The Best Cellular Trail Cameras For Hunters and Wildlife Enthusiasts


Cellular trail cameras are essential tools for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Allowing remote access allows users to remotely check photos or video, reducing travel to remote areas while decreasing pressure on deer, elk, or whatever animal you’re hunting.

However, cellular trail cams require an ongoing subscription fee, and in this article, we review some of the top models to help you select one that meets your needs.

1. Bushnell CelluCORE 30

Cellular trail cameras allow scouts, hunters, or landowners with property located in remote areas to quickly monitor their camera from wherever there is cell service – saving valuable travel time to dedicate more time to other activities.

The Bushnell CelluCORE 30 cellular trail camera from Verizon is an outstanding, top-rated cellular trail cam that uses 30MP pixels compared to 20MP of previous models, providing higher picture and video resolution and no contract data plans starting at $10 monthly – providing great value and more reliable performance than cheaper options.

Notable features of the CelluCORE 30 include its No Glow LED flash technology for discreet surveillance without disturbing the game. Furthermore, this camera boasts an impressive 0.2-second trigger speed and 80-foot detection range.

Selecting the ideal cellular trail camera may seem daunting, considering its many available models and features. Choosing one that meets all your criteria and is easy to use is critical.

Consider your power source carefully when purchasing a trail camera. Lithium batteries provide longer runtimes but may deplete in cold temperatures, so it’s advisable to test various battery types before selecting one. Also, most cellular trail cameras require recurring monthly charges to operate the data plan. These costs vary by brand, so read any fine print carefully when considering your purchase decision.

2. Moultrie Mobile Edge

Moultrie Mobile Edge is the next-generation cellular trail camera innovation, featuring unmatched ease-of-use engineered to deliver industry-best image quality, connectivity, and battery life. It eliminates carrier-specific cell cams by employing multi-network Auto Connect technology, automatically scanning for and connecting with the most robust network available at each location.

A powerful 33MP sensor captures breathtaking daytime and nighttime images with ease. An improved IR LED arrangement delivers even illumination out to 80′ for crisper night photos, and the camera’s passive infrared sensor offers a 40-degree field of view so that all of the action is captured.

Edge stands apart from other cellular cameras on the market in its ability to be field-ready without needing an SD card for viewing, management, and storage. Built-in memory and unlimited cloud storage provide simple viewing, management and storage while using Moultrie Mobile with a service plan to upload photos or videos directly into the cloud for anytime access. Built-in memory eliminates buying or formatting finicky SD cards. At the same time, cloud storage protects photos if camera malfunctions or losses occur – Edge’s internal memory system automatically manages space to prioritize important images at the top.

Moultrie Mobile Edge’s cellular trail camera stands out from its competition by not charging an annual fee and is priced competitively under $100. Boasting superior sensors, built-in memory, an intuitive app interface, and reliable cellular connections make the Moultrie Mobile Edge one of the top trail cameras for 2022; only its price might deter buyers, though given its superior quality and cutting-edge technology, it may well justify the investment. To find out more, click here.

3. Spypoint Flex

Are you searching for a cellular trail camera capable of reliably transmitting images and videos directly to your smartphone? Look no further than the Spypoint Flex! Featuring 33MP photos and 1080p video resolution, an impressive GPS shutter speed, a responsive trigger, dual sim configuration with optimized antenna for optimal reception, and firmware updates via its app – these all combine for an exceptional product!

The Flex excels at network connectivity, setting it apart from its cellular trail camera use competition. Equipped with two SIM cards pre-activated into its memory card slots, the camera will connect automatically with the network with the strongest signal – without you needing to change networks or call customer service manually! For photo and video transmission needs, however, service plans can be purchased monthly or annually, and there’s something suitable for every budget available.

Flex is distinguished by its customizable scouting options, with customizable frequency of motion detection and time-lapse interval settings to meet any need. Furthermore, the camera is compatible with various accessories such as tree forks/supports/security enclosures – adding another significant element to its usefulness!

The Flex is one of the most advanced cellular trail cameras available today, providing hunters access to superior video footage of wildlife wherever their camera may be placed. Thanks to its versatility, reliability, and functionality it has quickly become one of the favorite cameras for hunting expeditions worldwide. Highly customizable yet user-friendly cellular trail camera experience due to dual SIM configuration with redesigned antenna for seamless connectivity to virtually all networks – which means capturing excellent photos/video of wildlife regardless of its location!

4. Spypoint Micro-S

If you want an effortless cellular trail camera setup and operation experience, the Spypoint Micro-S is an excellent option. Unlike other cameras that require external batteries to run their cellular functions, the Micro-S uses internal rechargeable batteries, making concealment much simpler to ensure deer don’t detect the camera.

Another feature that sets this cellular trail camera apart is its user-friendly Spypoint mobile app for developing and changing settings, offering live customer support, and Buck Tracker image recognition software to identify individual bucks through HD images. In addition, its built-in solar panel eliminates the need to transport an expensive battery kit when hunting outdoors.

One of the significant advantages of the LINK-MICRO-S-LTE camera is its affordable price point and small physical size, both contributing to its affordability. Furthermore, its rechargeable battery pack and solar-assist charging panel help save you money when compared with expensive lithium batteries.

The LINK-MICRO-S-LTE comes equipped with an already activated SIM card, making setup and use of this cellular trail camera easier than most. This is particularly beneficial if you’re new to trail cameras and don’t want the hassle of purchasing and activating data plans yourself.

When considering cellular trail cameras such as the LINK-MICRO-S-LTE, remember that they will require a data plan to transmit photos over their cellular network. Spypoint offers some of the most cost-effective data transmission plans on the market.

5. Spypoint CELL-LINK

Spypoint has revolutionized the cellular trail camera industry with simple models offering simple data/picture plans. Their CELL-LINK is their latest offering, and looks set to revolutionize it further – one of the most affordable cellular cameras on the market (at under $60), which works with any non-cellular trail camera and records 10MP photos over Verizon LTE network using micro SD cards up to 32GB with one or multiple images recorded per trigger event; additionally it uses eight AAA batteries provided by its user that should last several days without needing replacement.

CELL-LINK boasts a compact and rugged design as with other models in the LINK cellular trail camera line-up. It makes setup simple with at-a-glance 4G strength indicator bars inside, letting you know it has connected to its network and is ready to send images. It boasts a detection range of 80 feet with a 0.3-second trigger speed for quick action shots.

To use a CELL-LINK, register it online with SPYPOINT and activate a data transmission plan. Starting, SPYPOINT offers free programs of 100 images each month; upgrades to more extensive projects may also cover any data used when streaming video content from your camera to your phone.

This cellular trail camera produced excellent images with an acceptable detection range and flash functionality suitable for nighttime photography. Unfortunately, CELL-LINK only transmits photographs instead of videos; I contacted SPYPOINT representatives to clarify if this meant it wouldn’t work with cameras that can capture 25MB+ pictures; they confirmed as much.