Finding the Right Learning Tower For Your Child


Learning towers (sometimes referred to as Montessori kitchen helpers) provide toddlers with an ideal platform for developing independence. Children can sift flour, stir mixtures, or even wash vegetables or paint without the risk of falling or becoming dirty.

This JOYMOR Kids Convertible Learning Tower ($95) is an excellent option, featuring adjustable height settings to meet the changing needs of your child as they grow. Additional outstanding features include:


At its heart lies an immersive classroom, from cooking meals and cleaning surfaces to experimenting with ingredients. When selecting an educational tower for your child, several key considerations need to be kept in mind, such as safety and stability.

When selecting safe kids’ learning towers, look for models with sturdy frames and sides to prevent children from falling off (though supervision remains necessary). Furthermore, ensure the height matches up with countertops and tables in your home; additionally, the best towers come equipped with anti-tip legs to keep them firmly in place while offering a solid and secure base that won’t slide across floors.

When purchasing a toddler-friendly learning tower, a good rule of thumb is to read reviews from other parents or seek recommendations from friends and acquaintances. A quick online search should help you quickly locate the safest kids’ learning towers suitable for your home.

Lindsey Moore, M.D., the pediatrician and founder of Scary Mommy, shared her top criteria for selecting an effective learning tower:

Little Partners’ Sturdy Wooden Kitchen Helper is an ideal way to encourage interaction and bonding between parent and child from two to six years old. Designed to fit into any space and easily adjustable height settings, it allows parents and toddlers to interact together as they bond over playtime. Crafted with premium birch wood with non-toxic finishes for safety, this item promotes interaction while encouraging play between both.

SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Tool earned a 2020 Good Housekeeping Institute Parenting Award for its high-quality construction and safety features, such as its slim design for small spaces. Adjustable to three height settings with a back bar providing added stability; additionally, there’s a lower platform suitable for younger children not yet ready to stand on their own.

No matter which learning tower you select for your child’s use, be sure to supervise their use and regularly clean it to keep it safe and ensure it remains effective in supporting independence while creating a love of learning. A well-maintained learning tower will offer your child the perfect combination of freedom and fun when exploring learning opportunities.


The ideal learning towers are constructed of durable materials to withstand daily use. Furthermore, these towers come equipped with adjustable height settings so your child can grow with them as their needs change, enabling them to take part in activities such as cooking and playing at an appropriate level for them – making a learning tower a worthwhile long-term investment for families.

Safety should always be your number one concern when purchasing a learning tower. Look for models with sturdy base feet to grip the floor securely and prevent tipping over. Also, ensure the frame is wide enough for your child to climb safely in and out. Some models even provide extra safety with mesh side panels, providing added peace of mind.

Learning towers provide children with safe access to countertops and sinks while engaging them in activities around the home. Use one in the kitchen so that your child can join you as you cook together, or set one up outside so they can view nature from a higher vantage point.

Learning towers that convert into tables or desks offer excellent value for your money. One such tower, the Guidecraft Tower Step-Up Kitchen Helper, is a perfect solution for families with limited space – its fold-flat design makes storage effortless in apartments or tight quarters like other tight spaces; furthermore, it comes with a nonslip mat to prevent it from moving around on hard floors.

Many learning towers are intended to foster the development of fine motor skills; however, they can also benefit children’s gross motor development. Climbing and balancing at higher levels strengthen muscles while encouraging good posture.

If you’re searching for an all-in-one learning tower solution, the Little Partners Learning Tower should be top of mind. A crowd favorite, this innovative product won the 2020 Good Housekeeping Award. Unlike traditional learning towers, this one features removable panels so parents can control how confined the environment around their child is; additionally, it provides multiple adjustable heights and an activity center where children can draw, scribble, or practice letters and numbers.


Children love imitating adults, and learning towers provide them with the perfect platform to do just that. Aside from giving children a place to act out roles from adult life, these towers also allow them to explore, experiment, and practice skills safely while encouraging cognitive development in their early years. Learning towers enable young children to participate in activities such as cooking, arts & crafts, or yard work that promote hands-on exploration & real-world experience – providing ample opportunity for hands-on discovery & hands-on exploration!

Learning towers are designed with safety in mind, enabling young children to work at counter height without the need for chairs or stools. This allows them to become more fully involved with kitchen and table tasks – furthering family bonding while encouraging independence. Participation also promotes healthy eating habits while building confidence by teaching practical life skills that matter in everyday life.

An excellent learning tower may also feature adjustable features to allow it to grow with your child as they develop, which is particularly convenient if space is limited and your little one proliferates. With such features in place, a learning tower may remain used over an extended period without needing to move it as it ages.

Learning towers provide children with another great advantage, which is the development of fine motor skills. Activities such as stirring ingredients, cutting soft cheeses, and washing dishes provide them with opportunities to strengthen their fingers, hands, and wrists while having fun! Not only is this beneficial in terms of physical development, but these activities also help children develop a lasting sense of control and independence that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Learning towers come in various styles and varieties on the market, each providing its advantages. Take into account your space requirements and usage frequency before selecting one suited to you. Look for designs and materials that complement your home style; some models even fold away easily for storage when not in use – a beneficial feature if you live in an apartment and must conserve storage space.


One of the great things about learning towers is their adaptability; you can select models with adjustable height controls for both steps and leading platforms so your child can use it well into toddlerhood without feeling outgrown by their favorite toy. Furthermore, this feature makes storage much simpler in tight spaces by fitting easily into intimate nooks for out-of-the-way storage.

Instead of overwhelming and unsteady steps and chairs, which can cause toddlers to feel overwhelmed and unstable, a learning tower allows toddlers to reach counter-height surfaces while standing upright safely – giving confidence they won’t tip over or lose balance. This increases independence and self-confidence and encourages a sense of achievement while having access to kitchen countertops provides new educational opportunities such as stirring ingredients or washing fruit & veggies; with adjustable height towers equipped with removable upper platforms, it could even be used for other household activities like brushing teeth or playing with playdough or fingerpaint!

Learning towers offer many practical benefits for children as well as providing imaginative play and socialization skills development through imitation of adults while having fun. Parents also get to spend quality time with their kids while creating lasting bonds through food preparation or cooking sessions together – creating memories they’ll treasure throughout life!

While some manufacturers offer learning towers in various finishes and styles, you can even build your DIY learning tower if budget is an issue. By carefully selecting materials and planning for optimal outcomes, you can craft an irreplaceable children’s tool that stands the test of time.

For more information on finding the ideal tower for your family, be sure to refer back to our complete guide of kid’s learning towers, purchasing tips, and FAQs, as well as our Good Housekeeping Institute experts – they will gladly offer assistance when choosing an appropriate model!