How RMS Business Net Can Help Your Business


RMS-Net meets the communication and management demands of organizations, including hospitals, road haulage, logistic centers, prisons, etc. It provides a wide range of emergency alert functions, including man-down, lone worker, and panic button features, as well as extensive records/reports on all radio traffic.

Aside from the PayNow payment method, www RMS business net also offers various sales-boosting services like reloads network and telco & utility bill payments. Read on to find out more.

Payment Methods

The RMS Payment Gateway enables your business to accept credit cards and other debit and credit payment methods through a secure online connection to your RMS account. This allows you to manage payment and refund processes from your RMS account rather than having to process payments manually through an external payment processor.

The payment solutions available through www rms business net give your customers more ways to engage with your brand and buy products or services. Whether it’s through mobile airtime, reloads game pins, e-wallet credit top-ups, telco, and utility bill payments, or gift card activations, RMS offers the tools to amplify your sales through a seamless customer engagement platform.

The B2B arm of Razer Fintech, RMS, has partnered with Asia-based digital payment network Atome to offer a flexible deferred payments option to buyers at select offline and online RMS merchants. This buy now, pay later (BNPL) service allows users to make up to three zero-interest installments for their purchases at online and offline retail outlets such as Starbucks.

Mobile Airtime & Reloads

Prepaid mobile phone users can top-up their credit balances through electronic reloading stations. These kiosks are located at the most convenient places and offer a hassle-free way to load up airtime, as there is no need to worry about dispensing PINs or waiting in long lines. These reloading stations are usually operated by service providers such as Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. They also provide retailer SIM cards, which can be used by anyone who wants to reload prepaid credits.

Besides airtime reloads, these reloading stations can also serve as a mobile payment and e-wallet platform where prepaid subscribers can load up their e-wallet accounts with value that they can use to purchase goods and services or even to pay for utility bills. This is very useful for people who travel to different cities and countries where they may not be able to carry enough cash with them at all times. This is the reason why these reloading stations have become very popular in many parts of the country, especially in remote areas.

To load up a prepaid credit account with airtime, a person needs to insert the reloading card into a machine equipped with a scanner and then wait for a few minutes for the transaction to be completed. The amount that is loaded will then be displayed on a screen. For security purposes, some reloading machines require a user to enter his or her details before the transaction can be completed.

For an international reload, the reloading entities (180) are a group of kiosks or a plurality of fixed wireless terminals (FWT) that communicate with each other wirelessly through a network cloud or one of the FWTs (170). These reloading entities can receive a request from the users for airtime transfer to a prepaid telecommunication user account and then transmit the airtime purchase and reload request to a central server managed by the system operator.

Once the request is received, the system operator disburses a sum of predetermined funds into each reloading entity. Then, the reloading entity transfers a corresponding amount of airtime to the prepaid telecommunication user account by deducting it from the sum of money that was disbursed.

Gift Cards & Activations

Gift cards are a great way to increase sales throughout the year. While it’s easy to focus on the gift card as a holiday bump, it can be a valuable tool in every season to bring new customers to your pharmacy.

RMS provides integrated gift card processing with a built-in function called vouchers. The voucher item is sold at POS and assigned a value at that time, then redeemed as a tender type during a sale. Unused values remain on the voucher until depleted. Voucher sales are reflected on Z reports in RMS v2.0.015x and higher without the need to separate voucher sales on the Z report as revenue. For older versions, see the help document for more information. RMS leadership bonus is calculated on the company’s total turnover amount & distributed among silver, gold & diamond rank holders.