What is the excel app? Exclusive Pros and cons of excel app!!!

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The Excel App allows you to create; edit, view share your files along with others very easily and quickly. Microsoft Excel is the best mobile app for any type of updating, reviewing, spreadsheet creation on Android and Apple phones and tabs. You can create powerful spreadsheets easily and also can edit any documents and collaborate them. Create charts, analyze data, prepare a budget, and attach with the email.

I have been using it for a long time. It’s pretty amazing and easy doing it. If you ask me, I would say that the excel app is one of the best tools for calculation. It is powerful and has multiple functionalities, numerous formulas, and the main thing is, excel app is easy to use. I especially like the functionality and user-friendly interface, yet it is simple. I prefer the pivot table. It’s a great option when you have to input the large database and analyze them.

Ease your work with the Excel app

Excel app helps to edit the documents for accounting, data analysis, or for any other purposes. When you are going out of the office, your data will also move with you. Now create charts, run data, and check your documents from your android or apple phone anytime, anywhere. You can create spreadsheets and formulas and also create the budget to meet your certain needs. I did all my spreadsheets, data analysis with this app.


Features of excel app


The features of the Microsoft Excel app are mentioned below,


  • You can manage charts, make task lists, prepare the budget, financial analysis, or accounting with the modern templates if excel.
  • It runs the calculation by analysis the tool and formulas
  • Its rich source of office features and format all the options to make the workbook easier for use and read.
  • You can operate the app on any device.
  • Prepare the chart and edit it, which will bring the data to the life
  • Features of data analysis like edit and add chart label highlight the insight key
  • Filtering and sorting are the data analysis features which are available
  • Creating a spreadsheet, hide or unhide it, also you can create duplicate spreadsheet too
  • Now share the chart and file in just a few steps. You can view, edit and also leave comments too
  • You can edit the worksheet, too, and also attach it with email and embed the link in the excel app.



Pros and cons of the Microsoft Excel app


  • Excel app is easy to analyze for all types of small, medium, and large Data.
  • Provide graph output easily
  • Data import and export is easy from any other database like SQL, access
  • Compatible with all type of computer
  • The dashboard can be created easily by using an Excel file.
  • Easy to program
  • Multiple worksheets are available
  • Worksheets can be linked in the same file or with others
  • For calculation, this app works great
  • The table function will allow you to filter the data
  • Microsoft Excel has a chart, graph, and graphics which you can use in the data
  • Anyone can use the excel



Cons of excel app


  • Excel app is not a database
  • You cannot store large data in the excel app
  • You cannot modify large data piece in this app
  • It is difficult to display the long equation function
  • You are not able to run the report
  • It’s functional, but sometime you would require a database
  • The excel app get hanged if the data is big


Can multiple people use the excel?

Yes, multiple people can use the excel. You need to save the workbook.

Is the excel app is free?

Yes, the excel app is free of cost. You can download it on your Apple and Android phone.

How can you share an excel file?

Open the file and tap to share; now, share the file link or attach it to the email.

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