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Glitter epoxy floor is a highly luxurious material that creates a stunning glittery surface, ideal for adding some shimmery luxury into rooms or spaces that need it! Glitter floors add instant glamour, making a statement in any room or area where added luxury is desired! Select the best Epoxy Flooring Atlanta.

Glitter can add flair to any color of epoxy resin floor coating, with different sizes of glitter providing other effects – small flakes are great for modern designs, while larger ones are better suited to classic floors.


Glitter epoxy floors are an exciting new trend in flooring that brings flair and character to any room. Easy to install in just one day, glitter epoxy flooring also boasts excellent durability – with regular cleanings and occasional resealings, this type of floor should last years before needing replacing!

Glitter epoxy flooring’s chief advantage is its wide array of colors. This allows you to find one that perfectly complements the decor in your home and choose your perfect shade from there. Plus, there are multiple glitter styles available, so you’re sure to find an option that meets all of your needs!

Installers add glitter to epoxy before spreading it on the floor, where its flakes spread evenly across it before becoming trapped within as it dries, creating an eye-catching base that will bring visitors in from outside your home.

Glitter epoxy serves multiple functions, from decorative accents to coating surfaces. It can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and other living spaces; additionally, it’s often chosen as the top coat over existing concrete floors; garage and workshop floors have become especially beneficial applications of glitter epoxy as they resist staining and dirt build-up.

Epoxy floor glitter can be added in several ways. One popular method is mixing it directly into the epoxy prior to being applied onto surfaces; alternatively, it may be used as a topcoat over existing floors. Glitter comes in many colors and combinations that may best meet your style needs.

Reflective flakes can also be added to an epoxy, polyaspartic, or polyurea flooring system for an eye-catching design element. Obvious reflective bits reflect light from all directions for an impressive visual impact in high-traffic areas; available in subtle to bold hues, they offer plenty of design potential and create dramatic floor effects.


Glitter epoxy floors come in various colors and finishes to suit every space in which they’re installed. You should select one that best accentuates your space; finishes range from high gloss to low gloss, with different textures available, as well as sizes of glitter for creating a unique look for your home.

Epoxy glitter floors can add some shine and glamour to any space in an instant, taking less than an hour for installation and being extremely long-term. Installation instructions must be strictly followed for the best result – first, clean out any debris before applying the epoxy evenly and smooth out for optimal application once it has dried completely before adding glitter.

Glitter epoxy floors make an excellent addition to garages, playrooms, and commercial spaces due to their ease of care and heavy traffic-bearing capacity. Furthermore, these eco-friendly floors do not contain any toxic chemicals or are harmful to our planet. To extend its longevity and ensure its longevity, it should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Before applying glitter to epoxy floors, a small amount of glitter must be mixed with resin and poured over wet epoxy paint. As it dries, the glitter will stick securely to its surfaces and eventually trap itself within it as it dries – creating stunning results when the floor has been cured!

Installing a glitter epoxy floor requires additional steps, including protecting its surface with polyurethane sealant. This can help preserve its appearance over time while avoiding damage or wear to its finish. However, for optimal results, it must be applied in thin coats at a time with sufficient sanding between each application of sealant.


Glitter epoxy flooring is an eye-catching way to add personality and charm to any space. Constructed using epoxy resin and glitter flakes, this type of flooring creates an eye-catching design ideal for both commercial and residential spaces alike. Glitter epoxy flooring is durable yet easy to maintain – an excellent option for busy areas such as busy shops or schools! With multiple colors and sizes of glitter available to choose from, there’s sure to be one that perfectly matches the space where it will go!

Installing a glitter floor requires keeping in mind a few details. First, decide the color scheme you would like – there are numerous subtle and vivid choices available, from fine to vibrant. Next, determine whether you would prefer high gloss or low gloss finishes – high gloss gives a mirror-like appearance, while lower front offers more of a subdued aesthetic.

Size is another crucial aspect to keep in mind when selecting glitter flakes for your floor, and should have an impactful influence on its overall aesthetic. Smaller fragments will look more modern and sleek, while larger ones may create more traditional looks.

Once you’ve selected the color and size of glitter you desire, the next step in building your floor should be getting it installed correctly. The first step should be preparing the concrete floor; smooth it down with no bumps before beginning the application of epoxy resin – always follow the instructions on the package for best results!

Glitter epoxy floors have become increasingly popular in offices and other commercial spaces, as they create an eye-catching yet functional aesthetic that stands the test of time. Resistant to heavy traffic while easy to maintain and clean up afterward, glitter epoxy flooring makes an excellent option for busy areas without emitting toxic fumes or hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, eco-friendly glitter epoxy does not contain any dangerous substances or emit poisonous fumes, providing yet another benefit in busy settings.

Glitter epoxy flooring is an ideal option for offices, as it creates an inviting and relaxing space while stimulating creativity. Furthermore, glitter epoxy offers many advantages over vinyl floors – such as hardwearing durability and ease of maintenance; in addition, its waterproof properties make it an excellent option in areas prone to spills.


An affordable way to create an impactful statement in your home or business is adding glitter epoxy floor coating. Glitter epoxy provides long-term protection and easy maintenance and is resistant to water damage and stains – making it the ideal solution for high-traffic areas while covering up minor imperfections in flooring surfaces.

Glitter epoxy flooring can be added as either an initial coat of epoxy or as an overlay to existing floors. To begin with, a thorough cleaning must take place to eliminate dust and debris before priming and prepping for the long-term durability of the final product. Once this step has been completed, sanding should take place to create a smooth surface before absolute protection is added with clear sealant against future scratches or scuff marks.

If you’re thinking of investing in glitter epoxy flooring, be sure to hire a reliable and experienced installer. Installing such an epoxy floor takes multiple days and involves special tools and safety equipment; choosing a professional can ensure it gets done right and lasts for many years to come.

Professionally installed glitter floors not only add beauty and value to your home but can also increase its value. When searching for an epoxy flooring company, make sure that references from past clients and reviews from online sources can verify whether they’re qualified and reliable.

Glitter floors can be created by mixing epoxy paint with various types of glitter. When selecting the ideal glitter type for an epoxy floor, delicate, lightweight, and non-abrasive glitter should be chosen to prevent scratching or damage to your floor surface. You can mix other colors and materials for custom looks on your glitter floor design. Upon applying glitter epoxy, you should wait 24 hours for it to fully dry before sealing it with resin, polyaspartic coating, or any other form of floor sealer.

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