Office word online and it’s best features!

Office Word Online

Office word online does one of the essential parts and most of the companies prefer it! Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft Word. Almost every person who is using the computer for the last thirty years they are very much accustomed to the PowerPoint, word, excel. Millions of modern people use this tool …

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What is the excel app? Exclusive Pros and cons of excel app!!!

Excel App

The Excel App allows you to create; edit, view share your files along with others very easily and quickly. Microsoft Excel is the best mobile app for any type of updating, reviewing, spreadsheet creation on Android and Apple phones and tabs. You can create powerful spreadsheets easily and also can edit any documents and collaborate them. …

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OneNote App – One of the Best Featured and Flexible Tools!

Onenote App

Day by day, the need for digital notebook apps like OneNote App is increasing at a very fast pace. They are offered by Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. To beat the loopholes, The OneNote app by Microsoft has proved to be among exclusive choices.   Onenote App Beating Evernote   In terms of technology, seniority does not …

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A Comprehensive Microsoft To Do Review

Microsoft To Do

What exactly is Microsoft To Do? Microsoft To Do happens to be a robust task management application for individuals and companies who like to monitor simple tasks. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface which allows you to prepare, maintain, and also share task lists along with collaborators. It also enables you to organize …

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Microsoft edge app – Try this highly exclusive and attractive feature!

Microsoft Edge App

The launching of the Microsoft Edge app by Microsoft is expected to prove to be a boon in forthcoming days. The users will find this newly released app to be highly familiar. The exclusive design along with high privacy will enhance user experience to sky height. Good and Bad Sides of Microsoft Edge App The newly released …

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Mozilla App for Android, Helping to Make best Web Browsing Easy!

mozilla app

The Mozilla app for Android is one of the highly appreciable web browsers that have helped in making browsing incredibly fast. There are millions of online trackers that are following you daily. They are collecting information about you regarding the sites you are visiting.   Surprisingly, with Mozilla, it has become easy to stay away from …

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Firefox Lite is a best and Highly Secured Web Browser

firefox lite

Browsing the internet without a web browser is impossible. With high advancement in technologies, the introduction of Firefox Lite has proved to be a boon. It is a highly powerful and intuitive web browser that has contributed to making searching easier and faster. Also, it facilitates easy customization of your home screen as per your preferable themes. …

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Install Brave privacy browser today now!

brave privacy browser

Brave browser is a popular open-source and free browser. In 2016 it was released. Brave privacy browser was created by Brendan Rich, the co-founder of the Mozilla project and creator of JavaScript. Brave browser gains much more popular than others. It is a completely free browser that allows you to browse; you can able to …

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The best Phantasy Star Online 2 Review

phantasy star online 2 review

In the following paragraphs, we are going to mention an unbiased Phantasy Star Online 2 review. It is a game that a lot of individuals in the West are just becoming familiar with. While Phantasy Star Online 2 has been launched almost 8 years ago in Japan, it is yet to become popular in the …

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