda for sale; film audio can be heard by tuning your FM radio to an appropriate frequency; should your battery die during a show, one of our staff members will jumpstart it free after it ends if necessary! Don’t delay visiting one of Georgia’s last remaining drive-ins before it closes for good – you won’t regret it!

Tiger Drive-In

Drive-in movie theaters provide families with an ideal place to experience movies together, featuring outdoor screens, projection booths, and car parking areas for viewers. Most also offer food and beverage concessions – once ubiquitous but now far less so; several still operate today, including one such drive-in theater in Clayton, Georgia, called Tiger Drive-In.

Tiger Drive-In Theater features family-oriented films for your entertainment. Special events like flea markets, garden shows, antique car shows, birthday parties, and scout campouts are also hosted here.

Established in 1955, the Swan Drive-In is a vintage drive-in in the northeast Georgia mountains. Offering double features on Fridays and Saturdays and a single film on Sundays, its concession stand offers complete menu offerings, classic drive-in style uniformed waiters/waitresses as waiters/waitresses a dog-friendly seating area, and a picnic area are just features look out for here!

Like other drive-ins, the Tiger Drive-In relies on nostalgia to draw customers. Owner John Major reopened it after its original opening by his father-in-law in the 1950s — at which point there were over 4,000 drive-ins nationwide! According to Major, staying open is his obligation toward his customers.

Even as drive-in theaters continue to experience declining popularity, they remain attractive for visitors seeking an unusual movie-going experience. Drive-ins offer unique events outside the usual movie screening experience, such as film festivals or drag shows featuring glamorous drag royalty lip-syncing and making jokes for their audiences.

One of the most breathtaking drive-in experiences can be had at Tiger Drive-In in Clayton, Georgia. Dog-friendly picnic tables and grass terraces make it dog-friendly, while modern amenities such as digital projection, FM broadcasts, outdoor speakers, Pandora pre-show music streaming, and TDI grill add to an unforgettable drive-in experience.

The Tiger Drive-In can be found off Old US 441, near the Tiger Post Office and winery Tiger Mountain Vineyards. It provides an ideal escape from city life for moviegoers who wish to experience its magical nightly experience while enjoying an evening flick under the stars.

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