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Deck-building games have seen rapid expansion recently with releases like Slay the Spire and Marvel Snap. These titles add their distinct spin to a successful formula while offering players new experiences. The Interesting Info about Haven Deck Builders.

This deck can help players achieve Builder’s Workshop, unlocked at 1600 trophies. It utilizes many inexpensive cards, such as Hog Rider, to attack buildings and swarms, while Knight is an affordable tank that defends bridges against enemies.

1. Balloon

The Balloon is an exceptional card, dealing massive damage yet hard to hit, which makes it a formidable tower killer on this level. This deck uses it in slow pushes as part of its strategy involving Valkyrie, Musketeer, and Baby Dragon support alongside Zap and Arrows that help deal with Inferno minions; at the same time, PEKKA is a defense against swarms and an excellent tank killer.

This deck is exciting and solid; it can play offensively and defensively using Giant, Lava Hound, and Skeleton Army to defend and support Balloon. Furthermore, PEKKA and Skeleton Army serve as powerful tank killers that help make this an exceptional deck for making progress at this level. Overall, this is an excellent choice for making progress at this level.

2. Prince

Deck-builders are experiencing an unprecedented boom, largely thanks to Slay the Spire. However, players looking for something different and exciting needn’t limit themselves to this genre classic alone.

Keep an eye out for new Arenas as Clash Royale continues to add them. Use this quick guide to find the optimal decks for each one so you can reach the Builder’s Workshop quickly!

An ideal deck for hog beatdowns! Prince makes an effective punishment card and can quickly bring down level 10 princess towers. Ice Golem, Wit, Ch, and Musketeer provide cheap damage-infliction while clearing swarms and dealing with flying units. Electro Spirit allows you to cycle towards more useful cards while stunning enemies that may be vulnerable against them.

3. Minion Horde

This deck aims at attacking quickly. It uses air troops such as Balloon and Baby Dragon, along with ground troops like the Minion Horde, to quickly breach defenses, while its weaknesses lie in being vulnerable against splash damage from opponents’ Arrows; you must make sure these hit only Minions!

The golem can stall most of your enemy’s high damage per second troops, such as Wizard or Executioner, while Spear Goblins finish them off for you. A Zap can severely injure an enemy horde to reset Inferno Tower damage or stun an opponent’s elixir pump or Crown Tower for a positive Elixir trade. At the same time, Monk’s one Elixir projectile-dodge ability helps shield both horde and minions alike, making this deck an excellent first tryout for newcomers!

4. Rocket

Rocket is an invaluable card for protecting and cycling your deck while at the same time offering some aggressive pushes if used strategically. In this deck, its primary aim is to use Giant Skeleton with one or two Ice Wizard, Bomber, or Spear Goblins to make tiny pushes against 3 Musketeers, Executioners, and Inferno Towers (for an easy elixir trade).

For significant pushes, use Rocket+Fireball to sneak around their Elixir Collectors. In addition, Tombstone can be used to distract Clash Royale Golem while Barbarians kill its support troops before quickly killing it with Rocket. This tactic also works well against quick cycle decks like Hog Rider or Miner – make sure both your Rocket and Fireball levels reach King Tower level. Otherwise, the game could end very quickly!

6. Spear Goblins

As one of the cheapest ranged troops available in-game, Spear Goblins are ideal for dealing chip damage behind high hitpoint troops like Giants. Additionally, their presence helps distract an opponent’s troops and makes it harder for them to target towers directly.

Bats may not be as beneficial regarding attack speed and range, but they remain an excellent three-elixir choice. Their cheap cycle costs make them economical to employ against air units or swarms while serving as effective tank killers.

Be wary that they are vulnerable to spell cards like Zap and Log, while their attack against ground units such as Minions and Baby Dragon can be insufficient. Therefore, when playing against heavy decks, it may be wiser to utilize more reliable support troops such as Archers.

7. Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is an exceptional card for channeling and destroying buildings at the edge of your base and quickly dispelling swarms or cheap ground troops with its Rage mode.

Hog Rider and Prince offer fast attacks. Additionally, this deck can make an excellent addition to Builder’s Workshops.

The goal is to utilize as many offensive cards as possible, including Baby Dragon as a solid tank, Hog Riders and Princes for quick damage, Skeleton Barrel for swarms, Zaps and Poisons as a defense against infernos or hives, and Zap/Poison cards to defend against Inferno attacks.

8. Musketeer

With this deck, you can quickly ascend from Arena five and reach Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6). It offers both excellent defensive capabilities as well as offensive capabilities; Giant, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, and Musketeer all serve as tanks to withstand attacks from opponents; Archers deal significant damage using their arrows, while Mini Pekka helps to divert attention away from a push from enemies.

Peter Hyams (DODGERRONS, END OF DAYS) directs this new version of THE MUSKETEERS that doesn’t stick precisely to Alexandre Dumas’ story yet still offers plenty of excitement as young hotshot D’Artagnan attempts to prove himself while becoming increasingly frustrated when Aramis, Porthos, and Athos call him out on dangerous missions he thinks he can handle all by himself (they won’t). Be warned! There may also be spoilers ahead! (Spoilers!). Spoilers!

9. Archers

This deck focuses on dropping an early Hog Rider and cycling through inexpensive cards to protect him and take advantage of his high damage output. Arrows and Electro Spirit serve a proper function; Arrows offer superior mini-tank protection while Electro Spirit excels as a one-elixir solution against swarms.

The Knight is a practical choice for defending, as he can deflect most enemy troops while providing enough cover for an attacking swarm to take out the tower. Witch and Musketeer also make great support units, with each unit’s strengths compensating for each other’s shortcomings.

Banners of Ruin is an enjoyable deck-building game with tight mechanics and addictive roguelike elements, yet its dense gameplay can sometimes become increasingly overwhelming. Still, fans of the genre should give this title a try for an engaging experience.

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