How to View Old Instagram Stories of Friends


If you want to see old Instagram stories of someone close, there are various methods you can employ – from using Instagram’s archive features and third-party apps to third-party apps that may offer better access. Choose the best private instagram viewer.

Instagram allows you to archive active Stories once they expire and create Story Highlights that allow followers of your profile to watch them anytime.

1. Go to their profile

Instagram is one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms, offering users various tools for uploading images and videos. A popular feature of this app is Stories, which allow users to share brief content with their followers – like Snapchat stories, they only last 24 hours before disappearing from feeds altogether.

However, if someone you follow on Instagram posts an intriguing story you want to watch after its expiration, there are multiple ways you can view it after it expires. One is via their Highlights (stories saved for long-term viewing), while a third-party app allowing access to old Instagram stories may also work.

To see your friend’s expired Instagram stories after they pass, head to their profile and look for the “Highlight” icon beneath their name; this allows them to save Stories that they want to watch again later and remain active until the user deletes or expires it. If a Highlight does not contain what you need to view, check their Archive, which can also be found there.

Highlight and archive features allow you to highlight specific stories. In addition, you can hide stories from specific people by selecting the three-dot icon at the lower right-hand corner and choosing “Hide Story from.” This will prevent them from seeing it again until it is reshared again by you.

If you follow a celebrity or influential account on Instagram, one way to find their past Instagram Stories is through their reels. Reels contain collections of their most memorable Stories displayed as bubble icons on the app; additional platforms such as Twitter and YouTube also preserve these memories for future reference.

Though viewing someone else’s Instagram Stories after they expire is possible, doing so might not be in your best interests. Instagram Stories’ main goal is to document everyday moments and engage with followers directly while viewing other people’s could constitute stalking, which violates Instagram’s Terms of Service.

2. Go to their Highlights

Instagram is one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms, enabling users to upload images and videos. One of its most beloved features, Stories, allows users to post temporary content that only lasts 24 hours before it disappears forever.

Several options are available if you have watched one of your friends’ Stories and would like to revisit it. One way is checking if they have saved it as a Highlight; Highlights allow users to save and view favorite tales anytime.

To determine whether a friend has saved your Story as a Highlight, navigate to their profile and check for any sections titled Story Highlight. If there is one, this should contain your Tale!

Alternatively, you could also attempt to locate their Story on their post grid. Once found, take a screenshot of it by taking a snapshot and save it as a screenshot from Instagram’s interface without notifying the user that their Story has been taken by this easy method for reviewing old Instagram Stories.

Searching through Instagram highlights is another way of viewing old stories on the platform. Instagram highlights allow you to display key pieces of content visible to anyone visiting your profile, making them an excellent way to promote your business or brand and increase audience size on Instagram.

To view someone’s Instagram highlights, go to their profile and scroll to the bottom. There should be a “Follow” button; if they have added their stories as highlights, click to watch them!

Alternatively, you could ask them for a copy of their Story via direct message (DM) or another means. This will show them you appreciate their efforts while strengthening their ego, so they will likely share more freely in future interactions.

3. Take a screenshot

You can use various methods to take screenshots of Instagram stories without their knowledge. One uses third-party apps on the Play Store that offer everything from downloading video files directly to saving them as wallpaper. Another simple and quick method involves taking a snapshot with your phone’s camera – but be wary if this method becomes your primary method, as Instagram may consider this spamming and shut down your account altogether!

Use your web browser as another discreet method for screenshotting someone else’s Instagram story since the person won’t notice that your screenshots come from a browser rather than their phone. Unfortunately, though, quality may be lower if using third-party apps instead.

If you want to be extra cautious, ask permission before screenshotting their Instagram story. Most people should be okay with it provided it does not repurpose their content commercially – however, if they object, respect their wishes and don’t screenshot their stories.

Instagram does not notify its users if their posts or reels are screenshotted but will alert them if someone takes a screenshot of disappearing photos and videos sent directly to them in direct messages (DMs). A small icon that resembles a starburst alert appears. Instagram used to allow users to see who took screenshots from their Stories, but this update has since been disabled.

Once screenshotting, while it can have its uses (for instance, movie recommendations or recipes), sensitive or private content that might be reposted should be avoided for various reasons. Anonymity should never be misused to cover up anything unethical, such as stalking and creeping activities, which might then alert them and create unnecessary stress for all involved parties.

4. Repost

Reposting content can be an excellent way to expand your presence on Instagram, but you must know how to repost correctly so as not to jeopardize your reputation or violate Instagram community guidelines. When reposting, always get permission and credit the original creator; even adding an author caption would suffice. For added accuracy, add their account tag as well.

Instagram now makes reposting old stories much simpler for friends. When you click the paper airplane icon in a story, a menu will pop up offering other people to whom you can send the post; additionally, by tapping it again, you can add it directly to your feed!

Reposting can be an excellent way to increase engagement on an account, but be wary when choosing what time of day to repost. Reposting when your target audience is offline might miss it altogether.

Reposting requires careful thought when it comes to post quality. Ensure your images are clear and have great composition for maximum impact; well-composed posts will attract viewers’ interest and draw them in. If you don’t consider yourself an experienced photographer, use an app such as Canva to craft beautiful Instagram posts.

If you’re using Instagram to market your business, ensure that the content is targeted towards your target audience and that hashtags are used effectively to reach specific demographics and improve visibility on the platform. Also, be wary of violating copyright agreements; always follow Instagram rules!

If you want to increase your presence on Instagram, why not consider one of the many Instagram tools available today that can help? From apps designed specifically for Instagram posts to those that provide support services such as analytics or advertising services – there’s sure to be something perfect that fits your needs and budget!

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