Lukie Games Review


Lukie Games is an online store specializing in classic video gaming. They carry various pre-owned titles for systems, including Nintendo Entertainment System, Playstation, Sega Genesis, game manuals, and soundtracks.

Lukie Games is an outstanding choice for anyone seeking to expand their classic video game collection or present one as a gift, as they offer competitive prices and exceptional customer service.

They offer a wide range of video games.

Lukie Games is an ideal shopping spot for video game enthusiasts. Their website offers an expansive selection of classic to modern video game products – from consoles and accessories to classic titles – making finding great deals more accessible than ever. In addition, Lukie offers a generous trade-in program.

While most online gaming stores offer newer consoles, Lukie Games specializes in classic titles for older systems. It was established over ten years ago and with rave customer reviews to its name. Also, Lukie Games boasts highly competitive prices with superior customer service!

Lukie Games offers an expansive selection of pre-owned video games for various consoles, including Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Sega Genesis, and PlayStation. In addition, they carry gaming systems and accessories like controllers and memory cards, making Lukie Games the ideal destination to find gifts for gaming enthusiasts.

Lukie Games stands out from other online video game retailers by not inflating prices, making it an attractive option for gamers on a tight budget. Furthermore, its point system offers rewards and discounts when used toward future purchases; plus its friendly staff is on hand to answer any inquiries that arise.

Lukie Games stands out from other video game stores by providing an expansive selection of classic and modern titles at highly affordable prices, alongside consoles and accessories to meet every gaming need. Lukie also hosts regular sales promotions throughout the year to make this experience truly worthwhile!

West Park, FL-based retailer West Park Games has been in operation for over ten years and offers rare and hard-to-find gaming systems from all major console manufacturers, with free shipping for used video games and console sales; customers may return items within 90 days without a fee.

They have a good reputation.

Lukie Games enjoys an outstanding reputation within the gaming industry. As an online video game store that offers classic and current video games at competitive prices, their website is user-friendly, with customer service representatives always available for assistance, and their rewards program allows customers to accumulate points redeemed later for purchases.

Lukie Games sells more than just games; they also specialize in selling consoles and accessories. Their vast inventory covers every central console from the 1980s until today; customers love the quality of products offered at Lukie Games and how their staff is always ready to answer questions or address concerns quickly and positively. Lukie Games aims to deliver an enjoyable shopping experience to its customers!

Lukie Games stands out from other video game retailers by offering an exceptional selection of classic and hard-to-find titles, making them a top pick for expanding a collection or searching for something special to give as gifts. In addition, Lukie Games provides access to accessories that enhance gaming experiences, such as controllers and memory cards that add another level of entertainment.

The store is an incredible treasure trove of vintage video games. Their vast selection includes rare and hard-to-find titles from systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy; many are in near-mint condition for great gift-giving opportunities!

Lukie Games provides a fantastic selection of video games at reasonable prices. In addition to offering video games, they have an outstanding customer service team and fast shipping – not forgetting their user-friendly website that allows customers to track shipments. Hence, they know their games will arrive promptly!

Lukie Games employees earn an average annual salary of $87,833; this figure is lower than their counterparts, such as Mystery Scene Magazine, who pay their employees an estimated average annual wage of $123,390. If you want a job at Lukie Games, ensure you possess all the qualifications.

They offer excellent customer service.

Lukie Games boasts outstanding customer service, a vast selection of video games at reasonable prices, and offers gift cards as an extra particular way to show someone how much you care. Their website is user-friendly and quickly loads. Furthermore, there are multiple shipping options, including free delivery with no questions-asked returns, making Lukie Games one of the premier destinations online to purchase video games.

Since 2000, Jesse and Sara Cover have been selling new and pre-owned games on Ebay as a side project; today, their site sells more than 45,000 titles every month! It specializes in selling classic systems like NES, N64, Sega, and Gameboy, as well as rare or collectible videogames; its website boasts an extensive inventory of classic titles for customers to purchase before each product undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing before sale.

Lukie Games not only offers a selection of video games but also provides other gaming accessories such as controllers and memory cards – they have an expansive inventory, both new and pre-owned, making them your one-stop shop for all your gaming needs!

Staffed with experts who are happy to answer your queries, they offer a rewarding point system with rewards and discounts on purchases made, their website is user-friendly, and user service representatives are readily available 24/7 to assist in finding what’s required of them.

Lukie Games offers gamers looking for unique and entertaining gifts and an unparalleled selection of video games across every console imaginable and accessories. Perfect gifts can even be purchased as sets for special events or holidays! Best yet – Lukie Games has something perfect to fit every budget!

They have competitive prices.

Lukie Games provides competitive prices on an expansive selection of video games. In addition, they sell accessories for different consoles, including controllers and memory cards – Plus, they have a loyalty program where points can be earned towards future purchases or gifts for fellow gamers in your life! These qualities make Lukie Games the perfect destination for an ideal gift idea!

Since 2003, they have been dedicated to offering customers an exceptional experience. Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable and eager to assist in finding you what you’re searching for; they also offer multiple payment methods and shipping methods tailored specifically to their customers’ needs.

Lukie Games stands out from its competition with competitive pricing and its vast selection of retro games and systems, such as NES, SNES, and N64 titles. Plus, they carry rare or hard-to-find titles! On top of all that impressive inventory, they strive to provide quality products to their customers.

Jesse and Sara Cover, cofounders of Lukie Games, began selling games through eBay but wanted more control over branding and customer service. So, they established their website with an Ecommerce solution to accomplish this goal.

SearchSpring was chosen by the couple to make their site more user-friendly and increase conversions, improving SEO and web design optimization, ultimately increasing sales by 27 percent compared to 12-15 percent growth on Ebay and Amazon, respectively.

Lukie Games Inc. offers employees competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages, such as 401Ks, dental plans, and health coverage. For candidates with unique skills or experiences, they are willing to negotiate salary and benefits. Furthermore, they have flexible work hours and opportunities for professional growth.