Maxfli Tour Vs Tour X


Maxfli Tour and Tour X are premium golf balls tailored to low to mid-handicap players, featuring a soft feel while prioritizing control around greens.

They utilize a tetrahedron 318 dimple pattern to optimize aerodynamics for consistent flight and increased speed and come equipped with CG balancing technology as additional alignment aids.


Maxfli golf balls offer players looking for premium balls at an affordable price a fantastic option. Maxfli offers three unique balls: Tour S, Tour, and Tour X; each offers special features and benefits but is all designed for mid-to-low handicappers. The Tour S is an example of this, featuring a thin urethane cover designed to provide a soft feel while having low compression ratings, as well as an additional urethane core designed to increase spin around the green.

The Maxfli Tour four-piece ball features a high-speed core and dual mantle design for optimal distance-increasing playability. This ball was specifically formulated to produce less driver spin and more iron spin, making it a popular choice among mid-to-low handicappers looking to increase distance. Though more costly than its predecessor, this version offers better performance with more extended flights.

Pricing-wise, the Tour X Golf Ball compares favorably to other premium balls available on the market. It features a low compression rating for maximum forgiveness for most players while remaining easy to play during short shots and chips.

The Maxfli Tour X golf ball is an ideal option for intermediate golfers who have an understanding of their swing and want to fine-tune their game. Available in different colors with its distinctive design making it stand out among premium balls, this ball also makes an excellent choice for advanced golfers seeking greater control around the greens.


If you’re searching for golf balls to add distance and control to your drives, the Maxfli Tour or Tour X could be just what you’re after. These premium balls are tailored for mid-to-low handicap players who prioritize distance while seeking control. In addition, these budget-conscious options make a perfect addition to their bag of arsenal.

The Maxfli Tour features a three-piece construction and urethane cover designed to promote low spin and distance on long shots. Its patented core design improves ball flight and space, while the soft feel urethane cover maximizes greenside performance with a quiet feel performance. In addition, this ball’s center of gravity (CG) balance helps improve consistency across shots; plus, its variety of vibrant colors makes it easy to find on the course!

Maxfli Tour X offers another distance option. Boasting four-piece construction with a firm feel, this ball provides a reduced spin on short shots for enhanced control around greens. Plus, its urethane cover offers outstanding abrasion resistance. Ideally suited to golfers with swing speeds above 95 mph seeking maximum distance in every shot, its target audience includes low to mid-handicappers looking for maximum distance on all shots.

Maxfli Tour and Tour X are high-performance golf balls with exceptional value, featuring a urethane cover, patented core design, and high-contrast colors to help identify your ball quickly in the rough. Both models are highly durable so that they can withstand different playing conditions on the course; they are great for demanding courses or windy conditions as well. Similarly, Tour X may provide more excellent compression, which could benefit those with a faster swing speed.


Maxfli Tour and Tour X are premium golf balls that provide impressive performance at an economical price point. Both balls offer high greenside spin, making them suitable for players focusing on short gameplay. There are some differences between the two balls that could sway your decision process; you should do your research prior to making your selection.

The Tour three-piece ball features a slightly larger core with design features that promote fast ball speeds and high spin rates, including its soft cast urethane cover, which optimizes greenside spin rates. Furthermore, its tetrahedron dimple pattern improves aerodynamics to reduce drag, which subsequently extends ball distance.

Maxfli Tour’s high compression rate of 90 makes it an ideal ball for players with faster swing speeds, such as mid-to-low handicappers looking for distance increases with their irons. Unfortunately, its high spin rate can cause hooking.

The Maxfli Tour X four-piece ball features a larger core and design elements to increase ball speed while decreasing driver spin. Its soft cast urethane cover helps maximize greenside spin while giving a comfortable soft feel; furthermore, its tetrahedron dimple pattern enhances aerodynamics while reducing spin, thus allowing the ball to travel further.

The Maxfli Tour X offers an ideal alternative to premium golf balls from Titleist and TaylorMade, featuring excellent trajectory off of tee shots with low spin on approach shots, along with its competitive price point and suitability for players with mid-to-low handicaps. Furthermore, its innovative CG balancing process recognizes that no ball can ever be 100% perfectly balanced; therefore, it passes through an industrial-grade Check Go Pro machine to find out where its side stamp will align on its axis.


Maxfli golf balls provide the ideal blend of distance, forgiveness, and spin control. Their tour models are targeted towards mid-to-low handicap players with swing speeds above 95 mph who play mid-iron shots or faster. Crafted with four-piece, urethane cover construction for optimal forgiveness on approach shots from both tee and fairway distance maximization, as well as greenside spin for precise chip and pitch shots.

The Tour X is a premium golf ball with a 100 compression rating, similar to Titleist’s Pro V1x. This ball is recommended for mid-to-low handicap golfers who prioritize distance and forgiveness over greenside feel, as well as beginners looking to develop their swing.

Maxfli designed its 2021 model ball to be soft and faster, adding a high-flexural modulus mantle for support and to prevent scuffs. This new design allows players who play fast to experience speed without increasing compression – perfect for high-speed players!

This ball feels similar to other premium urethane-coated golf balls in terms of soft feel and crisp sound when hit well with a wedge, making it suitable for windy conditions when it comes to links golf.

The Maxfli Tour X golf ball is the newest member of their product family and makes an excellent choice for mid-to-low handicap golfers looking for distance, forgiveness, and control in one package. It features a lower center of gravity than both Tour and Tour S golf balls – which enables longer drives with greater forgiveness – as well as producing less driver and wedge spin than other premium balls, thus increasing distance by driving the ball further than ever.


Maxfli Tour and Tour X are premium golf balls that provide superior control on approach shots into the green. Both balls feature low driver spin and iron spin and have excellent durability and straight-flight off-center hits. They provide similar value at approximately $40 or less for each box purchased or cheaper when on sale. Maxfli golf balls feature new core technologies designed to accelerate ball speeds for explosive distance, and dual ionomer mantles on the outer layer to provide a low driver and higher iron spin. In addition, these features combine with soft, durable urethane covers as well as Maxfli’s proprietary CG Balancing Technology that scrutinizes each ball during production so as to ensure perfect balance.

Both balls are produced by Foremost, one of Taiwan’s reputable factories. They make balls for many companies such as Vice, Wilson, and OnCore with an excellent reputation for creating quality golf balls at an affordable price point – with both Maxfli Tour and Tour x balls featuring the same 318-dimple pattern found elsewhere by Foremost; their single mantle design making production more straightforward compared to dual-core designs featured on other premium ball models.

Maxfli Tour and Tour X both deliver remarkable performances for an affordable price but are tailored specifically to different playing styles. The Tour is perfect for lower to medium swing speeds who favor softer feels with great distance; on the other hand, Tour X provides enhanced spin around greens for faster swing speeds who prefer firmer feels.