Best Places to Retire in Italy


Italy is a dream retirement destination, boasting picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and numerous UNESCO sites. Find out the best info about retire in Italy guide.

Lombardy is an attractive retirement choice for retirees looking for an exclusive lifestyle, as its northern region hosts Milan, an international center of fashion and finance.

Padua stands out among Italian cities by boasting an exceptional craft beer culture and easy access to Adriatic Sea beaches.

1. Lombardy

If luxury, culture, and natural beauty are your dream retirement scenario, Lombardy could be an ideal destination in Italy to pursue that lifestyle. Boasting proximity to the fashion-world metropolis Milan and excellent transportation links linking Italy’s vast landscapes and Europe’s heart effortlessly – whether that means Venice for its lively social scene or small towns providing more tranquil surroundings – Lombardy provides plenty of diverse retirement tales!

Centrally and adjacent to Rome, Lazio combines urban luxuries and timeless attractions. Boasting unparalleled healthcare facilities and an international community of expatriates, Lazio makes for an idyllic retirement location with access to world-renowned restaurants, shopping malls, and cultural masterpieces.

Lazio’s charming inland locales, such as its lush hilly terrains and tranquil valleys, provide a more sustainable lifestyle. Its picturesque towns and villages feature a slower pace while still affording beautiful landscapes at reasonable living costs. Itria Valley, with its iconic whitewashed trulli houses, provides the ideal opportunity for retired folks seeking peace away from tourist crowds and high prices.

Emilia-Romagna lures retirees with its charming blend of vibrancy and historical gravitas, captivating coastal towns such as Genoa and Camogli with vibrant culture, while cities like Bologna and Parma captivate with sophistication and luxury amenities. Additionally, Ascoli Piceno and Fano offer tranquil retirement niches where history entwines the seascape and city center for an enjoyable retirement experience.

In southeast Italy, Puglia is an idyllic collection of charming towns and cities boasting distinct histories, architectural splendor, and vibrant cultural traditions. Nestled by the Mediterranean Sea’s turquoise waters, its temperate climate and picturesque shorelines make Puglia an idyllic spot to embark on your Italian retirement adventure!

2. Rome

Rome, the ancient cosmopolitan capital of Italy, makes an excellent retirement location due to its old charm and high standard of living. Rome boasts stunning architecture, world-class museums and galleries, an exciting music scene, and numerous restaurants and cafes, such as Gran Caffe Gambrinus, frequented by Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Lombardy, located in northern Italy and home to fashion powerhouse Milan, offers retirement-age individuals an ideal lifestyle and cultural experience. Its spectacular natural scenery includes lakes and rolling mountains, making this an attractive retirement location.

Tuscany and Sicily offer classic retirement destinations in Italy for expats looking to embrace Italian life, and Liguria in Italy’s coastal region has many scenic coastal towns such as Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, and Vernazza that exude Italian lifestyle.

Italy’s coastal regions have become increasingly attractive among retirees looking for an affordable cost of living and a peaceful environment. Abruzzo offers plenty of outdoor recreation with hiking and biking trails lining its landscape; cities in this region, like Naples, offer vibrant cafe culture and historical landmarks and monuments that attract retirees.

3. Sicily

Italian retirement communities provide luxurious living environments with unparalleled beauty. Tuscany boasts picturesque cobblestone streets and an ancient citadel on top of a hill while boasting an active cultural scene that attracts celebrities such as George Clooney and Sting.

Sicily may offer a relaxed lifestyle and unique culture, featuring foreign influences and strong family values. Its climate tends to be mild, while residents are known for their welcoming spirit.

Puglia in southern Italy is another favorite among retirees. Boasting a beautiful coastline and charming towns featuring various architectural styles, it makes an excellent budget-friendly living option.

Marche in central Italy is an excellent destination for those seeking to live off the beaten path. Offering beautiful landscapes, delectable cuisine, and vibrant culture without being overrun by tourists – Marche offers all this and more without crowds of people getting in your way!

Interested in retiring in Italy? Consider Lake Como as an idyllic yet accessible locale close to renowned cities, with all Mediterranean charm – azure waters and sun-kissed beaches, wildlife, and native plant species all add up for an idyllic lifestyle close to famous cities. Lombardy may offer something more modern for city living combined with spectacular natural beauty – its inhabitants boasting one of the highest per capita wealth index scores, sophisticated cuisine, and a vibrant art scene.

4. Puglia

Italy’s breathtaking countryside extends from sea to sky, providing retirees with the ideal lifestyle they crave. Coastline towns, national parks, and mountain peaks boast beautiful sights, while villages behind them boast rich cultural histories and delectable cuisines that draw retirees to Italy in droves.

Lombardy, home to fashion hub Milan, is another top choice for luxury retirement in Italy. Expats who have relocated here praise its vibrant culture, architecture, and proximity to natural areas as key selling points; there is also access to world-class healthcare systems and numerous luxury shops.

Tuscany is an idyllic landscape, a world-renowned wine region, and a rich source of art and culture, ranging from the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa to Renaissance masterpieces in Florence. Although housing costs can be high in this idyllic region, their high price is balanced out by a stunning location and an international community of expats from all walks of life who call Tuscany home.

Apulia (known by locals as Puglia) and Sicily offer breathtaking options in southern Italy for retirees looking for affordable living costs, stunning coastlines, and ancient culture. Both places also welcome local populations close to Italy’s top tourist spots.

Puglia often needs to be recognized by tourists, offering stunning cities and vast seascapes along the Adriatic Coast without the crowds or high prices of Amalfi. Itria Valley – popularly known as Trulli Valley due to its whitewashed homes with cone-shaped roofs – makes for an idyllic stay, while Apulia’s coastline features both rocky reefs and sandy beaches with archeological remnants at their edges. Its fresh, earthy cuisine, low living costs, and slow pace make for a great expat destination!

5. Abruzzo

Retirees looking for a break from Tuscany and Rome’s tourist-heavy areas will find Abruzzo an idyllic retreat where medieval towns and nature’s beauty thrive. Only three hours from Rome and two from Naples, it offers a tranquil lifestyle while remaining easily accessible to major metropolitan cities such as Rome and Naples. Boasting scenic national parks and stunning lakes that rival those found anywhere else in Italy, Abruzzo boasts picturesque landscapes that rival any region while boasting rich historical significance with towns like Pescara, L’Aquila, and Schiavi di Abruzzo boasting rich historical significance that only adds further advantages compared to its neighbors in terms of retirees seeking peace after leaving Tuscany or Rome.

Emilia-Romagna’s timeless appeal lies in both city life and small-town living; from Bologna’s vibrant charms to Modena’s gourmet delights and serene hill towns – this classic destination charms visitors with its longstanding traditions, celebrated cuisine, and rich cultural backdrop.

Veneto, situated in northeast Italy, provides retirees with a dreamlike scene for retirement. Here, you will find glorious edifices and a vibrant artistic canvas of Venice juxtaposed against nature’s splendor and an alluring quality of life, offering them a dreamlike way of life.

Affordable living can also be found outside Rome and Milan; Marche on the Adriatic Sea combines countryside charm with coastal towns that make up this affordable region of Italy. Le Marche boasts an exceptional heritage and high HDI scores that could make this destination highly desired among retirees looking for authentic Italian experiences in retirement.

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