How Much Are Pizzas at Costco?


Costco pizzas are a family favorite. Not only are their pizzas generous in size and affordable – a large pie costs $9.95, while slices start from just $1.99!

Their pizza topping options include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and olives, as well as more unique items such as pineapple and jalapenos.

Costco offers a variety of pizzas.

Costco Warehouse Club offers an affordable and delectable selection of cheese and pepperoni pizzas for an ideal family meal or quick bite-size snack. Visit their website, select a flavor, customize it with additional toppings if desired, and pick it up or have it delivered – what could be simpler!

Pizzas at La Pizza dell’Est are made using fresh, high-quality ingredients such as whole milk mozzarella and robust tomato sauce, along with various toppings like sausage or mushrooms for options. Once assembled in the oven, these pizzas become delicious masterpieces!

The slice or whole pie can order these delicious pizzas in a conveyor-belt oven, ensuring even cooking and crispiness. Plus, there are various sizes available so that you can find what best meets your needs!

Purchase a large pepperoni pizza to satisfy a large group, featuring 12 pre-cut slices for easy consumption and packed with gooey mozzarella and flavorful pepperoni for an exciting experience found at most Costco locations.

Costco pizzas are more affordable than many fast-food options; you can get a whole pizza for under $10, and slice prices start from just $2.50 when ordered ahead. However, this applies only if your delivery arrives on time!

Costco offers more than pizza in its food court, from gourmet burgers and delicious pastries to dessert options like churros and ice cream.

To order pizza at the food court, a membership card is necessary; otherwise you can still buy one by calling directly into the restaurant or placing an order before leaving the store if planning on coming back later – they usually arrive within 30 minutes!

They are affordable

Costco pizzas offer an economical solution for feeding large groups. Their prices compare favorably with other pizza chains, and their selection includes a wide variety of sizes and toppings; unique options such as stuffed pizzas and flatbreads cannot be found elsewhere. Furthermore, Costco’s innovative “pizza machine” ensures consistency in sauce consistency, topping variety, crust texture consistency, and overall balance between sauce, toppings, and crust texture balance – providing an enjoyable dining experience! You can order 10-12″ personal pizzas for between $9-12, while 14-inches typically cost $11-14 depending on size.

Costco members can select from three varieties of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, or both – baked under heat lamps and ready for pick up in under 30 minutes. You can even call ahead and place your order, so it will be waiting when you arrive at the food court!

Costco pizzas are created using premium ingredients and an exclusive dough recipe. They use their pizza machine’s automated rise time to ensure consistent and even crusts and evenly distributed sauce and toppings for every pie they create. In addition to these innovative technologies, Costco employs robots that press the dough and spread toppings.

Costco also offers healthy pizza options, including vegetarian and vegan varieties, at all of their stores – which have received praise from health experts. When hosting family meals, having some topping options could ensure everyone enjoys their slice!

When ordering pizza for any gathering, the ideal answer is often more than you anticipate needing. For smaller groups, one 12-inch pizza should suffice, while two 18-inch pizzas will meet everyone’s dietary requirements and accommodate special events like special holidays.

They are easy to order

Costco pizzas are an increasingly popular takeout option for families and large groups alike, offering competitive prices and an expansive variety of toppings to budget-conscious shoppers. To order from Costco, visit their website and select your size and topping options before specifying a pickup location – once your order has been prepared, an email confirmation will be sent directly to you! For group orders, you should call at least half an hour ahead to ensure it will be ready when you arrive.

As an outsider to Costco, ordering can be dauntingly complex. But there are ways around this challenge. For instance, if you want pizza from their food court but you aren’t a member, call ahead and place the order with them directly – saving time while shopping!

Pizza from Costco’s food court can be done via phone, online ordering, or in-store. While menu offerings will differ by store, expect standard toppings such as cheese, pepperoni, sausage, olives, and mushrooms and exotic options like pineapple or jalapenos if you feel adventurous!

Food court staff will gladly take your order and provide an estimated delivery timeframe; typically, Costco pizzas should be ready within 20-30 minutes of being ordered.

Costco offers several varieties of pizza in their food court, from pepperoni and cheese slices to pepperoni rolls and more! Prices are comparable with other famous pizzerias, and their food is always fresh and delicious – an ideal solution for lunch or dinner and even better as leftovers! In addition to pizzas, they also sell other food products.

They are convenient

Costco pizzas are a favorite meal option among families and large groups alike. Available both individually wrapped as well as pre-cut slices, Costco’s pizzas boast fresh ingredients such as premium toppings at highly affordable prices when purchased in bulk.

Costco offers more than pizza; their food court features an assortment of meat, cheese, bread, and beverages that change frequently; there’s always something new to discover each time you visit!

If you don’t have time to visit a store, pizza ordering online offers another convenient solution. You can add extra toppings at a small fee – such as sausage, mushrooms, and pepperoni – and you can even select your preferred crust and sauce type.

Costco pizzas are served hot and fresh, for optimal enjoyment when still warm. If you can’t finish all of one pizza at once, refrigerate it for up to 48 hours, and it should still taste fresh and tasty! They are available in traditional thin-crust and gluten-free styles for your enjoyment.

Costco may come as a surprise to you, but their pizzas are made fresh daily in-house! From dough preparation and topping selection to baking in the oven and finishing touches like whole milk mozzarella cheese and vibrant tomato sauce, everything at Costco Pizza is done in-house from start to finish!

Costco Pizza is beloved because of its great price and variety of selections. Available in two sizes–the personal pizza has four slices for intimate gatherings while a large pizza contains eight–it will satisfy even your heartiest appetites! Enjoy it with friends or family, or enjoy it solo – you won’t be disappointed!

Costco pizzas can rival those from more renowned restaurants, making a trip to your local Costco well worth your while – even if you aren’t a member. Pizza can even be delivered without membership in stores with food courts outside!