How to Maintain a Metallic Epoxy Floor


Metallic epoxy floors offer many benefits for nightclubs, automotive dealerships, boutiques, and residential living spaces. Learn the best info about Urban Epoxy.

These floors are handcrafted by mixing multiple colors of epoxy and metals, giving each floor its unique appearance – no two beds look alike!


Metallic epoxy floors have become increasingly popular for their beauty and longevity, used in applications ranging from showrooms to restaurants. Their stunning finish can make any room stand out while providing superior chemical and UV resistance – ideal for use in challenging environments like auto shops or hospitals. Their longevity also makes this type of floor an excellent investment.

Installing a metallic epoxy floor may seem easy, but hiring an experienced contractor is critical for successful results. Hiring qualified installers ensures the proper execution of installation procedures and that your new floor lasts years longer – It is also wise to select an organization with satisfied customer testimonials as it provides better assurances that their services meet expectations.

Epoxy is a durable material that can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic without showing signs of wear and is stain-proof and non-porous. Furthermore, epoxy coatings can be designed to emulate other materials like wood or concrete for an authentic appearance and are very difficult to scratch or dent – perfect for busy households!

Metallic epoxy floors stand out from traditional epoxy by including decorative pigments to achieve an eye-catching, three-dimensional effect. This style can create an eye-catching statement in any space and impress guests when hosting parties or special events.

Metallic epoxy can be installed using various methods, from hand-pouring lines to squeegee trowels and spraying onto surfaces for greater control and accuracy. Once dry, metallic epoxy coatings are easy to maintain – stain-resistant coatings can even be cleaned using standard mop or broom methods!

Though many may consider metallic epoxy expensive, its cost can be considerably less than other coatings. While other products fade and yellow with age, an epoxy metallic floor remains vibrant for generations while highly resistant to abrasion and chemical damage.

Easy to maintain

If you’re considering adding an epoxy floor to your home or business, it is essential to know that it is relatively easy and cost-effective to keep clean. As it will last for many years, but regular cleaning may be necessary – here are some helpful tips:

Home and office usage requires daily sweeping of metallic floors and occasional vacuuming to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. Furthermore, wipe up spills immediately to avoid staining or damaging their surfaces; you can use kitchen scrubbing sponges or soft deck brushes, but do not scrub too hard; doing so could damage their finish and diminish their shine.

Industrial and commercial spaces should mop their metallic floors every night before turning off the lights with warm water and soap to remove light dust and hair and make it appear shinier and newer. Furthermore, damp microfibre cloth mopping should also be done early in the morning before opening doors to customers.

Additionally, before applying an epoxy coating to a concrete slab, use a moisture barrier to block moisture between it and your new floor. Furthermore, use walk-off mats at your garage or factory entrances to collect dirt, sand, and water that might otherwise damage it.

Stains on epoxy floors are not uncommon and typically pose no real issues with regular maintenance. Suppose you notice a stain on your bed. In that case, it is best to start with mild solutions before gradually progressing to more powerful removers as necessary – this will ensure your metallic epoxy flooring stays beautiful for years to come! However, be wary if dealing with rust stains, as these might take more effort to clear away.

A variety of design options

Metallic epoxy floors have become an increasingly popular choice among home and business owners, providing an eye-catching aesthetic and durable function. Metallic epoxy floors can withstand scratches, stains, and impacts without damage while remaining easy to maintain and clean – perfect for heavy foot traffic areas! Well-designed metallic epoxy floors will last years while adding beauty and value.

Metallic pigments combined with epoxy resins produce an eye-catching flooring finish resembling flowing molten metal or vibrant cosmic formations, perfect for high-traffic areas like hotel lobbies, hair salons, and auto showrooms. These floors can also be installed residentially and commercially for long-term wearability and convenience.

Metallic epoxy floors offer an excellent variety of colors and textures to fit any style. Choose a hue to complement the decor in your home or office or highlight its architectural features; even marble-like finishes and micro-topping options are available to customize your flooring design!

To achieve your desired look, select the colors you would like to use for epoxy pigments and then mix them with resin (Part A). Add a hardener (Part B) when the epoxy is set correctly. Finally, pour lines from a bucket onto your concrete floor surface using a squeegee trowel so no epoxy goes to waste!

Additional colors can be blended to form your preferred design, depending upon your desired effect. For an industrial feel, shades of gray and bronze might help evoke polished metal surfaces in contemporary industrial spaces; to achieve an earthier tone, add browns and oranges for more of a natural element effect like wood or stone.

Metallic epoxy floors can make for an eye-catching feature in your garage or basement, transforming any mundane concrete surface into something truly spectacular. Add an atmospheric rain effect for a splash of mystery that will have visitors gasping when they walk into your home or office!


Metallic epoxy floors offer an affordable flooring option that stands out from traditional coatings, made of metallic pigments mixed with epoxy resin that reflects light to create an eye-catching artistic design. Plus, this type of flooring can be customized to be highly durable, low yellowing, seamless, antimicrobial, slip resistant, and antimicrobial – ideal for commercial or industrial environments!

The price for metallic epoxy floors depends on several variables, including their purpose, location, and substrate condition. Complex designs will cost more labor and material than simpler one or two-layer systems.

Add decorative flakes to the epoxy floor coat for even greater customization, available from most hardware stores and home improvement centers. Chips come in various colors to further adorn your floor with texture, covering 125 to 250 square feet per pound of chips.

Selecting an ideal color and traffic flow for your floor is essential to making it appealing and durable. Choosing a cute shade will help conceal dirt and scuff marks making your surface more visually appealing and wear-resistant. You must also work with a contractor with experience installing epoxy flooring so your choice lasts for many years!

On a tight budget, installing your metallic epoxy floor yourself may save money; mistakes could result in costly repairs if done incorrectly. Therefore, hiring an experienced concrete repair company would likely provide more significant savings.

Metallic epoxy floors make a striking and beautiful statement in any room, adding depth and brightness. Their effect can complement other colors and finishes in the room while drawing visitors’ attention with their reflective qualities, making a room seem larger and brighter.

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