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Several clients have come to me with a very start-up stage. Modern company names – They’ve even decided on their company name, which is somewhat helpful because it allows me to affect something hugely important regarding business branding.

It’s recognized that people are prompted to acquire by emotional triggers, not necessarily because they need something, but because they ‘want it, then rationalize their decisions using practical considerations. But if the need and emotion aren’t right now there, the sale won’t come.

The whole purpose of branding is to promote brand loyalty and make a brand that provokes an emotional response. In this respect, the name is just as essential as the imagery associated with the idea. It’s just another tool throughout ramming home that emotive point you want to make.

A substantial name is an excellent base for a strong brand if the appropriate imagery is linked with the idea.

Some examples of excellent company labels include, in my opinion;

Gentleman plus a Van

Skinny Cow



These names that company in a solid place before they even include imagery that links to the ‘brand behaviour’ after that. Brand behavior plus brand name imagery is what creates a brand name image.

A brand design may be the image that a customer will certainly grow to a link using the brand behavior. The company must ensure that the correct brand name behavior is linked to this particular image or logo. If your brand behavior is rubbish, a good title isn’t going to save you.

How could you ensure your brand name is a great one?


Ensure the title is catchy, evident without pain, and easy to keep in mind. This is especially important for businesses that require customers to visit their website and remember their domain name.


Try to be different. It isn’t easy, but please try. Nowadays, the lack of website name availability is forcing companies to be unique in their organization naming, which is a good thing. We are beginning to feel that ‘company identifying specialists’ must be reaping the advantage of this issue or soon is going to do.


A good brand name ought to pique interest and ask the viewer to find out more.


If you aim to trade around the globe and want to do your homework… it’s a good idea to check what your designed name means in the international locations you plan to trade using or may change within the future. Avoid negative associations.


Don’t trap on your own in your company name by choosing the one which too narrowly describes your products and services. Be sure there is room for foreseeable future development and changes and not having to dissolve into a complete rebrand as a result. For this reason, geographical labels should also always be avoided.

Eventually, keep yourself out of court while using the following tips;

– Funds are tempted to borrow or modify existing brand names, especially famous brands with significant pockets for expensive rules suits.

– Avoid phrases that imply you are something you are not. The types of word accessory that you will need authorization ahead of using include words, for instance, British, International, England, Ireland in Europe, Great Britain, Scotland, and everything similar to these related to various other countries. In addition to name just a couple of; Association, Council, Federation, Initiate, Co-operative, Society, Chamber, Signed up, Provident, Trade Union, Rely on, Bank.

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