Eureka Ergonomic’s Pink Gaming Chair Is Super Cute


Many gaming chairs are heavily masculine and mechanical in design. But that’s not the case with this chair! The Eureka Ergonomic GC-04 pink gamer chair is the perfect option for gamers that want to feel cute and comfy. Read on to find out more about this chair’s fabulous features… Buy it here.

Look pretty in pink


pink gamer chair

Jet black and race car red gaming chairs aren’t for everyone. Some gamers want to explore other bolder colours – like pink!

In case you didn’t notice, this chair is VERY pink. Its sugary white and pink pattern gives it a soft appearance like milkshake. It’s the perfect gift for any gamer girl (or boy) who is addicted to all things pink. If you’re a vlogger, this chair will definitely make you stand out.

Cute overload!

pink gamer chair

On top of being pink, this gaming chair is adorned with lots of other adorable features.

The first feature you may notice is the detachable rabbit ears on the top complete with a carrot. This is paired with a fluffy bunny tail on the back. The chair is the ideal gaming accessory for cute-loving cosplayers.

The seat and back have a soft texture and are embroidered with the Eureka logo. The result is playful and professional.

Built for gamers

pink gamer chair

Ergonomic sell an array of different furniture but specialize in furniture for gamers. Unlike regular office chairs, gaming chairs are designed to look fun and offer superior comfort.

When you buy this pink gaming chair, you’re not just getting a cute and unique chair, but also one that will keep you relaxed while you play. Added attention to ergonomics means that this chair won’t just be comfortable in the short run, but will support your body in the long run, helping to reduce RSIs (repetitive strain injuries).

The chair is made from top quality materials and is very durable. A lot of attention to detail has been poured into the design to ensure that the chair is comfortable and built to last.

Enjoy these ergonomic features

pink gamer chair

Just what ergonomic features can you expect from this pink gaming chair? There are a few fancy features that can help you to achieve maximum comfort and reduce cramps (ideal for those long gaming sessions).

Height adjustable

pink gamer chair

This gaming chair is height adjustable from 42 – 50 cm. This allows you to find the perfect height to match your PC monitor or TV as you play. Finding the right height can stop you from having to strain your neck as you look at the screen. This height adjustment function is simple to operate.

Fully adjustable armrests

pink gamer chair

Ergonomic armrests can be useful for supporting your elbows and forearms as you play, particularly when using a controller. When you buy this pink gaming chair, you can enjoy the luxury of having fully adjustable armrests to match your playing position. The armrests can be adjusted left and right, up and down or back and forth. By taking advantage of this feature, you can avoid muscle aches in your arms and shoulders.

Extra large backrest

Some gaming chairs do not offer full back support. This pink gaming chair comes with an extra large backrest for supporting the whole back. Its curved shape is designed to wrap around the body. On top of protecting your spine, this can keep you feeling snug as you play.

Removable lumbar and head pillow

Two important ergonomic features on this pink gaming chair include the head pillow and the lumbar pillow. The head pillow supports the back of the neck while leaning back. The lumbar pillow supports the base of the spine. While it’s recommended that you keep these cushions in place, you do have the option to remove them if you feel they get in the way.

Rotates 360 degrees

In addition to all these ergonomic features, the Eureka Ergonomic GC-04 pink gaming chair also pivots 360 degrees. This allows the user to easily rotate to talk to people or view multiple screens.

The chair has a very solid base capable of supporting a maximum weight of 130kg. It features five pink castor wheels, allowing free movement across any flooring.

Lean back

Want a chair that you can lean back in? As already mentioned, this pink gaming chair has a large back support and pillows so that you can sink back into it. This isn’t all however – the chair also features a 155 degree backrest tilt.

This allows you to recline all the way back. If you don’t want to lean back a whole 155 degrees, there’s also a tilt lock feature, allowing you to lock it at the perfect angle for you.

Finance available

A big factor that puts many people off from buying a gaming chair is the price. These chairs are much higher quality than your standard office chair, which is why they’re typically priced higher.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay the whole price upfront. Eureka Ergonomics work with financial lenders like Affirm to allow customers to pay in small affordable monthly installments. This is ideal for those on a tight budget who don’t have the funds to pay for it all in one go.


The Eureka Ergonomic GC-04 pink gaming chair offers everything you could want from a gaming chair. Its many adjustable features allow you to find the perfect position and posture to keep you comfy and protect your body. You can also move the chair around as you want – you can wheel it around, rotate it and lean it back.

Of course, the thing that really makes this chair stand out is its appearance. You won’t find many ergonomic gaming chairs that are pinker than this, and the addition of the detachable bunny ears makes it all the more uniquely cute.

Fallen in love with this chair? Or think you know someone who would love it as a gift? Order it today and it should arrive in 2 to 3 business days. The chair comes with a 30 day risk free guarantee and up to a five year limited warranty.

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