Never Grow Up Tour


It is an unforgettable theatrical production. Experience an incredible world of wonder and intrigue through cutting-edge storytelling techniques and breathtaking set designs that offer an experience like no other.

Baylen Levine has earned himself quite the following on YouTube and TikTok by taste-testing expired foods and staging various pranks–even getting banned from Walmart multiple times!

Laughter is the best medicine.

“Laughter is the best medicine” holds not only as an effective remedy for headaches or broken bones, but it can also improve both physical and mental health. Laughter provides us with relief from stress while having fun together – something many of us need in today’s stressful environment. By seeing things from an amusing viewpoint and laughing out loud together with loved ones, you can find relief from daily life’s burdens while building stronger relationships and stimulating creativity – laughing makes you healthier, happier, and closer with those you care for – subscribe to Greater Good’s wellness newsletter for tips on living well!

Laughter is the key to happiness.

People often advise us to stop laughing and take ourselves more seriously, that our jokes have run their course, and that now it is time to focus on careers, buying homes, and starting families. While these concerns are valid ones, remember that happiness does not depend on having money in your bank account or living in a large home; happiness comes from creating moments with those most dear to us, and laughing is an effective tool for creating such memories.

When we laugh, multiple parts of our brain that control motor, emotional, and cognitive functions are activated, helping to reduce stress and enhance mood while strengthening relationships and sense of humor – as well as increasing personal satisfaction while decreasing depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Studies have also demonstrated how happiness at work can increase productivity. One such study revealed that people who were happier at work achieved more tasks within an hour than those who weren’t, possibly due to having a natural relaxation response that allows them to exhale more deeply for extended periods, sending their brain signals that all is okay.

Laughter is an integral human skill that can be learned at any age. Infants begin smiling within weeks of being born and laughing aloud by months old – an essential aspect of human existence that helps us overcome challenges, strengthen relationships, and maintain physical and mental well-being.