Samsung Quick Share


Samsung Quick Share allows you to share videos and images between Samsung devices easily. It comes preinstalled on all Galaxy models.

Remote attackers could exploit this app to remotely download a language pack update and execute code as a privileged system user, leading to CVE-2015-4640 being assigned as its ID.

What is com. Share live?

Com Samsung Android App Contacts is an application preloaded on most Samsung phones to manage contact details. It can be found under Apps or Galaxy Apps folder in Settings and is vulnerable to remote code execution attacks that allow an attacker to take complete control over the phone – including making calls, sending text messages, and changing device settings.

Samsung’s private key has been used to authorize this app and run in one of the highest privilege contexts on a device – system user – just below root privileges. Furthermore, this application can access sensitive data like contact lists and IMEI numbers on devices through the permissions they give it.

Some users are concerned with privacy when it comes to apps with permissions for sharing data and sharing permissions, and these concerns could cause them to opt out of installing it or remove the app altogether. Whether they continue their use depends on each individual’s discretion and preferences.

How to install

Samsung App Share Live is a content-sharing service that makes sharing videos with friends more accessible. With its security features protecting user privacy and fast content delivery time, many have turned to the Samsung app Share Live for video-sharing. But before beginning your experience using this app, you need to keep a few key points in mind before using this platform.

Some users have raised concerns regarding the safety of the Samsung app Share Live due to its data collection and sharing potential. Before installing, you must assess your comfort with its permissions and usage; uninstalling will not adversely affect device functionality or performance.

If you need any assistance with Samsung app share live or help with a Galaxy device, feel free to reach out online via the chat feature in our Members app or on our website. Alternatively, Samsung phone/tablet users may use the Quick Share feature built into these devices to get support instantly.

How to uninstall

Though not technically spyware, this app does ask for numerous permissions on your device and should be evaluated according to your privacy preferences. If it doesn’t meet them, uninstalling may help alleviate concerns.

To uninstall an application from your phone or computer, either root access or ADB support is needed to uninstall apps. Once this has been accomplished, launch either command prompt or PowerShell on the computer to enable USB debugging, connect your device, and execute these ADB shell commands:

These commands will uninstall an application and delete its associated data, but once executed, they must be followed up with by rebooting your device to complete this process and reveal the results: no app installation on your phone anymore! For any inquiries or assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team – they’re always happy to help!

What is the purpose of

Samsung Quick Share is an innovative way to easily share photos, videos, and files between two Galaxy devices without needing to pair devices first. Utilizing Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth technology, files can be transferred wirelessly between them without pairup.

Samsung smartphones and tablets preinstall this app as standard; currently supported devices include Galaxy S10, S11, S12, and Tab S3. Furthermore, their Android phones offer Samsung Screen Sharing to remotely control your device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections from another Samsung device.

Although Samsung does not consider its app spyware, users have raised privacy concerns regarding its permissions and potential data sharing. Furthermore, some have reported draining battery power and other issues on specific devices due to running this app. To address these concerns, Samsung suggests reviewing the app’s permissions and updating its privacy settings accordingly.

If you need assistance with Samsung Screen Sharing or other apps on your Galaxy smartphone, contact us online through chat or get help on mobile through the Samsung Members app. We can assist with technical questions regarding apps and hardware and use them to maximize the Samsung experience.

If you’re having difficulty connecting to your Samsung TV using Live Sharing, try switching Wi-Fi networks or a different one. Be wary of using unsecured Wi-Fi networks when using this app; insecure ones should also be avoided when possible. Furthermore, if any other issues arise, contact your carrier about software updates that should resolve or prevent further problems; failing that, contact Samsung Customer Support directly for help.