Protecting Bonelli Comics


Sergio Bonelli Editore’s most beloved character is Tex Willer – an iconic Western hero who brings back fond childhood memories for many Italian children. The Interesting Info about buste protettive per fumetti.

Polypropylene comic sleeves typically last three to eight years before starting to disintegrate, and they do not help diffuse the gases emitted by paper products.


Polypropylene sleeves are inexpensive and easy to find; however, their main drawback lies in not dispersing natural gasses emitted by paper, which could damage comics over time. Therefore, polypropylene should only be used temporarily; to extend their protection longer term, we suggest investing in KMC Perfect mini or Popcorn Games sleeves instead.

Polypropylene sleeves offer more protection against the elements than their thicker counterparts and come in multiple colors to allow you to color-coordinate your collection. Furthermore, these more extensive sleeves can fit up to 120-page books comfortably – ideal for more extensive comic groups!

As a serious collector, your comics must be safeguarded from environmental contaminants like dust, moisture, and light. To do so, investing in a comic book storage system like polypropylene sleeves or mylar bags could provide optimal conditions.

Bonelli comics deserve protection in acid-free sleeves for maximum longevity. Acid can damage trading cards found in wood, plastic, and even our bodies – using acid-free sleeves will extend their lifespan and protect them.

Slabs are complex plastic cases designed to enclose comic books in order to keep them protected and sealed away from environmental influences. You can purchase slabs at retailers such as Collect Forever, but if you prefer, you can even create your own at home. Sleeving comics before placing them inside a slab may help preserve their contents for future enjoyment!


When looking to protect Bonelli comics, the first step should be finding protective sleeves. There are various kinds and sizes of protective sleeves available. Polypropylene sleeves are inexpensive yet can damage comics over time as they do not diffuse natural gas emissions from paper sources that cause them to disintegrate over time, becoming yellowed or deteriorating altogether. Polyethylene sleeves may offer better protection but lack UV-blocking qualities.

If you want extra protection for your collection, consider investing in thicker plastic sleeves such as Dragon Shield sleeves. They provide more structure and sturdiness than their cheaper KMC Perfect Mini, Popcorn Games, or Ultra Pro soft sleeves, making these an excellent way to send out trades or sales offers.

BCW also makes clear polypropylene resealable bags without using acid for their manufacturing, measuring two millimeters thick with a matte back finish – perfect for taking pictures of collections with matte back finishes such as those found on Amazon => here. Additionally, thicker Mylar comic sleeves may be appropriate if your comic contains over 22 to 32 pages; find these on Amazon here.


Mylar sleeves are the ultimate solution for serious collectors looking to store their comics safely; these provide superior protection than polyethylene sleeves while being less likely to stick to paper and more resistant to internal gas diffusion and sunlight exposure. Used by libraries across America for historical document preservation, Mylar sleeves may cost more than their poly equivalent but offer superior preservation results.

Stored correctly, sleeves will protect your comics from fading, disintegrating, and becoming less appealing over time. Mylar sleeves may last three to eight years before breaking apart; polypropylene sleeves may only last for three or eight years before their lifespan ends.

There is a range of Mylar sleeves on the market, which come in various sizes: current, golden, silver, and magazine sleeves come with both 2mil and 4mil thickness options to meet different needs, and there are even unique sizes for art pieces and graded comics.

Invest in a slab to protect Bonelli comics over time. Slabs offer an alternative to boxes and boards in terms of durability and rigidity, plus being tamper-evident helps prevent theft of comics from your collection. However, be mindful that slabs do not protect against natural degradation as airtight storage environments do.


The ‘Clear Matte – Non-Glare’ sleeves feature a clear front finish with matte textured back finishes, perfect for taking photos of collections while helping reduce photocard glare. Furthermore, these acid-free sleeves prolong the card’s lifespan while protecting them from damage, and they come in both standard and Japanese-size versions, making them great camera-ready sleeves!

Mylar sleeves are an increasingly popular choice among collectors looking to keep their comics in excellent condition, especially in the high-value market. Mylar boasts superior archival properties – so much so that the U.S. Library of Congress uses Mylar for its archive documents – with an average lifespan estimated at 150 years under optimal storage conditions; they may cost slightly more than polypropylene or polyethylene options, but serious collectors often consider that extra cost worth paying.

Mylar sleeves can be found online in many sizes to meet the needs of comic collectors. Many sleeve manufacturers offer several colors so that you can color coordinate with your collection, while you may also purchase backings to protect from environmental contamination or handling defects.

Cardboard slabs are great ways to store and ship comics when sending them off for grade by PSA or Beckett grading services since these complex plastic cases keep your book secure from being damaged while being transported – they also serve as an invaluable way of protecting valuable or rare comics for future generations.

Resealable Bags

Sergio Bonelli Editore, one of Italy’s premier publishers of comic books, has entered TV production. Their plans involve producing English-language shows based on popular titles such as Tex, Zagor, and Martin Mystere – each available worldwide through more than 30 distributors.

Epicenter Comics has also collaborated with this company, publishing English-translated editions of its comics, including Alvar Mayor and Mr. No. The company also designed covers for new projects, which they hope to collaborate on soon; their goal is to expand internationally as their comics already enjoy great popularity in both Brazil and America.

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