Moon Bar – A Celestial Experience


Moon Bar is an innovative THC-infused chocolate bar that delivers an unforgettable experience. Crafted with quality ingredients and delivered precisely, all while adhering to strict dosing protocols – Moon Bars provide an edible unlike any other. Find out the best info about moon bars.

Joey Diaz created these delightful treats, which offer an incredible high. However, be warned: consume these responsibly, beginning with low doses and gradually increasing over time.

What is a Moon Bar?

Moon Bars are cannabis-infused chocolate bars containing 250mg of THC. Moon Bars have quickly become one of the most sought-after edible products, boasting delicious flavors and powerful effects. An excellent option for anyone who wishes to experience all the benefits of cannabis without smoking or vaping, Moon Bars makes a perfect edible choice.

Moon bars not only taste delectable, but they also benefit the local communities from which they are sourced. By investing in educational programs and community development projects that improve residents’ lives, Moon Bars has quickly become popular among cannabis enthusiasts and consumers. Plus, their packaging makes an eye-catching statement, featuring intergalactic font and a modern text box overlaid on an image resembling a lunar surface background – any shelf will show them off!

These bars come in two pack sizes, 60g and 22g. The larger packs contain more THC, while the more miniature packs offer approximately ten individual doses of 25mg each, giving more flexibility when choosing your ideal dosage for your desired high. It’s important to remember that everyone’s tolerance level varies, so always start with small doses before increasing them over time.

The Moon, 100mg THC, Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar is an easy and effective edible solution featuring smooth milk chocolate with a unique center of nuts and cereals for a delightful aroma and relaxing body pain relief. Its $20 per pack makes this product competitive among other edible products.


Get lost in the magical marriage between chocolate and THC, and let it lead you to new heights of experience. Indulge in Moon Bars for an extraordinary celestial high! Their velvety smooth chocolate will blend effortlessly with subtle THC notes for an exquisite sensory experience, transporting the body and mind into blissful relaxation.

Joey Diaz introduced these delectable edibles to his listeners through one of his podcast episodes, as he described his heavenly edible experiences with them. Joey’s tales about enjoying these divine cannabis-infused delicacies quickly won them over; eagerness for further discovery grew among his listeners, eager to try these tempting treats was palpable.

After listening to Joey’s story, a team of visionary chocolatiers and cannabis enthusiasts joined forces to craft Moon Bars. The aim was to prepare something that would satisfy even the most discriminating cannabis connoisseurs, so they used premium ingredients when crafting each bar, ensuring its combination of flavors and effects would delight customers.

Once their work was finished, the team was delighted by its results and decided to share them with Joey’s fans. They were astounded at their favorable reception of this innovative edible; this enthusiastic response encouraged the team to continue perfecting its Moon Bars while increasing flavor profiles and THC potencies.

Moon Bars is the product of their hard work: an exceptional cannabis-infused chocolate bar that is both tasty and potency. Boasting rich flavors paired with powerful THC infusion, these treats will leave you wanting more. So please sit back, relax, and let their unique flavor tantalize you with its unforgettable taste!


Moon Edibles has created an extraordinary selection of chocolate bars, bites, and mints to transport customers through space. Available in white to dark chocolate varieties with subtle fruit-inspired and nutty notes for an unforgettable taste experience!

Packaging from this brand will immediately catch your eye with its distinctive intergalactic font and modern text, set against an image reminiscent of lunar terrain – thick cumulus clouds, crater fields, and an orange-tinted horizon – providing high-quality ingredients at great value per milligram. They have quickly gained a following among cannabis consumers across the galaxy as a top palatable pot brand.

Each Moon weed chocolate bar has a dosage tracker on the back detailing proper dosing using a scale from 1-10. Depending on your tolerance level and desired effects of THC consumption, you may experience its effects within an hour or two to customize dosage according to desired outcomes by eating more or less of an edible product.

This Moon mega-dose chocolate bar is an irresistibly creamy combination of chocolate, toffee, and cannabis that provides a long-acting and deeply relaxing high ideal for unwinding after a busy day. Its flavor may hint at marijuana but doesn’t overshadow it too strongly, while its effects remain pleasant. The high can last several hours before its effects wear off – perfect for unwinding after work!

The Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar is the ideal treat for chocolate enthusiasts, featuring a rich and creamy texture that’s easy to devour. At the same time, THC will help relax and ease away stress and worries. Perfect for anxiety and depression treatments and relieving pain relief and increasing appetite – these Moon edibles make an excellent treat!


Moon bars provide an ideal solution for those hesitant to venture into high-strength edibles, as each bar contains a precise dosage of THC divided into ten 25mg doses for easy dosage control and finding their desired effects. Whether you are an experienced cannabis consumer or just beginning your cannabis journey, Moon Bars will help you unlock your inner astronaut.

These edibles are carefully crafted using only high-grade ingredients and designed to offer a satisfying, relaxing, and therapeutic experience. Perfect for anyone suffering from pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety – chocolate lovers and cannabis fans should try these delicious treats!

Moon Bars’ most attractive aspect is their discreet packaging that mimics regular chocolate bars, making them simple to carry around discreetly and with you wherever you go. Furthermore, there’s an assortment of flavors and strengths, so you can find one to meet your preferences!

These edibles contain industry-leading full-spectrum extract for maximum potency, providing an array of cannabinoids that work synergistically for an uplifting experience that promotes relaxation, creativity, and euphoria.

Each edible contains an exact dose of THC, and effects typically start taking effect within an hour – lasting anywhere from six hours or longer!

Comedian and cannabis enthusiast Joey Diaz first invented Moon Bars, and they have quickly become an essential component of cannabis-induced experiences for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. By combining high-quality chocolate with the mind-altering properties of THC, they provide an out-of-this-world experience for consumers – make sure that you start low and always consume edibles responsibly!

Joey Diaz

Moon Chocolate Bars provides 250mg of THC per bar to take you on an outer space journey. Made with industry-leading full-spectrum extract, they’ll deliver effects from all cannabinoids working in unison to heighten your experience, leaving you feeling creative, relaxed, and euphoric – the ideal combination for an unforgettable high!

Moon Chocolate Bars can be purchased at Bank of Buds in Chula Vista, California, and packaged as an easy and discreet way to consume cannabis. Their packaging mimics an ordinary chocolate bar for maximum discretion while providing important safety information such as warning against over-dosage and refrigeration recommendations; unfortunately, no terpene profile indicates precisely what kind of high to expect.

Joey Diaz is an award-winning comedian and actor known for his comedic observations and stories on TV shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, White Truck, and Grudge Match, as well as comedy specials such as Brooklyn Night Shift (NBC), White Truck (AMC) and Grudge Match. Additionally, he hosts his own YouTube channel where he regularly shares these humorous insights.

Diaz has made waves for his stand-up and podcast work, writing for numerous television and film projects, including Joe Rogan Experience podcast guesting as a regular. Most recently, Diaz will debut The Degenerates, his Netflix comedy series debuting on October 30.

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