Oldsmobile Demolition Man Cars to Be Sold at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction on January 27


Demolition Man stars Sylvester Stallone as John Spartan, an honest police officer tasked with hunting down Phoenix (played by Michael Madsen). The 1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W30 used in the film is set for auction at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale on January 27. Find the best Demolition in Santa Clarita.

As opposed to most movies, which use future cars as props, this Olds is actual and comes complete with paperwork from General Motors.

The Banshee

Fans of 1993’s action film Demolition Man, which starred Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, and Wesley Snipes, may notice something suspicious in the background: a red Pontiac Banshee!

The Banshee is an iconic character found in Irish and Scottish folklore. She’s depicted as an ugly hag wearing white or gray clothing who cries at night as a prophetic warning that someone will die soon; her cries have been known to shatter glass or rattle bones! She usually hears multiple nights prior to deaths occurring; she can also visit families that have suffered bad luck. At one time, she is thought to be mortal, but the Banshee has since evolved into a wandering fairy.

The Banshee is often associated with specific families, such as the O’Neills, O’Briains, and O’Connors. Eeevul was one such Banshee from O’Briain; she ruled over 25 other Banshees that followed her wherever she went. When one of their clan members died, they all joined together in mourning, wailing about her absence.

The Ultralite

Demolition Man stands out from most movies set in the future by using actual running concept vehicles from General Motors—specifically, a 1992 Ultralite low-emission car that prefigured the production EV1 electric vehicle and other production models from General Motors.

This Matador Red 1970 442 W30 Ultralite was one of 22 Ultralites cloned for this film and saw extensive screen time during filming. It could be seen patrolling streets at SAPD (San Angeles Police Department) in a futuristic crime-free Southern California society until Wesley Snipes, played by one serial killer, made headlines with their killing sprees.

This car appears to have played a pivotal role in the movie, driving through an Oldsmobile dealership showroom window before getting shot up, blown up, and hit by other police cars during an intense chase sequence. This rare model should fetch top bids when it crosses the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction block on January 27, 2024; its documentation from General Motors (GM), such as its Certificate of Origin document and unique performance options not offered on production cars, are sure to draw bids of all levels of bidding interest.

The Solitaire

Demolition Man isn’t quite sci-fi in the traditional sense, but it presents an intriguing future nonetheless. Additionally, this classic 90s film boasts both action and comedy for an unrivaled viewing experience that few modern movies can match.

Sylvester Stallone stars as John Spartan, a Los Angeles police officer infamous for the amount of destruction he causes while searching for criminals. Unfortunately, while trying to capture Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), an accident occurs that results in his accidental killing of hostages; due to this mistaken action, Spartan is sent away to a cryogenic prison.

In this movie, various futuristic vehicles, such as the Ultralite police car and the 1989 Cadillac Solitaire, appear. However, it is the GM Aurora concept vehicle that receives the most screen time.

Eddie Murphy would have brought an energetic comedic sensibility that is absent in Stallone. For example, one gag about bathroom habits could have become an instantaneous, profanity-laden rant but instead falls flat under Stallone’s delivery.

The Voyage

1996 saw Los Angeles become a fiery war zone. Psychopath Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) held 30 hostages captive within an armed compound. LAPD Sgt. John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), inspired by the maxim “Send a Maniac to Catch a Maniac,” deployed LAPD helicopters onto the building before leaping from one to land onto it for an assault which resulted in the deaths of all hostages while sparing Spartan from prosecution; instead he received an extended 70-year sentence with Cyrofreeze for brain reorganizing into more productive behavior patterns during which time his brain will undergo transformation which will reorganize more productive behaviors within.

Demolition Man is an ambitious sci-fi thriller featuring big-name stars and an intriguing sci-fi element, aiming to satisfy both deep thinkers drawn to science fiction as well as those seeking out loud, bone-crushing violence entertainment. Unfortunately, due to trying to reach for the lowest common denominator, this film never rises above mediocrity; parents, please be warned about its nonstop action, violence, and strong language content.

The Aurora

Los Angeles in 1996 has fallen into anarchy and violence. When Simon Phoenix kidnaps hostages and takes refuge in an abandoned building, LAPD Sergeant John Spartan — popularly known as “Demolition Man” due to the collateral damage his raids cause — sets out after him, causing severe collateral damage while making successful raids. However, this eventually led to his success but also led to deaths among some hostages he had abducted.

As opposed to most movies set in the future, which often feature contemporary cars with futuristic bodywork added onto them as props, the filmmakers of Demolition Man collaborated closely with General Motors in obtaining actual working concept vehicles—such as this silver Aurora with its name proudly displayed.

It does get its due in screen time, as it can be seen soaring through the air and bouncing off of tunnel walls before being shot up for an exciting chase sequence. Unfortunately, Hollywood seems unconcerned about mistreating beautiful muscle cars.